Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Rainbow Invitation

Enough of the drab days of winter! While we are biding our time waiting for spring, I thought I'd throw a little colour into the blogosphere.

I was thinking of the colours of the rainbow, and our good friend Roy G Biv. I thought it would be fun to find a flower for each of the colours. I have absolutely no red in my garden, so I had to find an ancient picture, taken a few cameras ago. I'd love for others to join me in this 'Rainbow Challenge', it's always fun to look through old pictures during the dark cold days of winter. Anything garden related is welcome.

Red: Amarylis

Orange: Thunbergia, Black Eyed Susan Vine

Yellow: Daylily Hemorocalis 'Bonanza'

Green: Hosta 'Francee'

Blue: Dwarf Delphinium 'Blue Elf'

Indigo: Perennial Sage

Violet: Lobelia

And of course pictures of actual rainbows are always welcome.

Anyone care to join me? Here's a list of participants to date, if I've forgotten to add your post, please send me a reminder since it was in no way intentional.

Thanks so much for your great contributions!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Spring Indoors.

With the warmer temperatures, it's hard to believe that Spring isn't just around the corner. But it is still January, and there are many months of snow and cold ahead.

Here's a little indoor Spring for you.

I recently added this pot of Club Moss (is it chartreuse, Deborah?). I pick it up at least once or twice a day just to sniff it. Besides, now the horse won't go hungry.

Crocuses are my favorite spring bulb, especially the purple ones. They are so early, reliable, good for naturalizing and I find the grass like habit of their foliage very pleasing.

A few days ago.


Yellow daffodils are also a favorite, and could have been on my signature list. They are so bright & long lasting. Did you know that the triangular shape of their stalks is one of the strongest found in nature?

Primulas are another wonderful spring bloom. With any luck I'll be able to keep this one going long enough to plant outdoors.

I'll end with a mixed rose, not exactly a spring bloom, but given my new obsession with them I couldn't resist.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Signature Plants

I recently read that Diana over at Elephant's Eye had issued an invitation for bloggers to discuss their signature plants, here are mine.

I've chosen four plants that I've added since moving here, and they would be first on my list to add if I was starting with a new garden. They have all met or exceeded expectation and have become a permanent part of the landscape.

This is the Purpleleaf Sandcherry (Prunus x cistena), I adore the colour of the foliage & there are very pretty little white/pink blooms in the spring. It isn't getting as much sun as it would like, but will get more once it's a little bigger (which would happen faster if it wasn't shaded, one of the downsides to adding new plants to a mature yard).

The False Sunflower (heliopsis helianthoides) 'summer sun' is next on my list, it is so very easy to grow and produces happy yellow blooms that are great for cutflowers. I give a bouquet and some seedlings to anyone & everyone who visits in the summer. It is planted all along the side of the house in poor clay soil in both sunny & shady spots and it shows no difference in growth habit.

The Ivory Halo Dogwood (Cornus alba 'Bailhalo') is very special to me. I planted it to remember a special canine friend. I've always been a fan of variegated leaves and this one is just beautiful. It grows quickly and does well with clay soil and is in a very shaded spot.

I always grow Blue Star petunias, they are my go to annual for the front raised planters. Even though they are sun loving, they tolerate their shady beds well, becoming a little leggy which adds to their height and visibility. Imagine disappointment the year I waited too long and they were sold out.

I would love to read about Your signature plants.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It isn't much...

..but at least it's something.

After months of snow and colder than average temperatures, we've had a few days above zero, and quite a bit of melting took place. There are actually a few patches of ground exposed. I was very surprised to see some plants looking remarkably well.

Here is my Lamb's Ear 'fuzzy wuzzy', touchably soft as ever.

Sweet William is also looking quite good.

The peachleaf bellflower is a lovely little mound of leaves.

My creeping dianthus is also quite green.

The little Rhodo is 1/2 happy about the weather. There are quite a few flower buds, I hope they make it since it hasn't flowered in a few years and her partner didn't make it through last winter.

And, my small seed order from
Ed Hume Seeds arrived today. I will direct sow them in mid spring.

Update: The Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower is now very fragrant, I've had it for 7 days.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower

There is a BBC childrens program called 'In The Night Garden', it's a big favorite with little kids, and mine are no exception. In one episode, they travel by blimp (aka Pinky Ponk) to see a special flower, one that is remarkable lily like.

My Litte Ones think the flowers below are in fact the coveted Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower, and are so happy to have them in the kitchen and watch them open.

The story goes something like this:

'...that is the bud of the Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower,'

'and look, it's beginning to open.'

'Isn't that a pip?'