Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There's always room for one more.

I just couldn't resist. I had gone houseplant shopping and decided to brave the snow to go and see what was left in the outdoor section. I have been thinking of adding a snowberry for some winter interest, and there were 2 pink ones left. I really liked everything about this individual. Here is my new Coral Berry 'Amethyst' (Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii).

I would like to add a white one, and still might next year. I think this variety has a more compact habit, and doesn't spread as readily as the native one.

Of course, since I'll be digging a new hole anyways (once things thaw a little), why not add a few more tulips at the same time? I think these Flaming Spring Green ones will be stunning.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fall colour of my H.F. Young Clematis, I wasn't expecting this interesting dark purple foliage, but it's lovely, especially against the pale yellow background of the shed.

I've been crazy about my new Kyushu Hydrangea since it was purchased this summer. I like the way it looks now too, the brown colour reminds me of an oak tree.

The snapdragons froze in a beautiful way. The downward turn makes me think of bellflowers.

The Rhododendron PJM Compact is fully in self protection mode. It seems to have set quite a few buds this year, I hope it overwinters well.

This blue spruce is over 35 feet tall, I think the frosting of snow makes the blue colour come out even more.

I've noticed something recently, it seems that yellow/orange flowers are hardier than other colours, and persist the longest. Am I imagining things or is there something to this?


  1. Hey Rebecca, you can't stop planting can you, LOL. Although I am a fine one to speak. Love the pink snowberry, I have used that in bridal bouquets before, very pretty. i have the native white and it is a spreader.

  2. Hi Deborah, Thanks for stopping by. The weather will stop me eventually, just not yet ;). Thanks for the info on the snowberries.

  3. The berries on your Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii are very pretty, and show up well against the stems and background.

    I cast lingering looks at the bulb packages recently, but since our temperatures haven't gone above freezing for the last week, I resisted. However, I hear that we are supposed to have a warm weekend. :)

    I love the look of snow on spruce branches. I was camping in the mountains this past weekend, and all of the conifers looked wonderful, outlined in white.

  4. Hi Northern, I really hope it does warm up this weekend, I like to get things planted soon after bringing them home. The bulb packages are tempting, I somehow stopped at just one.

    Lucky you to have gone winter camping, the air is always so fresh and it's very peaceful. :)

  5. Good luck Rebecca! There is still hope.

  6. Thanks Urban Green, Nice to see you again. :)

  7. I love how you show the beauty of plants after the snow. We don't get to see that much here in the desert. It is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi azplantlady, thanks so much for your lovely comments. :) Rebecca

  9. Now, I would say you are a hard core gardener. Shopping for plants in the snow! I don't wander outdoors when it is less than 40 degrees, I am such a sissy! I enjoyed the post.

  10. Hi & Welcome janie, nice of you to stop by. We're pretty tough here, if we didn't go out below 40 we'd be stuck inside for much of the year. I'm glad you enjoyed my post, it was fun to put together.

  11. Why am I not familiar with this beautiful snowberry ?!! Oh, I have the perfect spot for a white variety (even if it is invasive). I'm in love. :)
    Thx for the post !

  12. miss m, it is beautiful, isn't it? The white is also lovely, and I believe there are other shades as well.