Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty Dancing Butterfly Plant

I took a trip to my favorite Garden Centre yesterday with Little Helper #1. As we were walking through the greenhouse a woman passed us carrying a plant. Little Helper exclaimed 'it lookes like a pretty dancing butterfly plant', so we went off in search of one. Here is Oxalis - Purple Shamrock, and it really does look like butterflies, the thin stalks sway at the slightest bit of air movement.

The pale lilac coloured flowers are a very dainty addition.

Oriental lily Miss Lucy also came home with us, and will be planted at the end of April (I'm putting that here as a reminder to self!)
Yesterdays first day of spring walkabout was rewarding, I didn't think the daffs would be emerging yet, but they are. Some are old, and some are new - it's especially nice to see new bulbs as I always worry about location/depth/inadequate soil drainage, so it's nice to know the bulbs survived the winter.

I have an old bed with a mix of green & burgundy shoots. I'm not sure what is causing this, it's possible that the dark ones are old tulips.

Hopefully from the little shoots, will come something like this...

I purchased this Calla recently, I just adore the shape of the blooms and although white is my favorite, the pink blush is very appealing.

This handcrafted daisy found it's way home with me a few days ago. It was made at a facility where physically and mentally handicapped adults operate a garden centre and gift shop, tending to the plants and making beautiful garden art (trellises from old windows, colourful birdhouses, welcome signs etc..) Now I need to find the right spot for it In The Garden.


  1. Rebecca, this is a lovely post. The daffodils are just gorgeous! Spring is a glorious time and it has finally begun - yea!!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Rebecca, I love that Oxalis and your little helper's description - perfect and so sweet!

    I am very inspired to see the growth emerging in your garden. I really hope the very first bulbs ever that I planted last fall made it. Can't wait to find out!

    ps. Your new daisy is adorable! :-)

  3. It's always reassuring to see those first green shoots emerge. Soon, they'll look as cheery as your bouquets. The mystery shoots are fun to try and identify, and it should be easier in a few weeks. I get a few surprise bulbs from moving the perennials around.

  4. Lovely purple plant - it does look like butterflies.
    I think that I didn’t plant some of my bulbs deep enough, as there are no signs of them so far...

  5. Pretty dancing butterfly plant, marvellous name !

  6. Love the Oxalis ! So great to see the bulbs pop up, both old and new ! The guessing game makes it all the more fun ! Happy Spring, Rebecca !

  7. Hi Beth, Thanks for your message! It is a glorious time of the year, and nice to get out and enjoy the garden again, even if it's just for a little pruning or removing leaf debris.

    Hi Ms S, I love the descriptions that kids come up with - so cute and surprisingly accurate. I hope your bulbs do well, I think some of mine were planted in too wet a location, the ground is like a solid block of ice, which they probably haven't been happy with - we'll see...

    Hi Northern Shade, you're right, it will be easier with more growth. Could be from shuffling plants. They're all welcome, and will be a nice surprise.

    Hi vrtlarica, give them time, they may suprise you. I can't remember which is worse, too deep or not deep enough. I think it's better to err on the side of shallow, so hopefully they are alright, just waiting for warmer weather.

    Hi Elizabeth b, Welcome & thank you for visiting. I'm glad you like the name. Your blog is lovely and I've added you to my blogroll. :)

    Hello miss m, happy spring to you too! I'm glad I planted more bulbs last year, I had gone off them for a while (after some bad luck with tulips), but I hope for lots of blooms this year.

  8. My walkabout today, I discovered the first few leaves on the arum lilies. (Mine are all white, or greenish)

  9. I love the purple shamrock and it does look like butterfly's wings, doesn't it? Your daffodils and Calla lily are so beautiful.

  10. Hi Rebecca. Love your new oxalis. The colors together are so pretty.The little one was right they do look like butterfly wings. The Miss Lucy lily looks like it will be a pretty one. Love the double blooms.I always like more blooms for the buck. LOL! Don't the daffodils just brighten up a room.

  11. Hi Rebecca! Spring is spring-ing at your place. Isn't it exciting? :-)

    I've always admired Shamrock plants. I tried them once. They need to "rest," and I'm not good about that... I couldn't figure out now long they should do this, and how to go about not watering them and when to resume... if you figure this out, please post!! :-)

  12. Hi Rebecca..beautiful post! My gosh they do look like dancing magical!! And i loove the daffodils..they are the spark of spring..wonderful post!!

  13. So glad you've got bulbs coming up! I had some tulips come up with purplish leaves, but they eventually turned green.
    The daisy is very cute. I think the place where you bought it sounds like a wonderful place too. I would want to support them as well.

  14. Hi Diana, I love new discoveries on a walkabout, I find each and every one exciting.

    Hi Noelle, I agree, they do look like butterflies. Thanks for your message.

    Hi Lona, daffs certainly do brighten up the room. I hadn't thought of double flowers as more bang for your buck lol, generally I find them a little too busy, but I was drawn to this one.

    Hi Shady, I'm not likely to find out anything useful about the Shamrock, to be honest, I'm awful with houseplant and have resigned myself to more or less treating them like cut flowers. I have a few hardy ones that I can keep for years, but most don't last terribly long.

    Hi Kiki, thanks for your cheery message! Always very much appreciated.

    Hi Catherine, thanks for your message. Good to know the purple shoots might be ok eventually.

  15. Little helper #1 spotted a pretty plant and it does look like butterflies dancing. I love your daisy header. The white blooms show up pretty with your dark background...pretty!

  16. We do have oxalis in a pot, but looking at the picture, now i appreciate how to enhance the exotic feature. Let it be central to an empty space, then we let oxalis flows in circle.

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