Friday, May 28, 2010

'Wait! What are we doing here??'

Backstory; Sir Mulch a lot and I don't get out much. We have a small herd of youngsters, and the planets only occasionally align for an outing without them. Today was such a day. It was somewhat last minute and we picked a spot for brunch (which happens to be near my favorite garden you see where this is going??).

I had already mentioned that I wanted to swing by there, but I'm not sure that it registered - blocked out perhaps? So after bruch I drove over to the garden centre. Hubby couldn't find his wallet before we left so I was the only one carrying a license. Coincidence?...

As we pulled into the parking lot he exclaimed 'Wait! What are we doing here??'. My reply 'I just want to have a quick look around'. Well, truth be told it wasn't terribly quick. I grabbed a few perennials and asked about 'King of Blacks' Dianthus, but couldn't find any with the other hardy carnations. I then headed over to the trees to look for a replacement for my ailing Blue Arrow Juniper. As I was tree shopping, a woman came running over with a few King of Blacks, they had found some tucked away (I love it when that happens).

I also picked up another white Carpathian bellflower (can't have too many) a snowdrop anemone for the new bed and an Edith Wolford bearded Iris (sorry Shady, I know I said I didn't have room but after a dahlia disaster I needed a filler - quick). Here's my haul for the day:

Do you have the same vice as I do? I figure as far as vices go, this isn't a bad one to have.

All roads lead to the garden centre.


  1. Oh I have problems. Many of them originate at the plant store ;)

  2. HI Rebecca..yay ...enjoy your new all those too..they will charm your heart!! Fabulous picks!!

  3. As my daughter says if that is what makes you happy then enjoy it. Sounds good to me so I indulge in flowers as often as I can. Your right there could be worse hobbies to get into. You did good today 'grasshopper' with your picks. Hey, you didn't have to convince me I understand perfectly. LOL!

  4. I sure do. We also "coincidentally" end up at stores that sell plants. You found some really great plants. I can't wait to see the flowers on your 'King of Blacks'.

  5. Hi Laura, Welcome & thanks for stopping by. The plant store is really quite a dangerous place apparantly...

    Hey Kiki, So glad you like my picks! I'm pretty excited about the dianthus & iris, I hope to have great pics of them this summer.

    Hi Lona, Thanks so much for the understanding! I'm glad you like my selection, I kept it reasonable today but will be back again soon lol. I like the term 'grasshopper', very sweet of you. :)

    Hi Catherine, funny coincidences, aren't they ;)? The flowers on King of Blacks are dark red, but the buds are black which are STUNNING against the blueish foliage.

  6. Sometimes I just stay away from garden centers, as I know how it will end up. And I know I dot have any more garden space.
    You have bought some lovely plants.

  7. Those are nice leafy plants... ~bangchik

  8. That's why I could never use permanent edging around my garden beds. They keep expanding.

    The Carpathian bellflower is always a good deal, because it will flower for such a long time, so you will definitely get your money's worth out of it. I had to look up the Edith Wolford iris. That is a pretty combination of blue falls and yellow standards.

  9. Hi vrtlarica, avoidance sounds like a good idea, but is quite difficult.

    Hi Bangchik, I'm glad you like my new collection. :)

    Hi Northern, same here. My beds are completely freeform. I love my Carpathian bellflowers, and I find the white ones so vigorous. The picture of Edith Wolford on the tag is more cream/blue, I would prefer a lighter colour than yellow, we'll just have to see how it turns out.

  10. I do the same too! :D I always find excuses to stop by at a nursery or at seeds shop! Am I wicked or am I!??!! :D

  11. Rebecca girl !
    Where is the astilbe you are supposed to be getting !! LOL .. and what is going to take the place of the Blue Arrow (I think we had that one and it gave up the ghost too) that My Monet "needs"to be flirty with ? Poor thing ;-)
    BIG NO to out door rooms right ? how silly is that anyways .. any one that would DO THAT is no gardener .. right ? hehehe
    OK .. seriously now .. I always say "I just want to have a quick look .. I won't buy anything .. I don't have room !" Famous Last Words .. I walked out with Flame Thrower Echinacea and Indian Summer (in a big tub) rudbeckia last time, a day or so ago ? oops !
    No gardener really means what they say about just looking and not buying .. right ?
    Wink Wink !

  12. (Oh dear, just as well I came here. Hit publish too soon.) Came to tell you I will be linking back to your Rainbow Invitation tomorrow. But I see my post is already flying on your list.

  13. Hi Rebecca, great haul! Yes, all roads lead to a garden centre here - there really is one I like at each point of the compass so not my fault! ;-)

    btw, thank's for all the tips for a gardening experience in Lethbridge - much appreciated!

  14. Rebecca, Your Sir Mulch-a-lot must be very tolerant! ;-) What a fun time you had - and great finds! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  15. Hi Chandramouli, quite wicked, I'd say. ;)

    Hey Joy, I regularly buy things I don't have room for. Maybe I'll buy another treeform lilac. Or a topgrafted something or other. We'll see.

    Ms S, you're most welcome! It really isn't your fault if there's one at each compass point lol.

    Hi Diana, Thank you for letting me know, I'll head over and check it out. :)

    Hi Shady, other than the cold, rain & bit of snow the weekend was quite nice. Yes, he is very tolerant lol.

  16. Rebecca,
    Indeed, all roads do lead to the garden center... :) Nothing better than a car full of new plants and some sunshine in which to plant them. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!