Saturday, November 27, 2010

I spoke too soon.

It turns out the title of my last blog entry was erroneous. The very next day I was heading up the front walkway, and this brand new snowdrop anemone was beginning to open. So delicate and beautiful, and a happy late fall surprise.

As for the story of my Aster, the blooms did get a chance to open. I wish I had a better picture, but this gives you an idea. Blue/Purple blooms with yellow centres, and a completely covered ball about 2 1/2 feet high & wide. I'm really happy with both asters, and would very highly recommend them for fall blooms.

A few clouds of yellow snapdragons were still brightening up some dark spaces.

And I found another Peachleaf Bellflower hugging the clematis trellis.

The Cotoneaster Hedge put on a vibrant display this year. I have mixed feelings about the hedge, and find it rather boring most of the time, but it does have the first buds opening in the spring, and the last fall colour, both of which I appreciate very much.

Autumn Joy Sedum bloomed prolifically this year (was badly trampled last summer). Someone mentioned thinking of pink broccoli when they see it, and now, I do too.

The little Burning Bush that I was concerned about has also had a chance to change, not quite the vibrant red I had hoped for (and that it was a few years ago), but still very attractive.

And a gratuitous gargoyle picture for Joy. Alastair is feeling rather exposed now that the Flowering Plum has lost most of her leaves.

Since these pictures were taken we have had a record setting amount of snow and cold temperatures. Everything is well buried under a deep blanket of snow and it really does signal The End of this year's growing season.

I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blogs, having come down with a case of the gardening blahs. Fortunately, I have figured out what has caused it. For the first time since moving to this house (2002) I have no new garden plans for next year. No beds that I can dig out and no MUST HAVES to put on a wishlist. I am very happy with all of our efforts digging, moving, shaping, planting...I'm sure there will be gaps to fill here and there, but I want to let things mature over the next few years. It's a very strange feeling.


  1. Rebecca girl : ) Thank you for Alastair's point of view .. I just know that he would have so much to talk about if he was ever to have a chance for a chat with my crew here .. Dave would go on and on about his crack but gnomes are much chattier than gargoyles aren't they ?
    We had a "skiff" of snow this morning .. just a windy gust of flakes and they are gone .. but I know many more are lining up to drop in on us.
    That anemone was such a treat to see with all of the other plants having one last breath in the garden .. I keep thinking of pink broccoli now!
    I understand how you feel about the garden blah thing .. my garden has become "mature" now that we have lived here 11 years .. but some how after January .. my garden brain begins to BUZZ big time .. even though I don't have any room left really .. things start coming together and that excitement does come back. So don't think about it too much .. just enjoy the holidays .. and I promise you that by mid January-February, that exact garden excitement will spark !
    Hang in there girl .. get some rest .. just relax .. and let it flow naturally !
    Besides .. you have to know I am going to start listing plants that I will be looking for and I know you will want some of them too ! LOL

  2. How lucky that you have some blooms still going strong! Nothing is blooming here except for marigolds and a few surviving zinnias.

  3. I can't believe you such an assortment of blooms this time of year. I understand the garden blahs. I was hit with that at our last house. Everything was planted, and just need 'routine maintenance'. Trust me, come spring I'm sure you'll find a must-have or two to help bring back that spark.

  4. It is easy to understand the garden blahs at this time of year when there are so many other things to think about. I am sure come spring something will re-excite your interest.

  5. Hi Rebecca, pink broccoli it is now! :)

    I agree with Joy that your brain will be fired on all cylinders for gardening by February. If not, I need help with planning....;)

    Enjoy the quiet and start thinking winter greenery for your front pots. That's what's next on my garden centre trip.

    Take care,
    Ms. S

  6. I love fall anemony, but there are only spring variety in my garden. I need to fix it! Asters - many people consider them as weedy, but I wish they spread in my garden! Rebecca, I answered your ? about my gazebo in my comments, but can repeat it here: costco sold it several years ago. They might have info about its manufacturer. Good luck!

