Saturday, October 17, 2009

Winter's over (for now), we're back to fall.

I was so pleased to see that many plants made it through the week of snow & cold relatively unscathed. I can't tell you how happy I am to see green again, and to be out in a t-shirt. The Lamb's ear and Peachleaf Bellflower are absolutely no worse for wear.

In fact, my little cotoneaster hedge is actually showing signs of colour changes, which it hadn't before the snow. It was also completely covered in a profusion of ladybugs.

There are no less than 6 in the picture below (click to enlarge).

PJM Compact is looking much happier and relaxed here, than it did with the leaves tightly curled in the snow.

I'm not sure about the burning bush, it has gone a sickly yellow/gray colour, nothing like the brilliant red I was hoping for again this year. I don't know what it'll do from here, but I suspect the leaves will drop soon.

The leaves on my Mme Lemoine treeform lilac have gone an interesting 2 tone colour after the blast of winter. I think they are very attractive.

And because I can't help but take a picture every time I walk by my Kyushu Hydrangea, here it is again.

This dwarf globe cedar is finally looking like something. When they say these are slow growing, they REALLY mean it. This one is at least 7 years old, and is not much more than an 18 inch ball.

One more new addition, a Blue Muffin Arrowwood Viburnum. I've been interested in these for quite some time, the springtime white flowers are very pretty, the blue berries are unique and attractive and the burgundy colour in the fall is very decorative. My only concern about it is hight & width, although it is marketed as being smaller than most, some reviews say it isn't true. I need to consider this when choosing a location, so if anyone has one, I'd really appreciate any info.


  1. Isn't if great to see so many plants still green after that long cold spell? Last fall, we had mild weather for so long, I had many green plants into December, but we're not always so lucky in Alberta. I noticed a number of ladybugs out today too, as I was giving the shrubs and trees a good soaking before the freezeup.

  2. I am glad we got a spell of warm again also. Love that "muffin" viburnum. Awesome foliage!

  3. I can't believe you are out in a T-shirt, it is only 9 degrees here!

  4. What a thrilling day it was! I walked in the late afternoon rain with an umbrella and soaked up the soft day at last.

    I will be interested to hear how your 'Blue Muffin' does as it is a very intriquing plant.

    Enjoy these lovely days ahead!

  5. Hi Northern Shade, it really is great to see so many still looking so good. Thanks for the reminder about the deep soaking, I had kind of given up on the idea when everything froze, and rushed to turn the hoses off etc. I'll get out tomorrow and make sure to do a proper watering with the trees and shrubs.

    Rosey, it's great that you got a warm spell too. I'm glad you like the muffin, I think it's adorable. I saw them when they were covered in berries, and they were really delightful.

    Deborah, I think we hit a high of 23 today. It was wonderful.

    Hi MsS, how lovely that you had a warm rain shower. I bet the plants were extra happy. :)

  6. Hello Rebecca,

    I am so glad that you get to enjoy fall instead of jumping into winter right away. I hope the weather cooperates for some time.

  7. Thanks so much azplantlady, it was beautiful out again today, and I got the 2 shrubs and handful of tulips planted. I *might* be done for the season. ;)

  8. great foliage! I just planted lamb's ear and can't wait for it to get bigger. I also planted an evergreen - dwarf thuja "Mr. Bowling Ball" (you can't beat a name like that!). Wonder if it will grow just as slowly?

  9. Mr Bowling Ball is a fantastic name for a little globe. Just looked it up, lovely blue colour and grows in my zone. My little cedars don't get much sun, I don't know if they'd grow faster in a better location? Regardless, they are very cute and although I'm not really an evergreen person, they really prove their worth during cold and snow when the others whither away and they have a chance to stand out.

  10. That is interesting, the color of your burning bush! It MUST get red, don't you think so? Let's wait and see.

  11. Hi Tatyana, Thanks for stopping by. The leaves are rapidly falling off the burning bush, so it completely missed the brilliant red foliage this time. Better luck next year! :)