Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edges of the Beds.

The square edge of the hedge....

The straight edge of the hedge. Cotoneaster hedge with skybound cedar accents.

The curved edge of a bed..

From another perspective. Plants include: My Monet Weigela, Autumn Joy Stonecrop, summer blooming Pink Spirea, Common Bleeding Heart (2 pink, 1 white), Blue Fox Willow, Dicentra Spectabilis 'Alba', European Dwarf Burning Bush, and Pocohontas Lilac, among others.

Another curved bed, where the Hydrangea Kyushu is tucked in between 2 mature Double Flowering Plums (Prunus triloba 'multiplex').

And 2 new round beds, a weeping birch underplanted with small colourful plants including cheddar & maiden pinks, spring asters, dwarf icelandic poppies, a few varieties of baby's breath, perennial flax, fairy thimble bellflowers, sea thrift & mountain garlic. Also, a frog and a turtle, just because.

And finally, a young Crimson King Norway Maple, underplanted with a Bonanza daylily, Caesar's Brother Iris, Globeflower, Coreopsis verticella, and one of my new favotires, the Dwarf Delphinium "Blue Elf".

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