Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Blooms of the Season

Not a whole lot going on In The Garden anymore, and since these pictures were taken earlier in the week we've had a hard frost and many plants have turned brown and are completely done. Annuals have been removed, bulbs are in, and leaves have been raked.

Here we have the non blooming Aster, I'm so glad it's buds had a chance to open. It is quite sheltered and receives good morning sun so I think it will continue to bloom for a little while longer. I really like the shade of blue/purple. I saw it in a greenhouse last fall and planted it outside, I wasn't sure if it would be ok, but it seems happy.

This Colchium 'Waterlily' was a very nice suprise. I was given the bulb in late spring 2009, it had started to flower in the box. I planted it, and a large brown (soft) bulb emerged after spring thaw. I figured it had been heaved out of the ground, and threw it out. This fall, this lovely bloom emerged. Maybe there had been bulblets buried?

Cosmos was very long lasting, and provided happy bright flowers for a very long time, here are a few white...

..and a few pink.

The Purpleleaf Sandcherry has good colour this year, unfortunately it doesn't receive much sun, but seems to do reasonably well.

Coreopsis verticella 'Zagreb' had a late flush of blooms.

David's Lavender was planted this year, and finally opened it's lovely flowers.

The white David didn't fare as well, only one bloom ever opened. I had relocated this plant numerous times last year, hopefully next year will be better...

The last of the poppies, this one, a deep red.

Stella D'Oro has decided to bloom again. I was so surprised to see this lovely yellow flower just a few days ago. Sir Mulch A Lot said it reminds him of a daffodil. This strikes me as interesting since daffs will be one of the next things to bloom (albeit 7 months from now!).

The hydrangeas have gone brown with the cold nights, they are still very decorative though, I hope they stay intact for a long time to come.

And here's my plant mystery of the week. The Dwarf Burning Bush has not changed AT ALL. Most other shrubs have turned colour, and lost most of their leaves, but this little guy is as green as ever. I wonder what will happen next...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ok, bad pun. But it was that or 'Tale of Two Asters', which was considerably worse. Here's the situation, one Aster is blooming, the other, just 2 feet away but receiving a little less sun is not...

A few buds that look like they're thinking about opening are not the beautiful pale blue/lilac colour they were last year, but are quite similar to the Aster above. Seems very odd to me.

I like the way this false sunflower is peeking through the lattice fence.

The variegated obedient plant is finally blooming, the colour is beautiful. I was expecting hot pink, but this is much nicer.

Autumn Joy & My Monet are lovely fall companions.

The mountain garlic is a little past it's prime, but still a great looking little plant. I tried to get some more this year but was unsuccessful.

I bought this mini rose at a grocery store last spring, and planted it after the ground thawed. This is the first bloom, I think it's beautiful. No idea if it will overwinter, but I hope it does!

Kyushu Hydrangea is looking quite well into fall. I suspect the flowers may have been a little more white, and perhaps a few more sterile florets would have opened if there had been a little more warmth this summer.

H.F.Young Clematis is opening the last flower of the season. Unfortunately, it was only the 2nd of 2 blooms. I've heard they can take 3 years to get going, I hope for a more impressive display at some point...

Perennial Sage is still adding colour, I don't normally like flower spikes all that much, but the long lasting colour is very much appreciated.

Sunrise Sunset Rose is still blooming madly, I hope the plant has the sense to shut down before winter. I have stopped deadheading to allow the formation of rosehips and dormancy.

The last blooms of Morden Sunrise, maybe this rose is a little more clever when it comes to seasons?

Shasta Becky is still looking great, snowcap has been done for some time, so it's nice to still have Daisies around.

And the final bloom of the beautiul Rozanne

Sorry I haven't posted for a month, it just feels like nothing is going on with the garden. I took the camera outside today to see what I could find and was pleasantly surprised.
I have planted some white crocuses and some Ice Follies daffs, I plan to get the tulips in the ground this weekend.
I hope you are all having an enjoyable fall season.