Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Wordless) Wednesday: New...

New Growth:

Sweet William

Iris germanica 'Superstition'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Linum perenne 'blue sapphire' (flax)

Dwarf Iris

Dahila 'Edinburgh'

New Lattice Panels

for supervised containment of..

New Dog Daisy (she came with the name - honest).

Oops! Forgot to upload Daylily 'Raspberry Pixie'.


  1. Awwww...all the new green looks great, but I like your Daisy best! Oh my gosh, she is so cute!

  2. Daisy looks so well behaved, I can't understand why you need the panels, lol.
    Your garden is way ahead of mine.

  3. Hi MsS, Thanks so much for the kind words, much appreciated!

    Hi Deborah, lol, she's actually kind of a monster, but she *will* be well behaved (one day...). I'm surprised at how much is going on in the garden. Blogging has me looking at things more closely, in previous years I didn't notice much until the crocuses were blooming, it's amazing how many perennials are getting going already.

  4. Oooo, a doggy ! She looks so sweet. I hope you tell us more about her soon !

  5. I love to see all of the new growing tips popping out of the ground. This week's snow slowed the progression down a bit, but maybe next week.

    Daisy has such an innocent looking face. I can just picture her little nose pressed against the lattice, staring wistfully out.

  6. Daisy is just darling! I particularly love how your sedum looks with their tiny rosettes just ready to grow tall :-)

  7. Hi miss m, I had been planning to post about her, but snuck her in here instead. She is a stray dog that I caught a few months ago, tracked her owners in another province who didn't want her anymore and the rest is history.

    Hi Northern Shade, I also love to see the little bits of green here and there, they are all so cute. Daisy does look innocent, and she's a very good dog overall, but she can climb/jump a 6 foot fence easily. Which means she has lost her 'lose in the yard' priviledges, ie I don't have to chase her around the neighbourhood, and my plants will remain unscathed. Win-Win, I'd say. She does come on my daily garden walkabouts to look for new growth every morning, on a leash.

    Hi Noelle, Thanks for your message. I also like the sedum rosettes, I always think of it as having late season interest, I didn't realize it was one of the first to start.

  8. So exciting to see all this new growth! Happy Gardening Rebecca and Happy Spring!!

  9. Looks like Spring is springing for you. Daisy looks like a cutie. I know all about wandering dogs. Did you get Daisy a busy bee?

  10. How sweet Daisy is! She has found a wonderful home! It's good to see your perennials breaking through the earth. Soon you will have color everywhere. Have fun with sweet Daisy;-)

  11. Hi Carol, thanks so much, I do find it very exciting!

    Hi bloominrs, You know I did ;)! I'd post a pic but it would be silly.

    Hi Jan, Thanks for your message, I do look forward to lots of colour but will gladly settle for green at the moment. I haven't had a dog for a few years, I'm really enjoying her company.

  12. I envy the fact that plants grow in chorus upon the arrival of Spring. Like a whistle being blown to replace the word " go, go, go" Plants here seem to grow anytime and anywhere.

  13. Rebecca girl you are a new mommy !! Daisy looks like one sweetie pie that will NEVER get in trouble .. right ? .. my girls will tell her what NOT to do ? hahaha
    Hey you have loads of great plants making their way up to smile at you .. now if only that Spring like weather would come back again ?

  14. Bangchik, what a lovely way to think of the arrival of spring. I am envious that your plants grow all year, but there is also something nice about the ebb & flow of the seasons.

  15. Hey Joy, There's your message! It was lost in limbo for a while, until I submitted the previous one. Very, very strange! You will appreciate that HRH (ie resident cat), is quite offended that we would dare bring this large, chaotic, foul smelling (in her mind) creature into HER home. I don't know if she'll forgive me for this.

  16. New growth in these early days of spring makes us so happy. Later we usually don’t even notice it. Maybe it’s because we need to make sure that all those plants survived the winter and are starting a new season.

    Daisy is just adorable!

  17. Daisy looks a little bit like our dog...Ivy.:) She looks very sweet. We have two yellow labs, who hang out with me in the garden.
    Things are starting to happen in your garden.

  18. Hi vrtlarica, you're right about us noticing more this time of year, we are just so appreciative to see anything new & growing, and like you I also want to make sure everyone is ok after a long winter.

    Hi Amy, Thanks for your message! Do you have any tips on keeping dogs from digging/trampling plants? Daisy is still young/new so I keep her on a leash but would very much like her to have good garden manners. ;)