Monday, March 15, 2010

Freaky Monday - Buchart Gardens & Area

I just can't wait until Friday to share these pictures with you! They were taken by Mr. In The Garden, he recently spent a day Victoria and I sent him armed with my back up camera and the instructions 'take some pictures for my blog'. I think they turned out beautifully.

There's nothing quite like a naturalized field of daffodils, I wish we had the climate to grow this here.

Tress are in bloom everywhere.

This is a camelia that I purchased some years ago as a gift, it seems to be growing well.

And here are some pictures from Butchart Gardens, this is the famous 'Sunken Garden',

And some pictures of indoor displays,

I really like the round water feature shown below.


  1. What a beautiful place, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing your photos! I love the camelia - I was wondering if those are hardy in zone 5 after admiring them pictured on others' blogs. Looks like they must be, since you are able to grow them. Great pics! Mr In the Garden did great!

  2. Rebecca, I like your new header photo too. It looks so springy!

  3. This is beautiful set of spring pictures! I love pink blooms on trees.
    The Sunken Garden is lovely place, this is the first time I read about it, it looks wonderful.

  4. Rebecca, it looks like he takes instruction well, lol.
    Gorgeous in Victoria this time of year, still very brown (at least not white) here.

  5. Oh, I love the blooming trees...:D

  6. Rebecca girl these are gorgeous pictures : )
    I love the trees especially ! .. but wow ! .. if I needed a nudge to feel "Springy" this would be it for sure : )

  7. Butchart is such a lovely place ! I must go back and visit again someday. I went in summer but all seasons are striking. I was fortunate to be in Victoria during Spring also and clearly recall the streets lined with blooms. Magical !

    Merveilleux souvenirs ! TY Rebecca, and your hubby too !

  8. How nice that he took pictures for you. I have only been to Butchart gardens once many years ago. We don't live all that far and this post makes me want to plan a trip there for the summer.
    Your Camellia is really pretty.

  9. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. All of it is beautiful. I love the sunken garden.

  10. I visited Buchart Gardens about 10 years ago and it was the highlight of my visit to Victoria. Thank you for posting such wonderful photos and bringing back great memories.

  11. What a beautiful garden that is! How i wish our little piece of property can be made something like that, and i will be the one to tour everybody, with all the plants properly labeled, so schoolchildren will have an outside laboratory experience. And i will also include a butterfly garden, ohhh how beautiful it can be in the tropics. LOL. i just need the money!

  12. I love Victoria in the spring! Back in BB (before baby) we would take those Westjet packages to Victoria in the spring and stay for 4 or 5 days, often over Easter - and of course visit Butchart Gardens! Your Mr. did a great job with the pics. I miss that place...*sigh* :-)

  13. Victoria is beautiful, and I love Butchart Gardens! Love the color of your camelia. I just bought my first one. I always wanted it but didn't like its brown flowers after they die and hang on it for a long time.

  14. Hi Beth, Just to clarify, the camelia lives in victoria (which I think is zone 9 or something), it definitely wouldn't be hardy in my zone (4). Thanks for your kind words about my header & Mr photos, I'll be sure to pass along the compliment!

    Hi vrtlarica, thanks for your message. The sunken garden is exceptionally beautiful, here is the website for the gardens

    Hi Deborah, yes, it is beautiful there this time of year (they don't call it Beautiful BC for nothing!), it is still brown here, but you're right at least it isn't white (but probably will be again before we're done.)

    Hi Kyna, I love the blooming trees too!

    Hi Joy, Thanks for your comments, I'll let Mr ITG know that you like his pics.

    Hi miss m, thanks for your great message, I would like to see it in all seasons, I don't think I've ever been there in the fall. The tree lined streets are wonderful.

    Hi Catherine, you should try and visit if you can, taking the ferry across to Vancouver for the day is a lot of fun, and you can visit the beautiful Stanley Park and Aquarium.

    Hi sweet bay, you're most welcome! Thanks for your great comments. I love the Sunken Garden too.

    Hi Noelle, It's a small world! Amazing how many people have been there, from near & (in yor case) far.

    Hi Andrea, sounds like a wonderful plan. I've always wanted to have a full arboretum. Maybe one day! I love butterfly gardens, and hope to visit one some time this spring.

    Hi Ms S BB! lol. I know what you mean, we've been pretty much on lockdown mode, not so much after #1, but definitely after 2&3. We'll be mobile again one day...

    Hi Tatyana, I have not seen the camelia brown off (the camelia lives in Victoria, not with me), I hope yours performs well for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. He did a wonderful job. I love the sunken garden, just beautiful. Look at all of those blooming trees. Ah, spring. Rebecca your magnolia is so pretty.

  16. Hi Lona, I agree, it is all very beautiful. Unfortunately, it's about 1000 miles away. I hope for my own blooms soon!

  17. Hi Rebecca, That's an amazing place. But I prefer yours. :-)

  18. Thanks so much Shady! I sincerely appreciate your too kind words. :)

  19. Spammer be gone! (I have to post something to get the garbage can icon to come up).

  20. WOW..truly gorgeous..I love the camelia..such a beautiful color and energy to it. Lovely always!
    Happy Spring!

  21. I've yet to visit Butchart Gardens. It's on the list. Know of it's beauty, but wow, these pictures inspire me to want to visit there now more than ever! The water feature is stunning.

  22. I love pics of "SPRING" popping up everywhere. Yesterday I whined about waking to mid 20 degrees, today it was mid teens. I really need to keep my thoughts to myself ~ lol.

  23. Sorry I missed a few messages after the spam incident!!

    Kiki, thanks for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)

    Karen, it is a lovely place to visit, and many private gardens in the area are also a pleasure to walk or drive past. Helps to have such a wonderful growing climate.

    Cher'Shots, hello & welcome! We all whine about the weather when it doesn't live up to our expectations, which seems to happen quite often!