Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Pots of Vegetables

Here is my teeny tiny vegetable (& fruit) garden. The set of three pots became home to a few heads of Romaine Lettuce, some Cherry Tomatoes and 3 Strawberry plants. I have been taking off lettuce leaves for sandwiches and it is delicious. I will make a salad one day, but need to find the recipe for the perfect dressing first - nothing else will do!


  1. I firmly believe that strawberries, tomatoes & lettuce are all gateway plants. Before you know it you'll be setting up a whole veggie garden right there on your patio! :) Mmmm those strawberries look good!

  2. A beautiful little potted garden. I agree, for homegrown lettuce, a good dressing is important, preferably one that won't overwhelm the delicate flavor of the leaves. A simple champagne vinaigrette should work well.

  3. Your little fruit/veggie garden is performing beautifully. I think that all three pots are growing some very happy plants.
    I remember that I started my vegetable garden in a pot - I was growing some hot peppers.

  4. I love the nice looking plants and the exotic looking pots... and not a trace of pest marks. Sheer Delight!

  5. This is so shows that you can grow both fruit and vegetables in a small space. When you find the perfect salad dressing....will you share it?

  6. The perfect little garden! Your children must love it. I am growing a Tumbler tomato plant this year with my little guy but he keeps pulling off the green tomatoes. But it keeps producing more so there's hope yet! :)

  7. I have nevr grown Romaine lettuce before, it looks really good. Finally the first tomatoes (cherry) are starting to ripen, I can't wait.

  8. Your strawberries look delicious! I haven't any luck growing them...:(

  9. A nice little salad and snacking garden, and so handy. Those strawberries look perfect. I grow lettuce and carrots in pots on my deck, and it is very handy to just open the door to get something fresh.

  10. Your pots are fabulous! I bet you have enjoyed many crispy BLT's with that lettuce.

  11. Hi Laura, 'Gateway Plants', interesting concept but you might be onto something!

    Hi Elisabeth, Merci!

    Hi CVF, thanks for the recomendation, I really like champagne vinaigrettes.

    Hi vrtlarica, it's hard to imagine your vegetables confined to a pot, but I guess everyone starts somewhere. :)

    Hi Bangchik, Thanks for your kind words. I have tried a few vegetables in the ground before but pests have been a problem, I think elevating & containing them has really helped.

    Hi Noelle, Thanks so much for your post! I will be sure to post it in my next post (it was delicious...)

    Hi MsS, I've kept mine out of reach (about 4 ft high), after the bleeding heart fiasco I figured it was safer this way. ;)

    Hi Deborah, I'm looking forward to tomatoes too! The lettuce is delicious, and has been very easy to grow. I highly recommend it. :)

    Hi Kyna, I have tried in the ground previously, but critters would eat them before I could. This pot thing is working much better!

    Hi Northern, I wouldn't have thought of growing carrots in a pot, but since seeing the posts on potatoes, I guess anything is possible (depth permitting).

    Hi Rosey, GAH!!! No BLTs (yet), now I'll have to remedy it. I can almost taste it already....

  12. Rebecca girl ! I am sure I had one of those pots with that pretty design ! I wonder what happened to it now .. that will drive me crazy trying to figure out that mystery ! LOL
    I love your little pot garden for veggies and fruit .. they are perfect !
    I have some huge dill plants that so NEED to be harvested and hung to dry .. I haven't been in my garden for a while because of the heat/humidity thing .. now you have reminded me I better get busy !!!
    Joy : )