Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Glorious GBBD in May.

I'm very pleased to finally be able to participate in GBBD on this 15th of May, it was an absoltuely glorious day here with temps well into the 20s, it felt much warmer though - even the thermometer thought so!

I planted some species tulips last fall for the first time and am amazed by how very lovely they are. This one is 'Eastern Star', I will buy more next fall and add 'Little Beauty' as well. They close at night, or in the rain and have the most vibrant colours and a lovely shape.

My poor little PJM Compact Rhodo is hanging in there, but I think this is the only bloom for this year. I have tried ammending the soil, providing more sun and giving it lots of TLC, but I can't seem to get it to grow.

The Double Flowering Plum (Prunus triloba 'multiplex') has popped. The blooms remind me of pink popcorn and it is a favorite of bees at the moment.

Not in bloom yet, but getting there. This is my new tulip bed of whites, pinks, 'blues' & purples, I hope it doesn't disappoint. I was hoping it would flower at the same time as the Purpleleaf Sandcherry at the back of the bed, but I think the tulips will be first. We'll see what happens...

I just planted the peony 'Festiva Maxima' in the spot of the unfortunate (ie badly damaged) hydrangea. It will get a ton of sun, but some dappled shade as well. All of the soil fell away during planting, so I lost track of what the depth should be. I find peonies stressful in that regard, I hope I got it right. I so look forward to the white buds/blooms with the little splash of red.

Dicentra spectabilis has hearts! Many around town in full sun appear fully grown, but in my shady beds things take longer to get going.

I like the was these 2 hearts look together. This picture was taken at a different time of day, which may explain why the leaf colour looks so different.

I'm pretty excited to see what 'Barbara Sherwood' (Gentian Speedwell) does next. There appear to be flower heads forming. It has lovely evergreen foliage and seems to like (or at least tolerate) the shade.

Here are some 'Pink Parasol' Narcissus. They are rather short, and not terribly pink, but I am pleased with them regardless. In the foreground is my rescued peony from last year, I think it likes it's new, sunnier location.
I also planted the moss phlox a few days ago. Here it is with the new blue dwarf lilac in the new bed. If by some miracle the bloom times align next year, it will make a nice pairing.


  1. Hi Rebecca. Well girl it looks like spring is finally coming your way. I have been searching for the species tulips to plant this fall. I have saw several beauties like your and I want to plant some. Your plum blooms and Bleeding Hearts are so pretty. Glad it is starting to warm up some for you.

  2. I had to remind myself that your measure your temp in Celsius, at first I was wondering why you would be happy with temps in the 20's :)
    Your garden is waking up and looking very Springy! Planting peonies makes me confused too, I'm sure you planted it fine.
    Enjoy your warmer weather. Now you can use your canoe for what it was meant for :)

  3. You have lots of pretty pinks out now, including those classic little pink hearts. I love double flowering plums, so generous with their petals. It's too bad your Hydrangea went. Was it stressed by the spring snowfall? A peony makes a good replacement.

  4. I hope that snow will not be returng to you soon.
    Everything looks beautiful, even the PJM Compact Rhodo!
    I love those little hearts.

  5. Rebecca, what a pretty and lush looking spring garden you have going! I am so impressed with the species tulips I am seeing on northern garden blogs. Now that I have the "bulb bug" I really want to try some.

    Looking great there!! :-)

  6. Rebecca girl !
    You have such great tulips to see open yet : )
    I wish I could see mine all over again they were so neat !
    I think maybe you need a bit of acidic fertilizer for the rhodo .. but a home made one that is never too strong is saving your used coffee grounds .. it is slightly acidic and it perks the plant up .. I have two azalea and one rhodo that I have been saving my grounds for .. maybe give it a try and see what happens ?
    I have a crested blue gentian that I have moved a bazillion times and it still flowers for me ? what's up with that ? LOL

  7. Hi Lona, Thanks so much for your post, I do think we're *finally* out of winter for good. I'm glad you like the species tulips, they really are very charming.

    Hi Catherine, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is confused by planting peonies, I hope they aren't as finicky as the books say. Yes, the canoe can give up it's 'other' job lol.

    Hi Northern, I did notice how Pink this post is, which is odd since I plant in white/yellow/blue, generally speaking. But some were here before, and it seems pinks come up first in the spring, at least in my garden. The hydrangea was a late fall bargain, not in great shape to begin with. Then the dog claimed it as a chew toy, which may have been what caused the crown to split, all the was down to below ground level.

    Hi vrtlarica, Thanks for your comment! I'm flattered you like my little PJM, at only a foot tall I think of it as a little bonsai. I'm glad you like the hearts, do they grow in your area?

    Hi Ms S, thanks for your message! I'm glad you think things are looking good here (of course, I only showed the best parts ;))You definitely have to try some of these little tulips, I'm sure they would perform very well for you too.

    Hi Joy, your tulips were awesome, and has me impatient to see mine. Thanks for the coffee grounds tip, I'll give it a try. Last year I used the grounds to help deter ants (or was is slugs?) and tried to ammend with peat moss. I also bought some evergreen fertilizer, I'll use it at 1/2 strength. Sounds like your gentian is very reliable - I like that in a plant! :)

  8. Hi Rebecca..these are all so gorgeous..and it is so exciting ! Your garden is so fab already.. and will look so gorgeous in full blooms..can't wait to see it this summer! yay!

  9. Rebecca, If you'd like iris tubers, just send me an e-mail! Check my profile. :-)

  10. Hi Kiki, thanks so much for your great message! I really appreciate it. :o)

    Hi Shady, Thanks so much!

  11. I love the first tulip flower, hopefully they will respond to your TLC and produce lots more next year. Dicentra is one of my favorite plants :-)