Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Just a few blooms for you today, here's the new (to me?) petunia 'Sophistica'

Big Daddy Blue Petunias.

Some reseeded violas under Purple Palace.

Gentian Speedwell 'Barbara Sherwood' in the shade.

My favorite hidden lilac looks and smells wonderful, the pink buds and white blooms are a lovely combo. I assume it's 'Beauty of Moscow', or something similar.

Polemonium is blooming well, love the blue flowers.

In the miniatures garden, Linum perenne has opened the first bloom.

Mouse Ears Baby's Breath, so cute.

And the new English Daisy is still blooming well.

And I will close today with a few more tulips.

The garden is in a bit of a lull at the moment, hope to have a wave of new blooms soon. I am worried about my Supersition Iris, although the foliage looks great there is absolutely no sign of a flower stalk...


  1. Rebecca, it all looks lovely. I used to have linum and I don't k now why I don't have it anymore! Also, your pink lilac is just splendid!

    Happy GBBD!

  2. I lurve those little pale blue violas! Is there anything cuter than those guys popping up? :)

  3. Quel charme ! Lovely.
    J'aime particulièrement le lin, linum.

  4. Rebecca girl : ) I love seeing your petunias !
    I have a soft spot for the cool purple veined ones and I finally got Black Velvet ? I think is the name .. it is BLACK !!! perfect for Halloween? LOL
    I am curious about Beauty of Moscow .. I have read bits and pieces of it .. but I have no room darn it! The tiny violas are just too sweet to believe .. I actually have some orange ones which I am going to try and get in the same container with the black petunia ..mission of the day !! I did get the roses in yesterday .. fingers crossed they will be happy :)
    Your garden is HAPPY girl !!

  5. I simply love your Lilac Rebecca. Your garden is looking so pretty in June. The English daisy is a pretty pink. Never have grown those. That first petunia is a charmer for certain. I love the variegation on it.

  6. Hi Rebecca, It doesn't look like a lull to me. ;-) I like that you still have tulips! Your polemonium is so healthy looking!

  7. Hi Diane, you must rectify your linum situation! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi MsS, I know, they're so charming. They can pop up anywhere as far as I'm concerned.

    Bonjour Elisabeth, Merci beaucoup!

    Hey Joy, Glad you got the roses planted. Nice find with the petunias, I've seen them around and they are quite striking!

    Hi Lona, Thanks for your kind words, so many fun flowers at the moment! I find the petunias so interesting, each flower is so different.

    Hi Shady, I guess you're right, we had snow not all that long ago so I shouldn't whine about a lack of new blooms! We only have tulips since they were so late starting, but they are always great to have around. :)

  8. I love your lilac! This may be the year that I finally plant my own instead of just gazing wistfully at my neighbours'.

  9. Hi Rebecca, A pretty assortment of blooms for GBBD. I really like that pink and white lilac. Such an interesting departure from the standard purple.

  10. Rebecca girl you are probably right about the "Mourning" doves ! LOL .. I should double check my spelling/meaning before I put it out there ? hehe
    It is so hot today I think I am melting eeekkk!
    as said the witch in The Wizard of Oz ??
    Joy wink wink

  11. Hi Kim, I agree, you should plant one lol. It's amazing how many different varieties there are - have fun shopping!

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments, I am also quite smitten with it. :)

    Hey Joy, try not to melt!! Haha!!

  12. Thank you so much for visiting my blog recently - I'm sorry I've not posted on your blog in ages - my work this year seems to have taken over and at last a bit of a breather!! Some really stunning photos Rebecca - but the star of the show for me is that beautful pale pink Lilac - gorgeous! Miranda x

  13. Love that petunia at the top that looks like it has been splashed with paint! You have some really beautiful flowers blooming!

  14. Hello Miranda, Life does get in the way of blogging at times!! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Alison, I really love it too, so unique and no 2 blooms are alike.

  15. Arrived to you blog from bangchil blog. You have very intersting blog!
    Lovely petunia!

  16. Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I soak the whole peony in the soapy water for just a few minutes....then just put them in a vase and sit it in the sink to dry off. It doesn't hurt the flower any more than getting drenched to the ground in rain, and that way no ants come in the house. I actually do this with a lot of flowers.

  17. I really like that English daisy. And I can't say enough good things about Flax. It will re-seed and give you many more years of blue for your garden.