Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens.

We have a lovely, tranquil Japanese Garden in our City, Nikka Yuko. It is so very restful, the babbling brook water sounds are a pleasure to listen to. Here are some pictures from this weekend, it was drizzling lightly so I didn't have the camera out much, but wanted to share these with you...

The winding pathways are very inviting.

A closeup of the blooms, I don't know what kind of tree this is.

A series of footbridges over the meandering brook takes you from the top of the garden to the bottom.

Sculptoral elements add beauty and interest.

This stone pathway set in the grass is fun to walk on,

and look! I found a heart that isn't broken. ;)

Restful scenes all around. It is wonderful that the gardens are surrounded by mature trees, enclosing the space so effectively.

I really like this sculpture.

Waterfalls always draw in the eye. This one looks fairly unassuming now but in the fall is surrounded by vibrant colours.

Many of the trees were pruned in the Japanese style I like the way this one is layered along the hillside.

I hope you enjoyed the visit!


  1. Beautiful gardens Rebecca. I love that there is so much water incorporated into the gardens, and the waterfall is lovely. I'm not much help on the pink tree though...I haven't seen that before, but it's beautiful.

  2. Love the rock pathway set in grass. I wanted to do that in my yard but I keep thinking the kids are going to slip and clonk their heads. Maybe when they graduate from "running through the sprinkler" age it will be safe to do.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Hi Rebecca, what a lovely post! I had heard there was a Japanese garden and plan to visit it when I am there in the late summer/fall on a business trip. Your photos have intrigued me!

    btw, love the heart rock :)

  4. Beautiful garden. I love how water is always a part of Japanese gardens. But the think that I enjoy the most are the clacking sounds of those deer scarer water fountains.

  5. A lovely tour, Rebecca. Japanese gardens always have such a tranquil element, inviting one to meander and study every nook and cranny... what a wonderful place to have lunch and relax for an afternoon. Thank you for sharing the photographs. :)

  6. Oh, how pretty Rebecca. I could walk around (and set) there for hours. It makes you feel peaceful just looking at the pictures.Thanks for the visit.

  7. Hi Curbstone Valley, thanks for your message. It's amazing how calming the water is. :)

    Hi Christine, I know exactly what you mean. My little ones are totally prone to clonking their heads on things, now that it's shorts weather we'll have skinned knees here til the fall.

    Hi Ms S, so neat that you'll be down here. Another lovely garden worth checking out is the Fairfield Garden at the Agriculture Canada research centre. Mature trees, shrubs and annual beds planted beautifully by 'friends of the garden'. :)

    vrtlarica, I agree, the clacking sounds are wonderful too!

    Hi Liisa, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. Unfortunately with the rain (& the fact that it was just before closing) I didn't get to linger long, but I will return for a slower paced visit soon.

    Hi Lona, Thanks for your post, I'm so glad you enjoyed the visit.

  8. What a beautiful place. I am glad you were able to take some pictures. I like how the stones are set within the grass.

  9. Hi Noelle, thanks for your message! The stones in the grass are beautiful and definitely a 'I wonder if I could do that' feature.

  10. Thanks for the walk through the serene garden. I love the heart shaped stone. Thanks for sharing. Stella

  11. What a gorgeous place, Rebecca! I love the pink blossoms, the stone path, the pagodas. It is so peaceful! Lovin' it!

  12. I like the series of bridges crossing over the water. I always love standing on bridges and watching the water flow. The waterfall looks great, surrounded by the rocks, and framed by the greenery.

  13. Hi Rebecca! What nice post! I like this garden. Water is very important to me, I feel good looking at it. That heart stone is so cool!

  14. I really enjoyed taking the tour. I just love Japanese gardens, one of my favorite types. I love the unbroken heart too :)

  15. Hi Stella, I'm sure I replied to your post yesterday, it must have vanished somehow! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the walk!

    Hi Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed the peacefulness, it really is very relaxing, and good for the soul.

    Hi Northern, I also enjoy standing on the little bridges watching and hearing the water trickle by. Just wait til you see the waterfall in September...

    Hi Tatyana, Thanks for your messsage! I'm glad you like this garden, I live in a small city, so nothing grandiose, but still very pleasant.

    Hi Catherine, I'm glad you enjoyed it! You must love water features to have put in such a lovely koi pond. I thought the heart was a nice touch. ;)