Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pretty in Pink (& Purple)

This is the potentilla pink beauty, I find many potentillas look somewhat ragged and unkept (probably due to being grown in some very undesirable locations, such as medians), but I hope to keep this one lush and shaped.

This is the Dwarf Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflora 'Astra Blue', I happened to notice that one of the flowers has only 3 petals, whereas the rest have 4. I wonder if it's a sign of good luck, similar to a 4 leaf clover? It is growing along the east side of a small shed, and the flowers seem to turn towards it. I suspect that it might be to face the heat radiating off the wall, so I might relocate it to a new spot.

And here is a new addition, the purple coneflower Echinacea purpurea. It's currently in a pot, being moved from spot to spot trying to find the right location before planting.


  1. Your Pink Beauty is a nice looking potentilla. It's a nice soft shade, and the foliage looks healthy. I'm not sure why landscapers are locked into using the yellow ones so much.

    I really like your Platycodon. You've showed restraint in not popping that little bud on the right, yet. I've had Platycodon on my list for a while. Those little blue flowers are very attractive.

  2. Hi NS, I really don't like the yellow ones, I don't know why they are used so often. The white ones are quite attractive, and there is a nice pale orange one available that is also much more interesting and softer than the yellow.

    Platycodons are adorable, I don't pop the buds since I'm afraid of damaging the flowers. Also, I actually prefer the way they look when they're closed, it's no wonder they're called 'Balloon Flowers'.