Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uniquely Pink!

Phew. Last years early frost/snow prevented my Unique Hydrangea from blushing pink, but not this time. The change is almost imperceptible, but every day the hue darkens slightly.

The Peachleaf Bellflower is outperforming itself. I deadheaded some, but not others, and has rebloomed up the whole length of the stalk. Amazing. It is said to be invasive, I don't think I would mind much, but I suppose time will tell.

Midnight Wine Weigela is finally producing rich, dark purple foliage. Sadly, it is the end of the growing season. I hope the winter setback isn't as severe this year.

Little Lamb Hydrangea is also turning pink, but with a green background rather than white. I'm so glad I finally found a spot for one of these lovelies.

The first Fall Aster bloom opened today. Some have not yet set buds, I really hope to have lots of new blooms soon. There hasn't been anything new for weeks, so it is nice to have something to look forward to.

Have a look at my Zinnia pot. Cherry Profusion has a gone as white as a ghost suddenly, but a new seedling (started as a class project last year, I put it in the same pot) is in bloom. Interesting contrast in colour.

Happy September Everyone, hard to believe it's already here.


  1. It is hard to believe September is here - looks like you've planned ahead for some pretty fall blooms, especially lovely little lamb:)

  2. The white and pink hydrangea is beautiful! I love when blooms change colours!

  3. Hi Rebecca, It is hard to believe it is Sept! Your asters will be a welcome burst of colour over the coming weeks. I am so not ready for it to be fall! I need just one more week where it is warm on your back when you are outside. :)

  4. It is hard to believe that fall is here already. We had a very cold and rainy August, but I hope that September will bring some nicer weather.
    I didn't know that it is possible to deadheaded Hydrangea and it can bloom again. Is this only with this variety or all of them?

  5. I'm new to your blog. Beautiful garden! I love Hydrangeas too. I have the pink Forever Hydrangeas. I wish I had more room then I'd plant so much more. Have a wonderful week!

  6. That is a such a delicate pink . I love it!

  7. Happy September Rebecca. Labour day really put me behind in my reading, sorry it took so long for me to visit. Love the Unique hydrangea.

  8. Hi Cyndy, Thanks so much for your message. A few years ago I had NOTHING going on in the fall, so I'm pleased with the progression.

    Hi Laura, I love changing blooms too! Kind of like getting a 2 for 1 lol.

    Hi Ms S, I would like the warmth to extend longer too, but alas, I have no influence on the weather.

    Hi vrtlarica, sorry for the confusion, the deadheading was for the bellflower. I don't think you can deadhead hydrangeas. I've heard that you can prune back all but a few branches for the biggest blooms, but mine are young and I'm leaving them be.

    Hi Pricilla, Welcome!! I wish I had more room for more too, they are so incredible.

    Hi Rosey, thanks for stopping by! I like the blushing pink too.

    Hi Deborah, No worries. I'm terribly far behind too, I almost have to give up and start over. Hope all is well with you!

  9. Gorgeous Rebecca...I love all faves.these are all so lovely! precious fabulous blooms..shine on!have a wonderful wkd!

  10. Rebecca girl I have fallen so behind in visiting .. I am red faced ;-)
    My Midnight Wine is amazing too with getting darker and darker .. it is such a great little accent plant : ) .. and Little Lamb .. poor thing I cut back drastically late summer because I could care for it properly and the hard rain had is beat down. Yours looks lovely : )
    PS .. as do all the other plants girl !! LOL

  11. I have come across 'Little Lamb' hydrangea twice this week in blogland Rebecca ~ I'm off to investigate whether she is available on this side of the pond :) Glad that you have not suffered any early frosts and that are able to enjoy the other hydrangea as well as fellow late flowerers.

  12. Hi Rebecca,

    Oh, to be able to grow hydrangea.....sadly they do not grow well in the desert. I can just imagine a bouquet of 'Little Lamb' hydrangea sitting on my table :-)

  13. The best pink is when it is soft,very slight and delicate...,
    I am inviting you to something.. check it out.

  14. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. For sure I want some in my yard. But really, I want some of everything! Not much here at the new house but azaleas, rhododendron and junipers. I have bought a butterfly bush and some Asian lilies. The problem is finding an area that gets full sun.

  15. My fall asters are being extremely stubborn and haven't bloomed yet. Rrrrr! We had a genuine frost on the road last night at my place...rather depressing. Guess I'll try and find the cross-country skis.

    Christine in Alaska

  16. Happy Fall, Rebecca! Isn't it hard to believe it's September already? You have some lovely flowers blooming. :-)

  17. I love the initial white of the Hydrangea panicles, and then the change to pink. When they changed to brown this week, because of the frost, I gave a little sigh of longing for summer, but now I'm appreciating the earth tones of fall.

    I've been wanting to try peachleaf bellflowers again, for their lovely stalks of blue bells. There were some on sale this week. They spread a bit, but in a good way. I don't think they'd ever be annoying.

  18. Just found my way here - always happy to come across other garden bloggers!

    I have some peachleaf bellflower volunteers in my garden - they make me a little suspicious, because I have no idea where they came from and I fear they're the forerunners of an invasion, but they're so pretty I left them anyway!

  19. My goodness, I'm so sorry I haven't replied to your posts sooner, my blog has gotten away on me!!

    Hi Kiki, Thanks so much! I can't believe I didn't know about hydrangeas before, they are truly a favorite now. :)

    Hey Joy, I too am red faced!! I hope your little lamb recovers well for you!

    Hi Anna, good luck with your search, I suspect it would be very happy in your part of the world.

    Hi Noelle, I'll trade you a bouquet of Little Lamb for a bouquet of your Lantana, ok?

    Hi Bangchik, thank you for the invitation, I will put together something shortly. :O)

    Hi Porch Days, I know exactly what you mean. I have a very shady yard which can be difficult to plant around. You're lucky to have Rhodos and Azaleas, the don't grow well here at all.

    Hi Christine, it is depressing. I even have some rose buds waiting to open that will most likely freeze before they get the chance. Sigh.

    Hi Shady, it is hard to believe. Summer always goes by far to quickly. Thanks for your message!

    Hi Northern, we've also had some pretty hard frosts recently, the strong winds yesterday blew many yellowing leaves off trees & shrubs. Time to plant some bulbs! :)

    Hi Ami, Welcome! Thanks for your message. There is a very similar bellflower that is much more invasive, but I think they only spread by seeds (not runners) so deadheading will help a lot.