Friday, April 27, 2012

Up next - The Daffodils.

The daffodils seemed to arrive early this year, I think they are my favorite spring bloom. 

If I could only grow 1 variety, it would be Cool Flame, the salmon coloured trumpets are so incredibly pretty.

Ice Follies line the driveway, unfortunately they face the wrong way for viewing.  It makes them seem a but uppity, but they are only following the sun.

The tall and reliable Dutch Master greet visitors as they approach the front door. 

Tulip foliage is going strong, they should make their appearance quite soon. :)


  1. Rebecca girl .. daffs are my favorite too !
    You have some beautiful ones here : )
    They hold up to punishing weather so much better than the other spring bulbs .. I think I am going to switch to just daffs and a few crocus (for hubby) .. we have a hard frost this morning but at least the wind has calmed down and the sun is out!
    Joy : )

  2. They def arrived early this year, I totally missed over half of mine. Lovin the Cool Flame, must add it to my (ever increasing) wish list.

  3. Hi Rebecca. Your daffodils are so pretty! I love the Cool Flame. Ours were gone way to fast this year when the heat unexpectedly came. So I enjoy seeing yours just starting to bloom. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Rebecca, I think the salmon pink trumpeted ones are pretty as well. I have been really happy with my daffodils this year. Next year I definitely want to add new varieties.