Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pumpkin and The Moon

The Pumpkin...

...and The Moon. Do you think they are distant relatives?

The Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia is going strong into the fall. They took a very long time to develop buds, and to finally flower. I considered removing them in August since they are planted in a shady spot and I was ready to give up on them. I'm so glad I left them alone & will plant more next year.

This is the only red leaf I have so far.

Correction. The dwarf cranesbill is also starting to turn for fall. I think it's beautiful.

I really enjoy this Ivory Halo Dogwood, it is about 3 years old. Although it grows well it has yet to produce any flowers or berries, perhaps because of it's shady spot in the backyard. I could be imagining things, but the stems seem to be turning more red with the changing season. I will definitely add another one of these, this time along the front driveway. The variegated leaves are always bright & happy.

My new Unique Hydrangea is turning pink quickly, I like the way it looks with the fall aster behind it.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited recently, and left friendly comments & messages. I had no idea that signing up on Blotanical would generate so much traffic. A warm welcome and hello to all.


  1. Oh, it all looks so nice. I love the idea of the pumpkin and the moon.~~Dee

  2. The pumpkin and the moon are great partners in orange. Your other plants look good, too.

  3. Hey Rebecca, another great post. That rudbeckia is very pretty, all I have is Goldstrum (another free plant from work).

  4. Hi Dee, thanks for your comment. I hadn't planned to put them together, but when I downloaded and sorted some very recent photos, the pairing was obvious.

    Thanks Mary Dell, it's an odd time of year. Fall hasn't really started, but the summer beauties are done for the year. Makes you look around at things that may go unnoticed at other times.

    Nice to see you again Deborah, I tried Goldstrum a few times, but it never came back for me. This is an annual Rudbeckia, now that fall is setting in and flowers are drying, they feel somewhat like tissue paper. The colour is very nice, and goes well with the pumpkins.

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    I think the moon and pumpkins are most definitely cousins! :)

    I have a Unique hydrangea as well but it didn't make it to pink before a heavy frost came and turned it brown. I was also interested to note that the blooms didn't really fill out like a peegee I used to have did. Maybe too much shade or maybe it just has looser and more open panicles.

  6. Hi Ms S, too bad about the heavy frost. I read somewhere that the Unique panicles are in between PeeGee and the very open Kyushu (the Hydrangea in my thumbnail, only 10% of the florets are sterile). I'm interested to see how they grow next year, hopefully they will make it through the winter without a problem.

  7. Definitely! The moon is just a pumpkin that got lucky and hit the big time :)
    Those Rudbeckias are lovely! And I am actually very envious of the way your (that's everyone in the non-tropical zones) foliage turns such lovely colours in autumn. We dont even have autumn!

  8. Hello, lovely photos! I an enchanted by your Tiger Eye will be on the hunt for that now! Beautiful post, I love moons and pummkins made me think of the "harvest moon" connection.Wonderful post!

  9. Hi Sunita,
    You're right, it did hit the big time. I really appreciate and enjoy the fall colours, but could do without the freezing cold of the (seemingly) long winter months. So nice of you to stop by, I've been visiting your beautiful blog for months, your pictures are glorious.

    Hi Kiki, I've always loved the harvest moon. To be honest, the moon didn't appear terribly orange when the picture was taken, but my little point & shoot took the picture that way, and I liked how it looked. I don't usually buy many annuals, but expanded a little this year and am very happy with the Tiger Eye. :)

  10. Beautiful!
    Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia, dwarf cranesbill, Ivory Halo Dogwood, Hydrangea look great. Fall is here!

  11. Hello Urban Green, Thanks so much for visiting. Fall *was* here (briefly), today we are under a light blanket of snow. A few trees around town went into shock and completely dropped their leaves, even though they were still green. The snow shouldn't last long, I hope some of my flowers recover enough to look good for the rest of the month.

  12. Make that 'pumpkins, the moon, and orange zinnias'!!

  13. I just love fall colors....pumpkins, the moon, turning foliage and plants that keep blooming even though it is growing cooler.

  14. After going through the picture on your blog, I can say that pumpkin and moon seems to be distant relative. Your blog looks wonderful.

  15. Hi Jan, Yes, they would make a nice trio!

    azplantlady, Thanks for your message, I also enjoy fall colours. Unfortunately we just had a hard freeze and a fair bit of snow, I think we're done for the season. My poor eunonymus and other fall lovelys have gone from green to frozen. I doubt they'll recover enough to change colour this year.

    Welcome Flowers, thanks so much for stopping by. The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it? Thanks so much for your flattering comments, I'm new at blogging, but am enjoying it immensely. :)