Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm back! With crocuses (or is it crocii?)

I'm back!! After a long winter/blogging break, there is finally new growth to report on! Hope everyone is doing well, thanks so much if you've left my blog in your sidebar and are reading this!

Happy Growing!


  1. Hi Rebecca girl! Glad to see you back. I love your crocuses.Especially the white ones. They look so dainty. Have a terrific weekend.

  2. Happy spring! What a way to celebrate, those crocus are all beautiful. I love the yellow ones! Welcome back!

  3. Yay, great to see you back with blooms!

    I love your mention of crocii, I always think the same thing when I see more than one Lexus car, are they lexii?? lol

    Anyway, glad spring has found you. :)

  4. Hi Rebecca! I didn't notice that you had made a first post too!

    Oh those crocus (croci, lol) are just splendid. That pale yellow one is just too pretty!

    Tomorrow is clean up day in my garden.


  5. Hi Rebecca, It is good to have you back and with such pretty little treasures too! I look forward to following your garden again this spring/summer/fall. Happy Growing to you as well!

  6. Dear Rebecca, I hope you had a good winter. What sweet faces you share to mark the return of spring and your blog. Welcome Back.

  7. I don't recall ever seeing a buttery colored crocus before, lovely.

  8. Rebecca girl hello there !!!
    I'm not sure what the "multiple" name is for crocus but what the heck ! call them anything you like and they are still pretty ! haha
    I am going to post on my roses that have had hard luck or is that me ? LOL .. Yup .. ME !! haha
    Keep on blogging girl it was quiet without you !
    Joy : )