Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ok, bad pun. But it was that or 'Tale of Two Asters', which was considerably worse. Here's the situation, one Aster is blooming, the other, just 2 feet away but receiving a little less sun is not...

A few buds that look like they're thinking about opening are not the beautiful pale blue/lilac colour they were last year, but are quite similar to the Aster above. Seems very odd to me.

I like the way this false sunflower is peeking through the lattice fence.

The variegated obedient plant is finally blooming, the colour is beautiful. I was expecting hot pink, but this is much nicer.

Autumn Joy & My Monet are lovely fall companions.

The mountain garlic is a little past it's prime, but still a great looking little plant. I tried to get some more this year but was unsuccessful.

I bought this mini rose at a grocery store last spring, and planted it after the ground thawed. This is the first bloom, I think it's beautiful. No idea if it will overwinter, but I hope it does!

Kyushu Hydrangea is looking quite well into fall. I suspect the flowers may have been a little more white, and perhaps a few more sterile florets would have opened if there had been a little more warmth this summer.

H.F.Young Clematis is opening the last flower of the season. Unfortunately, it was only the 2nd of 2 blooms. I've heard they can take 3 years to get going, I hope for a more impressive display at some point...

Perennial Sage is still adding colour, I don't normally like flower spikes all that much, but the long lasting colour is very much appreciated.

Sunrise Sunset Rose is still blooming madly, I hope the plant has the sense to shut down before winter. I have stopped deadheading to allow the formation of rosehips and dormancy.

The last blooms of Morden Sunrise, maybe this rose is a little more clever when it comes to seasons?

Shasta Becky is still looking great, snowcap has been done for some time, so it's nice to still have Daisies around.

And the final bloom of the beautiul Rozanne

Sorry I haven't posted for a month, it just feels like nothing is going on with the garden. I took the camera outside today to see what I could find and was pleasantly surprised.
I have planted some white crocuses and some Ice Follies daffs, I plan to get the tulips in the ground this weekend.
I hope you are all having an enjoyable fall season.


  1. Hi Rebecca. Well the other aster plant will just prolong your blooming enjoyment.Your Sunrise Sunset rose is so very pretty. I think I need that Morden Surprise to go with my pink Morden. See this is why my list never ends. LOL! Your False Sunflower looks so pretty peeking through the lattice. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I've got lots of asters in full sun and mostly shade. It's striking to me how the insects prefer the ones in the sun, I pesume for the warmth. Today it's 80, so more bugs on all the asters.

  3. Your Sunrise Sunset and Morden Sunrise both have lovely flowers, and how nice to have rose blooms in October. I really appreciate Rozanne for the long bloom time and flowers late into the season. The false sunflower looks so sweet resting against the lattice, while its buddies look on from behind.

  4. Keep us posted on that second aster. I don't think they cross pollinate, do they?

    Looks pretty good over there, Rebecca. :-) Love that little rose. Hope it overwinters for you!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    I like your opening pun. Isn't it nice to head out into the garden and be pleasantly surprised by late bloomers. I am sure your second bloom-less aster will catch up with the other sunny one as soon as we have a warm, bright day. Love that deep pink rose! As to the grocery store one, I have had roses that I got at the store survive over winter with a little protection. Maybe you'll be lucky too. Happy bulb planting! Jennifer

  6. These autumn blooms look very lovely. Mini-rose is very, very pretty!

  7. Hi Lona, I know exactly what you mean about the never ending list, I have the same problem!!

    Hi Northern, I had no idea roses would be so long blooming. I like the idea of flower buddies, very cute. :)

    Hi Benjamin, the insects do love them, although it's been so cold here there aren't many around. I remember hoards of honeybees on the asters last fall.

    Hi Shady, I hadn't thought about cross pollination, could be what's happening. I'll be sure to post pics if I ever get blooms to open!

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to mulch the little rose and hope for the best!

    Hi Tatyana, Thanks for your message, I also like the colours of the mini rose, I wish I had a full sized one with the same colour scheme. :)

  8. You have so many blooms still Rebecca. Lovely everyone. Your second aster might just be a later bloomer... I have some that bloom into November some years. You gave me such a smile and chuckle with your comment about DH. Thank you! Have a lovely upcoming weekend. ;>)

  9. My goodness Rebecca girl I was tickled PINK to read your comment on my blog .. THANK YOU ! : )
    I have also had a time lag in posting .. just got too wrapped up in events on the home front and was so tired .. I love seeing Morden Sunrise here and looking gorgeous as that tiny little mini rose which is stunning ! .. I also have My Monet and Autumn Joy together (great minds think alike ? LOL) .. and .. I also just planted Ice Follies and large trumpet yellow daffs in a ring around "Frank" the new Bloodgood Japanese Maple we planted this year .. good heavens girl we share a lot of plants don't we ? ;-)
    You did GOOD !! LOL
    Joy : )

  10. Oh my, you have colour in your garden! The hard frosts here in Sept really browned things up in my garden. I have a few that look like they want to get going again but I hope not.

