Monday, March 29, 2010

A visit to a Glasshouse: The Enmax Conservatory

I much prefer the term glasshouse and despite being from Canada, I have decided to adopt it. (I may also switch to 'Ladybird' at some point, since it is so lovely.)

We recently spent some time at the Calgary Zoo, and visited the newly rebuilt Enmax Conservatory in the Dorothy Harvie Gardens. Here are a few pictures for you. The Butterfly Garden was still under development (ie being planted) and no butterflies yet. I hope to see them next time. They were filling in areas with colourful hydrangeas and lilies for Easter.

The tropical plants in the main part of the Conservatory were lush and healthy, and I really enjoy the combination of temperature, humidity and great earthy scents.

This palm was tall and beautiful, but upon closer examination looks very unfriendly with it's large and numerous spikes.

A nice grouping.

Beautiful colours on a large Copper Leaf

These fan shaped leaves were HUGE, and very impressive.

A nice Bromeliad, they always look somewhat prehistoric to me.


  1. Oh Rebecca - it sounds a special place - was looking forward to seeing your photos but can only see one :(

  2. Think it might be a Blogger problem Rebecca as same problem with other blogs. Will try to return later :)

  3. Gorgeous...those lovely blooms..the hydrangeas are so plump and colorful!! Lovely Rebecca!
    Beautiful post!

  4. Rebecca, I am up for ladybird, sounds so much better than ladyBUG, same for glasshouse as well. I wonder why we started calling them greenhouses, they are made of glass!

  5. You see, what's so great about the blogworld is we get to visit all these wonderful places ! Thanks for the tour ! Will be great to go back when the butterfly garden is complete. The palms are stunning ! Were those spikes prickly ?

    I'll have to disagree with you and Deborah, though. It IS a BUG not a BIRD !

    ps. Except for the last one, your pics aren't linked.

  6. I like glasshouse too! What a nice tour, love all those tropical plants. I'd love to be inside touring there right now, it's cold and pouring rain here.

  7. I like the term 'glass house' much better then 'greenhouse'. I may also switch to using 'ladybird' :-)

  8. Ah, what a wonderful escape that must have been. Rebecca, we northerners really deserve places like these "glass houses" to go to dream. I love, love the hydrangeas!

  9. Hi Anna, I also found pictures weren't showing up earlier in the day.

    Hi Kiki, Thanks so much, I'm really becoming a hydrangea fanatic. And to think, I use to find them rather garrish lol.

    Hi Deborah, Great! Then I won't be the only one lol. You have a definite advante though, having lived in the UK.

    Hi miss m, I didn't touch the spikes but I bet they were. I believe it was a Coco Palm.

    Hi Catherine, if it is cold and rainy, get yourself to a garden centre asap. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Hi Noelle, Great! I see I have started a trend (I have always been on the cutting edge of coolness - not).

    Hi Ms S, It was lovely, & the new Dinosaurs Alive exhibit is a big favorite of little boys, it might be worth the trip down for you when the gardens are in full swing. :)

  10. Last night I was also having problems seeing your pictures, but now it seems to be OK.
    I love hydrangeas, although they are common and you can see them almost everywhere, those different shades and colors always amaze me.

  11. Glasshouse is a much better term. I hope you enjoyed yourself Rebecca. I had such a wonderful time when we went. It feels like you are really in the tropics with the heat and humidity doesn't it? The lilies and hydrangeas are so pretty.

  12. Hi vrtlarica, I'm glad blogger is cooperating again. I agree about these hydrangeas being common, and yet they are always so lovely.

    Hi Lona, I did have a nice visit, it's just too bad the outdoor gardens weren't going yet. They had demolished the old conservatory and just built these last year, I think they've only been open a month or so. It certainly does feel like the tropics!

  13. Wonderful photos, Rebecca. Hydrangeas might be common there but here in India (at least in the Southern parts) they're difficult to find. I've seen them in only one place till now!

  14. I too am up for ladybird, Rebecca, because it just sounds so happy. Your photos are lovely-a bit of sunshine for a grey April morning.

  15. Hi Chandramouli, Thank you ro your comments. These colourful hydrangeas aren't seen all that often in gardens, but they are sold as potted plants everywhere, from grocery to hardware stores! They never lose their appeal though.

    Hi Jodi, Thanks for your message. I seem to have started a trend lol.