Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Blooms of the Season

Not a whole lot going on In The Garden anymore, and since these pictures were taken earlier in the week we've had a hard frost and many plants have turned brown and are completely done. Annuals have been removed, bulbs are in, and leaves have been raked.

Here we have the non blooming Aster, I'm so glad it's buds had a chance to open. It is quite sheltered and receives good morning sun so I think it will continue to bloom for a little while longer. I really like the shade of blue/purple. I saw it in a greenhouse last fall and planted it outside, I wasn't sure if it would be ok, but it seems happy.

This Colchium 'Waterlily' was a very nice suprise. I was given the bulb in late spring 2009, it had started to flower in the box. I planted it, and a large brown (soft) bulb emerged after spring thaw. I figured it had been heaved out of the ground, and threw it out. This fall, this lovely bloom emerged. Maybe there had been bulblets buried?

Cosmos was very long lasting, and provided happy bright flowers for a very long time, here are a few white...

..and a few pink.

The Purpleleaf Sandcherry has good colour this year, unfortunately it doesn't receive much sun, but seems to do reasonably well.

Coreopsis verticella 'Zagreb' had a late flush of blooms.

David's Lavender was planted this year, and finally opened it's lovely flowers.

The white David didn't fare as well, only one bloom ever opened. I had relocated this plant numerous times last year, hopefully next year will be better...

The last of the poppies, this one, a deep red.

Stella D'Oro has decided to bloom again. I was so surprised to see this lovely yellow flower just a few days ago. Sir Mulch A Lot said it reminds him of a daffodil. This strikes me as interesting since daffs will be one of the next things to bloom (albeit 7 months from now!).

The hydrangeas have gone brown with the cold nights, they are still very decorative though, I hope they stay intact for a long time to come.

And here's my plant mystery of the week. The Dwarf Burning Bush has not changed AT ALL. Most other shrubs have turned colour, and lost most of their leaves, but this little guy is as green as ever. I wonder what will happen next...


  1. Hi Rebecca. It is nice to still have touches of color in the garden. My phlox and coreopsis have long stopped blooming. You have been busy in your beds. I still have some bulbs to plant yet. Your poppy is a lovely addition this late in the season. Have a great week and enjoy your Fall.

  2. It's always a little sad for me to see the last of the season's blooms. But it's something to look forward to in the spring.

  3. Hey Rebecca girl ! My coreopsis Full Moon has bloomed itself silly too .. must have been a good year for them ? I am so mad at myself for "forgetting" my Cosmos seeds .. they were Double Click .. I'm hoping they will stay good until next year in their little packet ?
    Isn't that too funny about your little shrub .. some of them here are so red they really do look like they are on fire : ) I love that !
    And .. my Stella threw out more buds and I have a sprig in a glass on my kitchen counter along with yet another Morden Sunrise rose ! Now that has to make us smile right ? LOL
    Joy : )

  4. It is kind of sad to think that frosts have come (or will soon). Your phlox and daylily lasted a lot longer than mine did. Funny that the Cosmos here have just decided to start blooming. That is strange about your Burning Bush, they are all bright red here now.

  5. 'Waterlily' has such pretty pink flowers, weren't you lucky that new ones reproduced and survived to bloom. I wonder if they will appear again next fall?

    At least you got to see that David's Lavender had been labelled correctly. When plants aren't in bloom when you buy them, and don't bloom the first year, you always wonder what will appear. I appreciate the phlox flowers that will look good after the initial frosts, providing some of the last colour.

  6. Hi Rebecca, Your Colchium 'Waterlily' is divine. What a nice surprise.

    It has been a great October and the weather has really extended the local colours in gardens. I'm loving it. :)

  7. So pretty Rebecca..they all look fab! I love cosmos..we are kindreds! I dont have much left either..but still some morning glories...they seem to live forever here! Happy Wkd! Hope all is well in your world!

  8. Hi Rebecca, There is still a fair bit going on in your garden. The Stella D'Oro re-blooming this late in the season is a nice surprise. My mum is always singing the praises of Colchium. I must get some after seeing it blooming here. Have a good weekend! Jennifer

  9. I gather that the fall colour of the Burning Bush has to do with the amount of light it gets and also the amount of water...last summer was quite wet here and my burning bush stayed pretty green; this summer was much drier and it has really lit up over the past month or so.

  10. I'm betting on a Chrysanthemum to be the last bloom of the year in my garden - although it came off to a bad start when cabbage worms tried to eat it..

  11. Hi Lona, thanks for stopping by! It is nice to have some touches of colour so late in the year, my blooms use to end much sooner, but I've planted with bloom time in mind lately to balance things out.

    Hi meemsnyc, it certinaly is a little sad, as are the shorter days, and cold nights/mornings. Spring feels like an awfully long way off right now..

    Hey Joy, I'm sure the seeds will be just fine next year! Gotta love those plants that bloom like crazy! My Morden Sunrise is just finishing up too.

    Hi Catherine, the Burning Bush really is a mystery, I don;t know what's up with it, now we've had a hard freeze and I think the leaves are just oging to fall off, still green. Maybe I'll move it next year to a better location.

    Hi Northern, You're right, it is nice to confirm bloom colour, simce we are sometimes un/pleasantly surprised. I think Waterlily will be ok again next year, my other fall crocues did not bloom this year, I don't know what happened to them. :(

    Hey Ms S, I'm glad you're having a nice fall!! I'm very happy with my bulb surprise too! :)

    Hi Kiki, Definitely kindreds!!! You're so lucky to have morning glories, I love their shape and colour but I don't think they grow here.

    Hi Jennifer, Stella was definitely a surprise, she was done blooming some time ago. It is nice to have crocuses in the fall, I would recommend them to anyone (although I have many that didn't bloom...)

    Hi Ami, we did have quite a bit of moisture this year (as well as running the sprinklers for the kids to play in), and the poor little burning bush doesn't get much sun. I think I will find a new spot for it next year.

    Hi Chrysanthmumworm, Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! It does sound like a rough start, I'm glad it recovered for you! :)

  12. Hi Rebecca, I'm glad to see you still have a couple of things in bloom! Maybe your mini Burning Bush will yet surprise you with some color. Mine hasn't changed yet either. Of course, you're weather has been much colder than ours...but our nights have been quite chilly! No frost yet...but some frost warnings in some towns around me. I'm not ready for a freeze yet--I still have bulbs to plant for spring! I have quite a few plants still blooming down here, as our weather has been pretty mild thus far. I'm trying to remember to 'take it all in' every day, because soon the colors will be gone until next year and we'll have to find sustenance from our memories & photos of the garden!!

  13. Beautiful flowers! I hope they are still blooming

  14. Hi Jan, Thanks for stopping by! Excellent point about taking it all in, we certainly do need something to sustain us through the winter. :)

    Hi fer, Welcome! There were still a few blooms around yesterday, but it's well below freezing this morning so I'm afraid to look.

  15. Rebecca girl I have changed my blog name in case you were looking for me ? it is now
    Just wanted to be more Canadian eh ! haha
    Joy : )

  16. HI Rebecca...wishing you a wonderful Winter Solstice...thanks for dropping by and adding a sparkle to my world!!