Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Blooms In The Garden

July 16th already, where does the time go? New blooms are opening around the garden, I thought I'd take you on a walking tour today. I usually post pics in geographic location, it seems to make the most sense to me.

Along the side bed Campanula glomerata is blooming, it is a different sort of bellflower, but I like the way it looks. I will try and tuck some blue ones in as well.

A little further down the Fleabane Daisy has opened. I have tried to find more of these but haven't been able to yet this year.

And here's a gratuitous dog picture for Deborah. I call it 'Daisy and the Daisies'.

And along the back of the garden, here is a single bloom from a young white peony. I had planted this one and the pink one (previously posted) last summer. Unfortunately I lost the tags so I can't identify them. I'm so thrilled about getting the planting depth right, I'm sure in a few years these will go from single blooms to a more impressive display.

Here are some Cosmos in the tulip bed (flanked by the 2 peonies), the purpleleaf sandcherry is recovering in the background.

And here is another gift plant, the Rudbeckia 'Indian Summer'. It was nodding a little in the heat, and from being newly planted. I think it looks very sunflower-ish in this pose.

At the other end of the yard in the shady bed, a spirea has stopped in to visit with Sedum autumn joy.

Some of the spirea flowers have started to open. I'm a little concerned about how far along these fall bloomers are this year, since my summer ones are just coming into full swing.

And a gratuitious Gargoyle shot for Joy. Alastair has found a secluded spot under the Flowering Plum, he can watch over the yard in privacy, without frightening young & old alike! He has an excellent view of my Kyushu Hydrangea and appreciates the occasional visit.

Moving to the front, here are some petunias in the shade. I was just reading in Jim Hole's Notebook that they can't be grown in shady containers....

And a little Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia in the shady bed below.

Heading down the front walkway, there are fairy thimble bellflowers in blue...

..and white.

Then down along the driveway Morden Sunrise Rose is blooming nicely. Now that I have 2 rose bushes I can totally understand what all the fuss is about.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, I seem to follow the same order every day for the morning walkabout and bloom count. ~Rebecca


  1. Like you, I often follow the same route around the garden when I'm checking to see what's blooming. I Love those little fairy thimble bellflowers, since they give so many flowers for such tiny plants. Your petunias are doing well in the shade, and the blue and white lobelia in the container pick up the colours nicely. It's always a relief to see a first flower on a plant, like your peony, as then you know what colour they're going to be for sure. :) In a few years your peony will be covered in those double flowers.

    It looks like Daisy is working on her suntan in that photo.

  2. Hi Rebecca. I really like your white campanula. Blue will be pretty too.Your cosmos are so pretty. Mine are about six inches tall with a very tiny bloom. Total disaster.Wow, I just got a Morden rose and love it so now I have my eye on your Morden Sunrise LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It's great to see the bloom on your peony, Rebecca. I think we can now both be counted among the ranks of those who have overcome peony panic! :-) -Jean

  4. Every blog needs a gratuitous dog photo from time to time, and Daisy looks lovely among the daisies. I really love your blue bellflowers. I hope your Spirea doesn't run out of steam before the fall.

  5. Hi Northern, I do really like the way the blue & white lobelia pick up the colour in the blue star petunias, I hope they aren't as hard to find next growing season.

    Hi Lona, Sorry to hear about your Cosmos, were they a dwarf variety perhaps? Those planting disasters keep us humble, don't they? The Morden roses are lovely, I'll see if I can add another some day (maybe Snowbeauty or Blush?). I visited the research centre years ago, quite a rose garden as part of the front entry. :)

    Hi Jean, Yes! We certainly have!! Such a relief and now we can plant with confidence. Maybe they aren't quite as finicky as reported? Or perhaps we're just that good. ;)

    Hi CVF, I'm glad you like the gratuitous dog pic. I don't mind if the Spirea runs out, I just don't want an early winter like last year.

  6. Heck yes petunias can be grown in shade containers, I do that all the time LOL. But I do respect the Holes' knowledge though :)

    My yard is always full of fleabane. For being a 'weed', it sure is pretty and I always tend to leave it instead of pulling it.

  7. I enjoyed the walking tour, Rebecca. Beautiful rudbeckia, bellflowers and peony. But I love Daisy the best. :-)

  8. Beautiful flowers. My peonies are only a memory now. How wonderful that yours are still blooming, and that clean bright white is gorgeous.

  9. It is always interesting to see how spring and summer flowers are changing in the garden.
    Thanks on the information on growing petunias in shade. I have a balcony that is in shade and I’m always growing impatiens there. Next time I will try with some petunias.

  10. Hi Rebecca, Looks like a wonderful walkabout. :-)
    Your photo of the Rudbeckia 'Indian Summer' is really nice. I love the lighting on the edges.

    After having been away for a bit I am just catching up on my garden (translation: weeding!). As soon as I got home I had to do the walkabout too! :)

  11. It must be looking so pretty in your yard now! I love the Fleabane you have, the flowers are so dainty. I just saw the fairy thimbles on another blog and now I know I have to find them. Just the name alone is cute. Daisy looks very sweet posing with the daisies :)

  12. Rebecca girl, thank you for letting me know about Alastair's new little corner in your garden : ) he is looking very at home there !
    We share so many plants Rebecca .. the Fairy Thimble campanula .. same plant but my plant tag says Scottish Bells, but we know they are the same right ! haha
    I totally forgot to plant seeds this year and I always do Cosmos so I feel like an idiot .. I will have to enjoy yours OK ? wink wink
    I have Indian Summer rubbeckis too .. right beside Flame Thrower echinacea .. they seem to like each other ? LOL
    I am so glad you are loving Morden Sunrise : )
    The only complaint I have is that there is no real scent to it .. but it is so beautiful, I can forgive it that : )
    I'm very glad we had this catch up chat !
    Joy : )
    Daisy is too cute ! .. I am at a loss for fleabane too drats !

  13. Wonderful and beautiful...another gorgeous post..your garden is looking fab...yay..awesome series!

  14. Hey Rebecca, thanks for the shot of Daisy, she looks quite content lounging around around her namesake.
    I always have the same route in my garden at K G as well, as soon as the car stops I hop out (Ian has to unload) and have to check out everything really quickly, then slowly go around again.

  15. Hi Kyna, A weed? I had no idea!! I just bought 2 more lol. And I also respect their knowledge, but the proof is in the pudding.

    Hi Beth, Yes, she is a little more special than even the nicest blooms.

    Hi Tammy, Thanks for your post! I really enjoy the bright white bloom too.

    Hi vrtlarica, Do try the petunias, and be sure to post a pic of them when you can.

    Hi Ms S, thanks for stopping by! It has been a busy summer, I'm so far behind in keeping up with everyone's blogs, and even my own. Hope you're doing well!

    Hi Catherine, I totally fall for plants with cute names, and on the flipside, if I don't like the name I can't buy the plant - even if I like it (crazy eh?). Daisy really likes that spot, I think it's a sweet coincidence.

    Hi Joy, So nice to chat with you!! Funny how many plants we share! I found a few more fleabanes this weekend at an out of the way (& run down/poorly stocked) greehnouse. Already have them in the ground.

    Hi Kiki, Thanks so much for your always flattering posts, always a pleasure!

    Hi Deborah, Most excellent delegation of duties!! I do the same sort of thing ;).