Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Door.

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration.

I was lucky to find some over at Catherines beautiful blog at
A Gardener in Progress. I have always been enthralled with little doors on trees, such as hers. So, I went on a gardening adventure to find one. I am not sure if it is designed for outdoor use, so I will apply some sort of protective coating. Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to affix it in place, it would be very much appreciated.

Since I neglect my few houseplants terribly during the summer months, it was time for some new ones...

This is my favorite pot, so I like to put something special in it. I don't know what kind of plant this is, but I like it very much.

I also like the colouring on these leaves...

I left my hydrangeas intact for winter interest, which I very much appreciate. I had no idea how IMPORTANT hydrangeas were until a few years ago. This is Unique, a little battered from so much snow shovelling along the front walkway.

And Little Lamb, in a sheltered spot up by the house.

A little belated, but I want to wish you all the best for a happy & healthy year in 2011.