Friday, August 14, 2009

Varieties of Variegation

I really love the look of Variegated leaves, I find them interesting and beautiful and they are a lovely contrast to solid green. Here are the ones in my garden:

This is a "My Monet Weigela", it stays small, approximately 2ft x 2ft. The variegated leaves are beautiful, and many are edged with pink.

This is my Ivory Halo Dogwood, it grows quickly and is quite bushy. When it gets wet it practically collapses, but recovers shortly after the rain stops.

This new addition is a Creeping Jacob's Ladder, Polemonium reptans 'Stairway to Heaven'. Like the Weigela, some of the leaves are edged in pink. It is suppose to have clusters of pale blue/violet bellflowers. I look forward to it's return next year, it receives very little direct sunlight, but seems to be growing well.

I have planted 3 of these variegated obedient plants, in sunny spots. I absolutely love the little clusters of foliage, and look forward to the hot pink blooms that these will produce.

And finally, a few Hosta pictures. This poor hosta has been snack food for slugs, but seems to be recovering (my poor Whirlwind isn't). I believe this is the Hosta Francee, I think this leaf is adorable, with it's 'hat' from a neighbouring bleeding heart.

This new Hosta is Albo Marginata..

..and this one is Medio Variegata, I hadn't realized til now that it has the opposite type of variegation normally seen, the centres of the leaves are white and the edging is green. It is in quite a sunny location, I hope it doesn't get too much sun.


  1. Those variegated leaves add a little sparkle in the garden. It's too bad the slugs got to your Hosta Francee. It looks like it still has some good leaves, though. Medio variegata looks good with its central white stripe.

  2. Francee has grown very well these past few weeks since the picture above. I hope it puts on a good show next year. I really like medio variegata, it was purchased for $2 from a hardware store clearance section. Gotta keep your eyes open for unique plants whenever you're out shopping. As much as I love garden centres, there are also some terrific finds in other locations. :)