  7. Wow! Some bloom jealosy over here! The snows been falling all around us too. Gone for now, I have no fear it will be back sson! I understand your need to take a break every once in a while. My posts have been become less frequent lately. The season demands my attention else where. What do you do. I will be back in full force in spring, but untill then I'm forgiving myself a few breaks here and there!


  8. I'm glad you had more blooms to enjoy before the snow came. I had the gardening blahs big time this past summer. I think a lot had to do with the same things you mentioned on top of the bad weather we had. I bet you get back in the gardening mood after winter.

  9. It is nice to see you back from your break from bloging. And it is a beautiful post on all flowers and colors in the garden before the first snow.
    I can imagine that it is a strange feeling not having garden plans for next year. But it is also good to know when to stop with garden changes and let things grow and develop for some time.

  10. Hey Joy, Thanks for your great message! Maybe that's *why* I've been avoiding other blogs lol, my wish list always gets out of hand!! Gargoyles are quite different than gnomes, they get into waaay less trouble, but have a little less character. It's a tradeoff.

    Hi meems, thanks for your message. My zinnias packed it in some time ago.

    Hi CVF, I'm sure the spark will come back, as soon as the garden centres start getting plants in next spring...

    Hi Three Dogs, you are very sneaky with your ........... signature lol. I'm sure my blahs are only a temporary.

    Hi Ms S, Another Pink Broccoli convert :D. I do love helping others with their gardens, it keeps me busy while mine is growing.

    Hi Tatyana, Thanks for the gazebo info! As for asters, I think it depends on the variety. I do have some very weedy ones (tall, leggy, blooms on top only), but others are round and lovely and similar to a fall mum.

    Hi Laura, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, there is lots going on, my kids & animals have me going in a million different directions. Since my garden is quieter it sometimes comes last.

    Hi Catherine, I can't imagine you having the blahs in your glorious garden, it makes me feel better to know it can happen to others. I do look forward to spring, and I'm sure I'll be doing a dance of joy when the first bulbs emerge. Until then, I shall hibernate ;).

    Hi vrtlarica, You're right about knowing when to stop with changes, and wait to see what happens. There is a quote that "half of art is knowing when to stop" the same must apply to gardening. If only I had more space to develop...

  11. All these things are now memories... it's time for Winter Break around here! :-) Happy December to you!

  12. HI lovely you always brighten my day with your lovely blooms..I love that lone sweet! I havent been garden-blogging all that much eith,,that ok..just the way it gies eh?
    Thans for stopping by, you really touched my heart with your super generous compliments on my driftwoods..thanks hugs!
    have a sparkling day...and happy upcoming holidays!!

  13. Rebecca,
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year, full with joy and health!

  14. Shady, yes, memories indeed.

    Kiki, Thanks for stopping by! I thought I was the only one remiss in visits.

    vrtlarica, Thank you so much! Happy 2011 to you too! :)

  15. Rebecca girl how are you ! I hope you check for comments still even though it is a bit sparse .. I am wondering why your echinacea aren't coming back each year .. usually they are VERY hardy .. I suggested Magnus or Echinacea Purpurea is an original one as well .. they do need a fair amount of sun though .. the new ones can be a bit tricky .. I have lost a few over the years, so I understand how disappointing it can be ...
    I hope they come back this year for you !!
    Joy : )

  16. Our garden is sort of done. But it has tipped over into, that bed is not working! In March I must do something different ... too hot still ;>)

  17. Hi Rebecca..thanks so much for sharing your chickpea inspirations with appreciated! Your soup sounds awesome! Yum!
    Hope you are having a beautiful start to this new year!

  18. Thanks Joy! I'll keep my fingers crossed or try again! :)

    Hi Diana, While you wait for things to cool down, I will wait for things to warm up. Interesting opposite.

    Hey Kiki, Thanks for your message, I hope you are having a wonderful 2011 too.