    The bright roses really shine this time of year. :)

  11. oh wow, how beautiful, especially the composition in the fence. Nice photography. The clematis is lovely too, though it is not available here in the tropics.

  12. Hi Rebecca! yay thanks for stopping by...such lovely flowers you have and gorgeous blooms..lucky gal!!..I love false sunflower too..and wow..i love those roses..i want some!! Gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful October..

  13. Hi Carol, Blooms into Nov? Lucky you! We usually have a heavy snow in late Oct, so time is running out. I'm glad you enjoyed DH's comment. :)

    Hey Joy, the similarities are adding up quickly!

    Hi MsS, it's too bad you've had some hard frosts, we had a few medium ones but many plants seem at least 1/2 decent.

    Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

    Hey Kiki, I'm so glad you like my blooms! Have a very happy Thanksgiving. :)

  14. Rebecca I tried to go to your photobucket location and it wouldn't work for me .. darn it all ! I wanted to see if your bunny was related to my bunny ?? LOL

  15. Hey Rebecca girl here I am again (Saturday Morning) and another failure but this time photobucket is telling me that the image has either been moved or deleted now .. how frustrating can this get ?? MORE COFFEE NEEDED !!!
    Joy aarrrgghhhh ! That is a Charlie Brown comment?

  16. Rebecca, I'm amazed by how much you still have going on in your garden. I think at this time of year, when you step back and look at the garden as a whole, it doesn't look like much is happening; we need to enjoy our fall flowers up close and personal. Thanks for sharing yours. -Jean

  17. Rebecca, your garden is still beautiful! I love the combination of My Monet and Autumn Joy. I have had several miniature roses survive for years - I think they are so small that they stay protected by the snow or mulch.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you are coming to the zoo, let me know and we can take a walk through the garden! I am not working this week, though; I'm taking a little break before putting together all of the data and information from the summer.

  18. I hear you, I too feel as if there is nothing going on in the garden. In the spring I want to post everyday as everything is coming to life, but now, everything appear to be dying.
    Seems as though you did have quite a few beautiful flowers to show off though. I like the pictures, particularly the clematis - so beautiful.


  19. I haven't been posting much either lately. I start feeling like I'm repeating myself with the same flowers.
    You have lots of pretties there! My Monet and the Sedum are really a pretty combination. Rozanne seems to be on a lot of blogs lately, it really is a great plant isn't it?

  20. Hey Rebecca, sorry I am soooo slow getting here, I am behind on a lot of things. I want to know what your secret is with My Monet, yours looks fab, and mine has crispy edges on all its leaves. Tell!

  21. Hey Joy, Don't worry, I'm sure it's not you, it's me! LOL. I'll post a pic of my visitor soon (although I think he's been here long enough to be called a resident).

    Hi Jean, Thank you so much for your kind words. You're exactly right, it does look rather bleak as a whole, but there are still some beautiful elements.

    Hi AlbertaPerennialTrials, Thanks for your message, we've already been and gone, sorry I wasn't able to meet you for a tour, it would have been fun. The garden is looking beautiful!

    Hi Annelie, Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I also want to post daily in the spring, and now, I even forget to check my blogroll to see what's happening. I guess it's typical for this time of year.

    Hi Catherine, You're right, it does feel like repitition! I like to show NEW things, but there hasn't been anything new for some time...

    Hi Deborah, I'm also terribly far behind, so don't feel bad. My Monet is in almost full shade, maybe that helps? I had crispy edges last summer when it was new/stressed. We've also had a very cool summer..

  22. Did you aster ever bloom? It looks so healhty and full. What types of problems are you having wth your phlox? Mine like moist, rich soil, good air circulation, and partial shade to full sun.

  23. Hi TS, Yes, it did bloom, extremely well at that. It is pictured in my new post. I haven't really had problems with phlox, other than relocating due to changing plans. I've heard it is prone to powdery mildew. Mine are in almost full shade, which probably isn't ideal for a sun lover.