Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice and Gardeners

Have you noticed something lately? There are so many garden blog posts on the wonderful topic of Winter Solstice, and yet out in the 'real world' it is hardly mentioned. Do you think gardeners are more in tune with natures cycles? I find Winter Solstice to be such a strong and significant day of the year. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am always a little sad during Summer Soltice, the very start of the days shortening leaves me a touch blue. But the lengthening days brings so much hope & relief. To me, the Solstices and Equinoxes feel like mid-season, and yet they signal the start. This has always been confusing to me, but alas, I have adjusted.

Here are a few gifts, one I've received and one I'm giving out.

The first is a lovely little arrangement given to me by my garden centre guru & friend. She is my go to person for all things perennial and is a joy to chat with about gardening in general. We have become friends over the years, and exchange small items on occasion.

The second is a picture I took this summer, and I'm very fond of it. I have an 18"x24" enlargement in my house, and framed some 5"x7"s/8"x10"s for friends and family. I call it 'Maple Sky'.

Happy Solstice, Chrismas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa & of course, Festivus.


  1. Rebecca, I am sooo looking forward to enjoying longer days, knowing that we are creeping towards another garden season.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Lovely arrangement! Beautiful print! I feel like this winter is late. There are mostly evergreens around, and the grass is still green. Snow, we need snow! Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I think you are right about gardeners being more in tune. I am always so excited by the arrival of the Winter Solstice, just knowing that shift in light is there makes winter feel much more impermanent and reminds me there are larger cycles at work.

    Lovely gift from your friend. It's so nice to have a gardening buddy.

    I really like your photograph of the maple leaves! A nice gift indeed.

    Enjoy your Christmas season with your loved ones :)

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  5. I understand your confusion ! Although days are getting longer, winter is actually just beginning. So as much as I rejoice and look forward to longer days, 'hope & relief', for me, comes only later, once we've passed the winter peak.

    That's a wonderful arrangement and lovely gift ! (It's good to be 'connected' ;)). Leaves against the sky is always a winning shot and a great gift idea. Very nice ! :)

    Happy Solstice, my dear and a very Merry Xmas ! ... But God forbid anyone should celebrate Festivus ! ;)

  6. Isn't that true about winter solstice. I think I heard one other person mention it outside of garden blogs. I do think gardeners are very in tune with nature.
    Your photo will be a wonderful gift, it's a beautiful picture!

  7. I am always happy when winter solstice gets here because it is the shortest day of the year and it is all up hill from there. I need light ;-)
    Merry Christmas to you Rebecca may it be filled with warmth, family and friends.

  8. Wishing a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season to ALL! :)

    Hi Deborah, I know exactly how you feel. I just got a seed catalogue in the mail and can hardly wait to get started again.

    Hi Tatyana, Thanks for your lovely comments. I'm glad you like the 2 gifts I posted, I'm a big fan of anything heartfelt. It seems like winter arrived early here, I wish we could send you some of our snow!

    Hi Ms S, You're so right about W.S. being a reminder of larger cycles at work, it helps to put things into perspective. I am grateful to have a 'go to' person at my local garden centre, I love to gather info and very few things beat shopping for new plants! Thanks for your complement of my picture, I was sitting under my young tree and liked the view. The pictures turned out remarkably well.

    Hi miss m, I agree, the real relief comes after the long cold part of winter passes. The spring thaws and change in the way the air smells signaling new growth. Can't wait! It *is* good to be connected, and I'm so glad you like my picture.

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for your lovely compliment, and I'm glad another gardener has notice the lack of solstice mention.

    PS. All of my gardening friends (ie You Guys) are welcome to download the picture if you are at all interested.

  9. Hey Lona, we must have been posting at the same time! I also need light, those terribly short days are just dreadful. It seems to happen so fast at the end of the growing season.

  10. I feel the same way as you, both about winter and summer Solstice.
    Winter Solstice feels like a new beginning, something like a new year but more in touch with nature... Although it’s strange that Winter Solstice is an official first day of winter.

    Photo of maple leaves is lovely. I also enjoy giving gifts that are personal and unique.

  11. Rebecca, I think you're right that gardeners are more in touch with the natural world. How can one garden and not celebrate the annual cycle of life? Both the winter and summer solstices are special events in my personal world. -Jean

  12. Rebecca girl !
    A BIG YES ! to gardeners being more "sensitive" to solstice events .. changes all around us concerning nature and the weather .. would you believe I am trying not to look outside because of the FOG ??? LOL
    I love your green Xmas arrangement .. very pretty and YES ! your Maple Sky is beautiful .. I am going to get some of my sky pictures enlarged/printed too .. we are lucky aren't we ? to appreciate all that goes around us : )
    Happy New Year girl !!

  13. I hear ya, when you talk about a weight lifted as the days get longer. I don't know if it has to do with the summer solstice, but I always peter out in July and August on the garden front. This year my resolution is to get out there and work even on the hot days.