Monday, July 4, 2011

A Peony by any other name... still a Peony? Even with a plant tag, the first bloom is always a surprise. I have a few of questionable identity, This was labelled as 'Bowl of Beauty', but most of the blooms look more like 'Sorbet'...

I also have my first blooms on 'Festive Maxima', but there is no hint of red whatsoever. I am prepared to wait it out a few years and see what happens? They take so long to establish it is always a shame to move them or replace them...

And I suspect that this ~4 year old is Bowl of Beauty, though it was not labelled as such.

Our friendly garden gargoyle is moved every so often by the little gardeners. They decided that he should watch over these pinks for a while.

Mockorange Blizzard is covered in blooms, it looks fabulous in sun or shade.

The little hostas are taking their time growing up, but seem less affected by slugs this year. Medio Variegata is probably my favorite with the white centres.

Albo Marginata seems somewhat more vigorous.

Stella d'Oro daylily never disappoints.

I *may* have gotten a little carried away with small pots of annuals, I had planned to move them around, but I have gotten use to them gathered together on the steps.

The bellflowers are starting, Fairy Thimble is the first.

The roses have burst into bloom over the past 24 hours, here is Sunrise Sunset.

I am crazy about Morden Sunrise, so many different shades, and the foliage seems more resistant to insects. I might replace/relocate the pink one with another tried and true Morden classic.

Fleabane daisies are so charming.

And I'll close with a show stopper - Iris Edith Wolford. Although I was looking for blue & white last fall I am very happy with this beauty.


  1. Rebecca, this was a really interesting post for me, because I think my 'un-named' peony is exactly the same as yours and it was supposed to be a 'Bowl of Beauty' as well.

    Please see the top photo and description in a post I made last year:

    I hope that link works. The peony has slightly lighter pink in the centre, especially when the flower is fairly fresh.

    They are lovely anyway. Let me know what you think.

  2. And everything else is your garden is just beautiful. I really love that gargoyle! He's so ugly he's adorable....really made me smile.

  3. Sorry I keep thinking of more to say...I also have a real 'Bowl of Beauty' now. The year four one you have certainly is one. It has an unusual feature, where the outer (pink) petals are sort of 'single' looking, whilst the cream-coloured (centre) petals have more the look of a double. The 'Bowl of Beauty' is my most favourite of all the peonies.

  4. Rebecca girl you have so many flowers blooming it is amazing girl ! I almost got "Bowl of Beauty" but stuck with "Flame" because it is a single flowered type .. I still support it though .. just to be on the safe side .. love seeing your little wee gargoyle scouting the garden for the best position ! LOL .. The boys are stuck on the deck!

  5. Hi Rebecca, I just love the mockorange. They are blooming all over the city right now and they smell heavenly. :)

    Your fairy thimbles look great. Mine, sadly, did not make an appearance this year. I may plant some again and ensure they get really good snow cover this winter.

    Your little pots are looking adorable as well. Who can resist picking up a few more annuals when there are pots to be filled! Glad to see the garden is looking so great. :)

  6. HI Rebecca. Your Festive Maxima peony does have that missing red spot in the middle.It is always a surprise when it comes to bulbs and plants sometimes.I really get bummed out when I get a mix up when I plan for just that special plant in the garden. LOL!
    Oh, I really like the Sunrise Sunset rose. I have Morden Blush which is so light in color. I like the Sunrise better than mine.

  7. Hvor har du mange skønne blomster i din have.
    Jeg kan rigtig godt li` din figur. Vi har mange figur i vores have, men jeg har aldrig set en sådan, som du har. Den er bare fin.
    Jeg kom tilfældig forbi din Blog.
    Tak for kigget.

  8. hi Rebecca, I saw a "Bowl of Beauty" recently on another blog and it looks like the third picture. I love the Sorbet that you opened with. I might get one of those. The white peony does not look entirely like Festive Maxima to me. ( Shouldn't it be a bit fuller and have a few fine burgundy streaks?). It is really pretty whatever it is called. Your grouping of annuals is so colorful! Love the roses and the iris that you ended the post with.

  9. Hi Diane, Thanks for your messages! Bowl of Beauty is also my favorite, so I'm a little sad that the first one (in prime location by the sidewalk) is likely something else.

    Hey Joy, I am not familiar with Flame, but will look it up! I'm sure if your boys wanted to become unstuck, my little gardeners would be happy to lend a hand ;).

    Hi MsS, thanks for your kind words! I've lost Fairy Thimbles over some winters as well, these seem to be the happiest bunch I've ever had.

    Hi Lona, It's a total bummer. I talked to a Peony expert though, and she said that Festiva Maxima can take up to 3 years to produce the red, so I will exercise some patience. By then of course, it will be too late to change.

    Hi Landbohaven, thanks for your message, I think I was able to translate it via google. You have a lovely blog too!

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your message! Festiva Maxima should have some streaks, but I'm told they can take years to develop. So I will wait (patiently?). I use to be a foliage grower, so having bright blooms (roses, irises, annuals) is new to me - quite a lot of fun!