Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Blooming

It feels like the garden is done for the year, but there are still a few blooms hanging on! Heliopsis has started to wane, but still has plenty of yellow blooms on large plants.

Perennial Sage has recovered from some flattening deluges, the shed has gone from blue to yellow, providing a different backdrop.

The little self sowing Cosmos blooms are still providing interest in the tulip bed.

Hydrangea Kyushu is still looking fresh in the shade.

This tall Aster is interwined in the dogwood, I like the combination, from far, it looks like the dogwood is flowering.

Phlox David is glowing in a shady corner.

First blooms on the Variegated Obedient Plants, they plants are much lankier than their regular counterparts, but are an interesting addition.

Little Lamb Hydrangea has faded to a nice green colour.

Stella D'Oro is blooming as usual, first to start, last to stop.

Despite some cold nights, Petunia Sophistica is still producing some interesting blooms.

The Blue Stars are shining as well.

A few Campanula pictures, little Fairy Thimble has a few blooms..

..and the taller peachleaf does as well.

I am crazy about Fall Asters, I wish they were easier to find. They are often sold in amongst the fall mums, so searching the racks is sometimes beneficial.

Snowdrop Anemone puts up a bloom now and again, pretty as ever.

The cooler nights have made Unique Hydrangea blush.

The roses had gone through a rest period but are now blooming madly, here is Sunrise Sunset.

And Morden Sunrise.

A few weeks ago I planted the little annual Dianthus, they return well and make a great border.

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall, the days feel much shorter already.


  1. Your flowers are still looking lovely Rebecca. I love the white Anemone. So pretty. I have got to try the Obedient plants. I really like your variegated one. How pretty your Davis phlox looks in the shade. Great shot. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your garden is still looking great, Rebecca. What a fantastic Sept. we have had. My peachleaf bellflowers are still blooming and my snow beauty rose is going crazy. Combined with the hydrangeas, there are lots of blooms. I am craving some brilliant colour now, however, and think I will go and get some moms and kale. Soon, it will be time for the pumpkins too!

    Happy Autumn in the garden!

  3. Hey Rebecca,
    Enjoyed your bevy of flowers. I'm always are sucker for starred petunias and the blue trailing down is an awesome shot.

  4. Rebecca, You have a great variety of pretty flowers in bloom than I do at the moment. (Generally, I am down to a variety of sedum, hydrangeas and roses). Fall is definitely coming on strong now.

  5. Hi Lona, Thanks for stopping by! I also think David is extra lovely against the dark backdrop. :)

    Hi MsS, Happy Autumn to you too! Isn't it nice to have a so many late bloomers? This is relatively new for me, for many years I only had blooms in the spring/summer.

    Hi Patrick, Thanks for your kind words! I am crazy about starred petunias but they are becoming quite difficult to find, I might try Picotee next year instead.

    Hi Jennifer, Funny you should mention sedum! For years it was one of my only fall blooms and I completely overlooked (& forgot to photograph) it. It's very cold and rainy here now, a sure sign of fall.

  6. Hi Rebecca! Are you taking a fall blogging break?
    There were some nice blooms in your garden in September. Roses are actually trying their best. Mine are in bloom too, and the colors are rich and deep.

  7. They are still beautiful and plenty despite the almost nearing end of their days!

  8. Hey, just wondering how you are. I noticed you haven't posted all fall, hope everything is ok.

  9. Hi a gorgeous post..those roses are magnicent! we have snow now..and i am already dreaming of next summer's blooms..this is a fantastic array of gorgeous flowers! as always..wonderful to visit you! Wishing you a beautiful November and festive season ahead!

  10. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. And hope your 2012 is great!


  11. Hi Rebecca..seeing your flowers and blooms again makes me long for summery days!! I cannot wait for Spring to be here..and summer to follow!
    Wishing you a sparkling wkd ahead!