Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful....

...but the birds were so delightful.

(I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, they were taken from indoors and through a not so clean window)

It has been very cold here lately, the poor little birds were freezing yesterday, but are so incredibly cute when puffed up to stay warm.

Growing up in Eastern Canada, I still find magpies beautiful and eye-catching, even though they are considered a nuisance.

Here is one in flight, doesn't really show the markings but I still like the picture.

I have always been crazy about blue jays, when I was a child I considered them to bring good luck. I love when they visit.

I don't know very much about bird identification, and am not sure what this little fellow is. It made me think of a finch, but could be something else. Can anyone help out?

These little ones were all over the birch...

There was lots of activity at the birdfeeder...

..and below.

I could sit and watch them all day.

One late addition, a flock of starlings arrived today, it was like a scene out of the movie 'The Birds'.


  1. Rebecca, I like your shots through the "veil" of vines. Very cool.

  2. You have so many nice little visitors! Your unknown one on the birch looks like a Nuthatch. I'm not sure which type you get there, but they usually hop and and down the trunks of trees looking for insects. They love suet feeders.

  3. Hello Rebecca,

    I just love seeing birds outside. They look especially cute when puffed up against the cold. We have a pair of doves who rest on the fence all puffed up.

  4. Yay..birds..I love posts about birds..lovely photos Rebecca..such beautiful spirits! It looks like a Nuthatch to me!Great photos.. they are all so sweet..love those magpies..awesome!
    Thanks for an uplifting post.

  5. I realised that my windows could do with a clean the other day when I was trying to take a photo through the window :) What fine visitors to your garden.

  6. I distinctively remember noticing the magpies on my cross-country trip to Vancouver. I actually stopped and asked what kind of birds they were. I just love their outfit !

    The birds sure are digging your lovely birch. Great pics, Rebecca !

  7. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for commenting on my feathery post. :)

    Deborah, it was hard to photograph through the veil, I found them pesky and in the way, I'm glad you like the effect.

    Catherine, thanks for the comment & info. I don't know why I always forget what the nuthatches are called. It is nice to have so many visitors, you become complacent about the varieties until being in the deep freeze and seeing no one for a week or more.

    Noelle, your doves sound lovely. I really enjoy listening to their calls, I find them so relaxing.

    Hi Kiki, I'm glad you liked my post. I worry about the little ones when it gets so very cold outside.

    Hi Anna, I know what you mean about the windows. This might prompt me to do something about it.

    Hi miss m, they do have a very striking outfit. I'll try to get a close up, they have a lovely blue hue on parts of their body. They tease me by sitting on the fence and taking off when the camera is out. They aren't exactly shy, so I'm quite sure they are doing it on purpose lol.

  8. Hi Rebecca, I too grew up in the east and was dazzled by the beautiful magpies here. (I couldn't understand why nobody seemed to like them :))

    Great photos! I love watching birds.

    ps. I don't know if you already have this book, if not, you might enjoy it: "Birds of Alberta" by Chris Fisher and John Acorn, published by Lone Pine Press. I am just starting to learn more about birds and find it very useful.

    It's getting warmer - yayy!

  9. Hi Rebecca! On one of the pictures, it looks like the birds are standing in line to the feeder! It could be cold at your place, but it's sure beautiful: blue sky, white snow... Ýour winter is real! Ours is not real - it's green and warm!Post more pictures!

  10. Hi Ms S, Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll look into it. I'm so glad it has finally warmed up too, it feels sooooo much better.

    Hi Tatyana, yes the little birds were lined up. I'll post more pics in a minute, just for you ;).