Monday, September 28, 2009

A few new bulbs....

...have turned into a whole new bed.

This is how it started. I was reading Garden's West Magazine and saw a picture of the tulip mix 'Blue Bayou' (mix of Blue Heron, Tres Chic, Shirley, and Blue Diamond), and thought 'I HAVE to have these'. I went bulb shopping and came home with 40 of these, 16 'City Chic' (Deirdre & Verichic), some large narcissus (white with salmon & pink trumpets) and a host of small bulbs: crocuses, muscari, galanthus, fritillaria, fall crocuses, botanical tulips, and one waterlilly that had flowered in the display and was being given away 'to a good home'.

After planting a few here and there, I soon realized that I was out of space & needed a new bed. I've always wanted to dress up the front walkway, since the front beds are all up near the house. Of course, with the extra space, more plants were required.

I was fortunate to still find a nice selection of plants this late in the season. Introducing: Unique Hydrangea, Tango Weigela, 2 fall asters, Hemerocalis 'Canadian Border Patrol', a Lamb's Ear, & a peony that was growing in the deep shade under a large lilac, I hadn't known it was there until I cut back a large bleeding heart and found it underneath. I hope it's happier in it's new home.

This picture was taken mid project, I like the way it looks.

Most of the bulbs are planted here too, other than the Blue Bayou, which has it's own bed in the backyard. I planted some crocus & muscari directly into the lawn just beyond the hydrangea.

I left some grass between this bed and the front one, I like the way it narrows towards the walkway and widens towards the yard, it reminds me of water cascading.

I like the dark foliage of the Tango Weigela, I think it look nice nestled between the Hemerocalis.

This is the planting tag from the 'Canadian Border Patrol' daylily. I love the purple and white colour, as well as the name.

These are some close ups of Hydrangea 'Unique', it is said to be an improved selection of PeeGee. The bright white flowerheads turn pink in the fall, you might be able to see the blush starting to appear on these blooms.

On my want list for this bed is a Dianthus 'King of the Blacks', I think it is stunning and will coordinate well with the rest of the plants. I'll have to wait til next year, and try to find it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lovely Ladybugs.

As I was watering my garden today, I noticed a ladybug tucked into a Lamb's Ear (Stachys byzantina). As I wandered around, I saw more & more of the welcome visitors, here are a few of them. The other plants pictured are: Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Blue Arrow Juniper, Daylily, Cotoneaster, & Skybound Cedar.

I have been battling with some black aphids that moved onto a Blue Fox Willow earlier this year, I may round up some of these little guys and see if they can do a better job than I have.

Aren't they adorable?

Friday, September 18, 2009

A letter to a hosta (and other musings).

Hello Royal Standard,

I'm so pleased to finally meet you! Although I've been trying to help you grow for the last few years, I haven't been terribly sucessful. A few transplants, lots of slugs (sorry) and we're finally getting somewhere. Your new blooms are stunning.

Best wishes for continued success,
In The Garden

I think of these as 'The Weigela Sisters', I couldn't decide between the lovely variegated 'My Monet', and the interesting and mysterious 'Midnight Wine', the picture tells the rest of the story. They should be the same size at maturity (2'x2') and have matching fuschia blooms.

I think the fall colours of this sedum & spirea make them exceptionally nice neighbours.

This is an Aster Hazy or Michaelmas Daisy, I planted a few in a perennial bed a few weeks ago. I like it so much I went to buy a few more today, but they are gone for the year.

And lastly, I looked up while sitting under my young Crimson King Norway Maple this evening, and loved the view from below. So much, in fact, that it's my new banner.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Early fall changes...

There are starting to be noticable changes around the garden now that we're well into September. This late blooming Spirea is producing it's last bloom, and the leaves are starting to turn a beautiful shade of red. I don't know which variety this is, but would love to find out.

Here are a few berries on the Cotoneaster hedge. I look forward to the beautiful fall colour the leaves will change to.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is starting to open, it's so slow to come up in the spring/summer that you almost forget it's there, the fall is when it really makes itself known. It is shown with a Blue Arrow Juniper, and a My Monet Weigela.

The mountain garlic (Allium senescens) is still blooming well, and the round, purple flowerheads are fun & very long lasting.

I recently added a few Lambs Ears (Stachys byzantina) I know they can be somewhat invasive, but I really like the contrast of their silver grey foliage and how irresistably soft they are to the touch.

This is the variety 'fuzzy wuzzy', as seen in the shade.

In the foreground is Campanula Portenschlagiana 'get mee', I had gone to the grocery store for a few items, and my bellflower radar went off. It was being sold as a houseplant, but I took it home and planted it right away. Behind it (from front to back) are Sweet William, Michaelmas & Painted Daisies.

Have you noticed any fall changes in your garden?