Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Rhyme or Reason.

There is no rhyme or reason to my garden. I am always impressed by beds that appear carefully structured and planned, and while I understand many of the concepts I am still very much a buy a plant, bring it home & dig a hole kind of gardener.

I like my combinations, even if the pairings occur by sheer luck!

The Painted Daisy 'Juwa' looks great with the white Campanula Carpatica and the Blue Campanula persicifolia, a little red white & blue for my American friends.

This is somewhat of a goof. I had wanted 3ft shastas to go with the 3ft heliopsis, but I got the much shorter Snowcap. I don't remember if this was a tag error or a 'me' error, but this is what we have now. I am really enjoying the Stachys byzantina, and need to remember to add a few more this year.
Here is the beautiful blue peachleaf bellflower again, this time with perennial sage,
...and again with Carpatica. This from the 'set the camera on the ground and hope for the best' method that I use periodically.

The Frog King has found a spot where he can survey the Kingdom.

Have a look at this odd little hosta. It is a dwarf blue, but has virtually nothing for a base, but is sending up a flower stalk. There is no sign of slug activity in the immediate area, I'm not sure what it's doing, but flowers are always nice!

Here in the shade is a trio, old fashioned bleeding heart is done blooming, the Ivory Halo Dogwood just grows and looks great with flashy foliage and the New York fall aster is growing well in the foreground, hopefully it will bloom in August.

And todays parting shot, I'm not sure if the pot is too big, or the plant is too small, but since it is on a windy ledge I needed something heavy enough to not blow away (which has happened before - poor patio tomatoes). Maybe it will expand and appear better proportioned soon?

So fess you ever garden without a plan?


  1. Hi Rebecca..i looove yoru frog king..he is so charming..yay! And such lovely blooms! Love the painted daisy too!
    Have ahappy day!

  2. I think your accidental combos are wonderful! Do I garden without a plan? All the time! Even when I think I have a plan I never stick to it. I acquire plants and then figure out where to put them, hope for the best, and tell myself I'll rearrange later if need be. But I never do get around to that rearranging.

  3. I always have a plan for the garden, but I rarely follow it. There are always more plants than I have garden space, so I plant where I find empty spot.
    Your garden combinations do appear as planned as colors and textures go so well together.

  4. I'll fess up ... I'm another complete non-planner. If I see a plant I like and I think it will survive in my garden ... then it's mine.

    I love your combinations. The bellflower and sage look fantastic together ... as does the shasta, heliopsis and stachys.

    Is that a New Guinea Impatiens in the pot? If it is, then don't worry, it will definitely fill out ... possibly even spill over the edge.

  5. I'm definitely an 'accidental gardener'. I try and plan things out, but it never happens. Probably because I just buy a couple of plants at a time (can't afford any more than that). It mostly seems to work out. Mostly lol.

  6. Hi Rebecca! Your accidental plant combinations look great! The hosta is very unusual. I've never seen anything like this! Take me into your group of the gardeners without a plan. I think we love surprises.

  7. Hi Kiki, thanks for your message! I knew you'd like my frog :). The painted daisy is one of my favorites, I am trying hard to find another one somewhere...

    Hi Cherry Lane, thanks for visiting! I rarely get to the rearranging either, and I have yet to do any dividing...the planting is so much more fun!

    Hi vrtlarica, 'empty spot gardener' has a certain ring to it! Thank you for your kind words. :)

    Hi Bernie, thanks for your message - YES, it is a New Guinea Impatiens! I have heard they can get quite large, we'll see what this one has time to do. I'm glad you like my combos, they have pleasantly surprised me!

    Hi Kyna, Nice to know I'm not alone, and I know exactly what you mean by 'mostly working out'.

    Hi Tatyana, So hard to believe that you garden without plan, your garden appears so structured and well thought out!! The little hosta is odd, to say the least.

  8. That flower will grow right in to fit that pot before you know it LOL!
    The sage and blue campanula are such beautiful partners.Your accidents look great to me. I am a sticker in of plants too but mine never look as good as yours. That is why I move plants so much LOL!That little hosta sure is a bloomer. It look so top heavy LOL!

