Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Bells & Bedfellows.

The bellflowers opened this week! Here is a white Carpatica,

And a Blue persicifolia, bowing down to greet the fleabane daisy.

Shasta 'snowcap' has also bloomed.

Peachleaf bellflowers add such great height to a bed.

This deep shade peony gets no direct light whatsoever, but occasionally sends up a bloom or 2.

And for the bedfellows part of this post, here is a new Hosta Patriot in a sunny bed with hydrangea, daylilies and other bright bloomers. I think it will make a great feature plant on the corner of the bed, provided it can tolerate the sun.

Some more new additions, asiatic lily Tiny Ghost, the colour isn't quite as pictured, it reminds me of the colour of red wine.

Daylily Janice Brown, a pretty in pink lily with a fancy edge.

And probably my favorite of the newbies, Blue Sky Delphinium. I have staked it just in case, another great height plant and I'm trying to satisfy my blue craving - in order to get over my disappointing meconopsis.

The new lower bed (May 2010) has turned into a pretty wild mix of colours, I am now dubbing it 'The Rainbow Bed', since there are really no other words for it. Probably breaking many gardening rules, or at least guidelines, but is it a lot of fun and seems to attract quite a bit of attention.


  1. Lovely mixes of plants (bedfellows is a fantastic methaphor). My bellflowers didn't come back after the winter...maybe they are not hardy.

    I'm still going to try again. LOL. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. methaphor, metaphor, you know what I mean. (Hooked on phonics!)

  3. Hi Rebecca, Blue Sky is one of my favourite delphiniums. I used to have many campanulas, but overtime they have been crowded and overpowered by other more aggressive plants. Your pictures have reminded me of just how pretty they are. Finally, I like the Janice Brown daylily. I am always looking for new varieties.

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Looking so pretty and summery in your garden. :)

    The peachleaf bellflowers I planted last summer have bloomed for the first time - so exciting!