Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Door.

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration.

I was lucky to find some over at Catherines beautiful blog at
A Gardener in Progress. I have always been enthralled with little doors on trees, such as hers. So, I went on a gardening adventure to find one. I am not sure if it is designed for outdoor use, so I will apply some sort of protective coating. Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to affix it in place, it would be very much appreciated.

Since I neglect my few houseplants terribly during the summer months, it was time for some new ones...

This is my favorite pot, so I like to put something special in it. I don't know what kind of plant this is, but I like it very much.

I also like the colouring on these leaves...

I left my hydrangeas intact for winter interest, which I very much appreciate. I had no idea how IMPORTANT hydrangeas were until a few years ago. This is Unique, a little battered from so much snow shovelling along the front walkway.

And Little Lamb, in a sheltered spot up by the house.

A little belated, but I want to wish you all the best for a happy & healthy year in 2011.



  1. Oh my goodness! That door is super duper cute! Love it! I like your new house plants as well.

  2. Hi Rebecca. Your new door is so adorable. Every girl needs new plants for indoors in the winter. I love the variegated one in the green container. They go so well together.

  3. Love the little door, Rebecca! I have seen some magical ones on the 'net and this is certainly one of the cutest.

    It's amazing how important our houseplants become during the long winter months. I am realizing that some have been terribly neglected so a certain amount of guilt is present. :)

    I think next winter we are going to have to get away some place warm for a week in January. It really is the loooooongest month. lol

  4. I love that door! So delightful. It gets my imagination brewing.

  5. I'm glad you were able to find one, I think I like yours better :) I used a small nail to hang mine with. The bark was so thick on my tree I just pushed it in with my hand.
    I love the new houseplants, it's nice to have some nice fresh green leaves when the garden outside is covered in snow.

  6. Rebecca, it is so nice to see your post again in my reader!
    The doors are so very pretty, but I have no idea how to fix it in place...
    I have only one indoor plant and I never have time for it. Except in winter. I have transplanted it to a new pot and I think it is enjoying it.

  7. I love the idea of little doors - how else can the fairies get inside? - but am also a little puzzled by the actual installation. I'll be interested to see what you do :)

  8. Hi meemsnyc, Thanks for your great comments! New stuff is quite a lot of fun. :)

    Hi Lona, I'm glad you like the door and choice of plant for the special pot. :)

    Hi MsS, Thanks!! I neglect my houseplants terribly during the summer, and most of them don't make it! I know what you mean about guilt. I agree about going somewhere hot next January. :)

    Hi Rosey, My imagination gets going too. I wonder who lives inside?

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for stopping by, and for the info. I might push a small nail into the tree, I suppose it wouldn't do much harm.

    Hi vrtlarica, Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm sure your houseplant is very happy in the new pot. Funny how some of us gardeners are not the best houseplant keepers...

    Hi Cyndy, Exactly! How else indeed!! I have tucked the door safely away for now, I will figure something out when the weather warms and the snow stops.

  9. That door is the cutest!!! Looks like your plants are doing great, I never remember to water house plants, so they are all on my terrace here.

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    I love the whimsy of the little door. I can just imagine how it would delight any child who visits your garden.

  11. Little doors on trees - how adorable! Oh I just love it and will have to go out and find some this year. Your houseplants look great! I hope they continue to bring smiles to your face.

  12. aloha,

    i love your garden door, its fantastical...i'm inspired to put one on my coconut tree :)

  13. Hi Deborah, Thanks!! It is interesting that many of us avid gardeners are not so great with least I'm in good company!

    Hi Jennifer, You're absolutely right, I'm sure my little ones will create a whole imaginary family of gnomes and fairies.

    Hi Kate, Welcome! Thanks for your message. I saw some little doors on trees pictured in various blogs and put them on a wishlist, I'm glad I finally found one. :)

    Hi Noel, Thanks for visiting my blog. I think a door on a coconut tree would be wonderful! If you find one, be sure to post about it.

  14. Hi Rebecca, your door is adorable...Oh My Goodness...'A Door able'. ok. I'm done being silly now.

    What a great idea to put some sealer on it and fin a way to attach it. Hopefully you'll get some fairy's who'd like to move right in!

    Lovely hydrangea blooms, too. None of mine did well last summer so there weren't any that remained on the bushes here.

    Hope you're keeping warm up there in the frozen north!

  15. Hi Jan, Thanks for your visit. I'm glad you like my a door able door lol. Trying to stay warm, today was beautiful and I was finally able to get out and finish cutting back last summers perennials. :)

  16. Wow..totally love that beautiful and enchanting..I am smitten now!! Nice to catch up..looks like I missed a few of your wonderful posts!! have a fabulous wkd ahead!

  17. Kiki!! I'm so glad you saw my little door, I thought you might like it. :D