  9. Lona, surely you jest! Your garden is MAGNIFICENT and my few plants here and there that may or may no coordinate is a far cry from your stunning & expansive creation. I do move them from time to time too, if they really don't work together. I agree about the hosta looking top heavy, I can't believe the odd growth. :)

  10. I make all these glorious plans in the wintertime, but then I go with spontaneity when it comes time to actually do the planting. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person, and it works for me. Although I wonder if I would take more care with my garden if I ever owned my own land and got to stay somewhere for more than a couple of years...

  11. I pretty much take the same approach. I sow seeds or buy plants and just plant them where there is room!

  12. Plans come after. Plants come first! Because of this I'm constantly digging and moving thing around. It's a waltz of sorts. I quite enjoy it!

  13. Your peachleaf bellflower and sage look so pretty together, as do the two bellflowers. That Hosta got tired of being stereotyped as a foliage plant, and decided to prove everybody wrong. :)

    I love to plan out garden beds, but I do change things around as I start to plant. I never draw a map ahead of time, but I always make little maps and diagrams after I've planted. I have a binder full of them.

  14. No plan? Never! lol Ahem, well maybe once in a while (!). Guess that's how I ended up bringing home a Dart's Gold ninebark and hubby brought home an Annebelle hydrangea, both of which we have no clue what to do with! *Sigh* I had such good intentions this year.

    btw: I absolutely love your blue peachleaf bellflower and perennial sage combo. Sometimes things just work out. (Must be the talent!) :-)

  15. Hey there Rebecca girl ! I was just commenting to my husband that I almost got that "frog king" now I wish I had seeing yours in the garden : )
    I don't take to rules about colours or structures for planning my garden .. I plant what I like where I like .. except I try to stay within the light requirements .. other wise the plants are NOT happy .. but that still happens .. and they have to be moved a few hundred times ? LOL
    This heat wave has not been great for it though .. or me ? LOL
    Lovely plants and pairings girl ! keep it up : )

  16. Hi Meredith, thanks for stopping by!! I know what you mean about winter plans, I make them too but then plant shopping gets in the way.

    Hi meemsnyc, welcome to my blog! I also put plants where there is room, and if there isn't room I make some by expanding an edge somewhere.

    Hi Laura, TI also move things around, sometimes. Usually 2-3 times in the first year, but once established I leave them, even if they'd be better elsewhere

    Hi Northern, good point about the hosta! I hadn't thought if it that way. Let's face it, bellflowers look great with anything ;).

    Hi Ms S, yes it's certainly the talent lol. Congrats on your purchases! I just saw a pic of a ninebark (diablo) pruned to a tree, it was very pretty and didn't take up as much space.

    Hi Joy, everyone needs a frog king!! I'll be sure to put Alastair in the next post for you, he has a very secluded spot in the garden...I also *try* and stay within light requirements, I won't plant a shade plant in the sun, but do plant sun plants in the shade and hope for the best. Thanks for your great message! :)

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    I love your red, white and blue flower combination. I haven't tried that before, but may try when it comes time to plant winter annuals :-)

  18. Rebecca, I always used to plant without a plan, but in this garden, I am trying to do it the opposite way. The shape and size of the beds get carefully planned, but the plants, well sometimes (lots of time) they just get planted where ever. Sometimes it is fabulous and sometimes, well, I will be moving them.

  19. Love the colorful painted daisies! So brilliant! They look nice planted with the balloon flowers. Your garden is looking great, Rebecca!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  20. Hi Noelle, I'm glad you like the combo, I'm sure your planters will be beautiful!

    Hi Deborah, Interesting! With the structure and layout of KG I assumed everything was preplanned, I'm glad there's still some randomness to the whole thing, and I'm not the only one who makes the wrong decision and has to move them later.

    Hi Bethm thanks for your message! Both of the bells pictured with the painted daisies are Campanulas, my balloon flowers aren't blooming yet. The shape is remarkably similar though! :)