Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow! (aka The Blizzard vs The Bus)

It's official, winter is here. We have been under a weather warning for the last 24+ hours, and it isn't going to be ending any time soon.

I thought this was a very pretty, snow laden bough.

Bits of snow are stuck all over the house and windows. It reminded me of the faux snow painted store fronts.

The snow was blowing in from the NE, and produced this odd drift, usually snow blows away from this shed, but now it is piling up high.

Even Mister Golden Sun was unable to shine today.

My Garden Frog is hardly visible, and may disappear soon. There was no sign of the turtle.

As I was watching the blowing snow in front of my house, I saw a city bus slowly sliding sideways, trying to get out of a drift. It was unsuccessful, and required a tow truck to come to the rescue. I think the blizzard won.

But always remeber to Have a Nice Day!


  1. Rebecca, brrrrrrrr. It's 30 degrees here in the PNW and a low of 18 forecast for tomorrow... too cold too fast and a most unusual December for us. I must say I love the snow and looking at your photos casts a warm feeling. ;) Diana

  2. Yes, we must remember to have a nice day - even if that means laying low and looking out the window!

    The weather is crazy here too; however, I have tickets to a xmas concert that I absolutely must see this evening so fingers crossed the four-wheel-drive gets us there and back :)

  3. That's some snowstorm! Makes me cold just looking at these pictures. The snow is beautiful though.

  4. As Canadians, that's what we sign up for, I suppose.
    Keep warm and Bon Hiver ! :)

  5. Hello Di & Welcome! I'm glad my pictures give you a warm feeling, probably because they were taken from *inside* the house!

    Hi Ms S, I'm laying low too. Good luck getting to the concert, at least Edmonton does a decent job of clearing streets, here they go by the 'wait for a chinook to blow in theory' so the roads are a mess.

    Hi sweetbay, Thanks for visiting! It makes me cold too, but is pretty when it's new and white.

    Hey miss m, yes, it is normal for a Canadian winter, but the first storm is always a shock to the system. Bon Hiver a toi aussi! :)

  6. Rebecca, I left an answer to your question on my blog re: the first columnar in one of my photos; it is a Taxus bacatta, a yew with a tiny marginated yellow edge. We have three of them planted around the garden and I love them. No maintenance and relatively fast growing.

  7. It does look really pretty in the pictures. I love enjoying it from the distance :) It's cold here, but at least dry. Hope you don't have to go anywhere soon!

  8. Rebecca girl ... now this IS Canadian EH !! LOL
    Mr. Winter has arrived with a bang there yet again .. we are free of it yet .. but it is coming .. no avoiding it. I love your pictures and you are right about the faux look to some of the snow fall .. it is very pretty. Yes .. cars and buses ... side ways will be the order of those days ! LOL

  9. Rebecca, it looks so pretty, especially on my computer screen, LOL. I know it wil be coming my way soon, better get that bar stocked!

  10. Woah..truly gorgeous the frosty snwoy atmosphere! The tree bough photo is gorgeously-epic! Love it..!! Wonderful job..what a magical winterscape! Lovely Rebecca!

  11. *According to Chris St Clair (Canadian weather guru), we've had 61 cm (2 ft) here since Friday, and it's still snowing!!

    Hi Di, Thanks for the info, I'll have to verify their hardiness. Great to know they are low maintenance and fast growing.

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for your comment. Luckily we can stay home again today, and possibly tomorrow. I really don't like venturing out in this. It's not the snow/cold that I mind but since having kids I've become a total wimp about bad roads.

    Hey Joy, Thanks so much, it was fun to take some pics of a new subject (although you can't beat flowers!). I really hate the slow, sideways 'can't get any traction' feeling. It always makes me think of driving through oatmeal.

    Hi Deborah, It does look pretty from inside the house, if it wasn't -20 it would be fun to go outside too. Looks like you'll be getting some mid week. We're pretty well stocked ;).

    Hi Kiki, Thanks for your flattering comments! I'm so glad you like the tree bough, it's my favorite too. I might send a few to The Weather Network, just for fun. :)

  12. Hi Rebecca,

    You asked about Aster 'Miss Bessie' -- it's either a selection or hybrid of Willow-Leaved Aster. I love it for its very late bloom habit -- usually starts around Halloween. The color seems to vary from year to year from a steely blue-violet to deep purple that fades to lavender.

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    What wonderful pictures. I love the beauty that the blizzard left in it's aftermath. Thank you for showing me what snowy weather is like :0)

  14. Rebecca,

    The flowers on your aster do look exactly like that of Miss Bessie, and Willow-Leaved Aster is hardy to Maine. It's typically 2-5 feet high (in good soil Miss Bessie routinely gets to 4-5'). Here's a link, if you scroll down you can see a picture of the leaves:

  15. Pretty snow photos! I live in Austin, Texas and we had about 15 minutes of snow yesterday...I kind of wanted a little more.

  16. I had a feeling this winter was going to be quit e the humdinger when we had snow in September.:)
    I like your snowy photos!

  17. Hi sweetbay, thanks for the info and link. It's hard to compare leaves since my plant is young and the leaves are still small. Now I know what to look for, I'll be able to verify as the little plant grows up.

    Hi Noelle, I thought you'd get a kick out of the pictures, such different landscapes we have!

    Welcome Amy, I wish we only had 15 mins of snow lol. The snow in TX actually made the news here, must be highly unusual.

    Rosey, I agree, I think we're in for quite a winter. At least my tender shrubs are completely covered with snow now, if they stay that way they'll be happy til spring. :)

  18. So much snow already! I wonder how much there will be snow in January...

  19. Hi vrtlarica, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I also wonder what the rest of winter will bring, I like snow, but not when there's too much.

  20. What a great photo at the end with the bus marquis reminding everyone to 'Have a nice day'. As ironic as it seems in this situation, it's still a good reminder. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

  21. Welcome Hank, thanks for visiting my blog. I hadn't noticed the 'have a nice day' until I downloaded and cropped the picture, it wasn't obvious when zoomed out to try and take in the town truck. I laughed out loud when I read it. And thus a post was formed. :)

  22. Love Mr.Sun, too bad he was a no-show for you. Thanks for the photos: it must have been some blizzard to get the snow stuck on the house like that. I'm sending thoughts of warm woolen socks and hot chocolate your way.

    Christine B. in Alaska

  23. Hi Christine, Thanks for the socks and hot chocolate, right back atcha! It was decent for a few days but now we're back to low -20s and more snow. I can't believe how much of a baby I'm being about this.