Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lilacs on Parade

Greetings & Salutations.  I know I haven't blogged in ages, so if I happen to pop up in anyone's sidebar with this post I am truly grateful.

I was feeling a little ho hum after finally completing all of our beds/projects, and was in a holding patter to allow things to grow and fill in.  I purposely (with some difficulty) didn't look too closely at my beds for a few years, but am now ready to make a few changes.  Nothing drastic, some plants are just too big for their area, while others have not thrived and need to be replaced.

Here are my lilacs, which are blooming a little late this year.

My favourite, Beauty of Moscow.

Little Boy Blue, planted in memory of a friend.

Here is Mme Lemoine, finally settled in and blooming well (I have to look back, but I think I planted her about 5 years ago)

Here is our well established lilac, Pocohontas.

And the beautiful Sensation, beautiful, especially up close.

I hope everyone is well, I look forward to visiting your gardens. :)


  1. Hello Rebecca girl !
    I love your lilacs .. I used to have Madame Lemoin but sadly had to take her out .. but she did manage to grow a clone of herself in my neighbor's yard so that was nice : )
    I have a lot of mini me lilacs now .. they are fun.
    Glad to see you blogging again girl : )

  2. Rebecca--hello! Lovely to see you online and your gorgeous lilacs. That Beauty of Moscow is a stunner. Lilacs are just coming into bud here (also late) and I can't wait for the evenings when they seem to scent the whole neighbourhood.

    Happy spring!!

  3. Like Ms. S, I love the perfume of lilacs, and their generous flowers. With 5 of them, you must have nice clouds of scent as you walk around your garden.

    I like the colour of your 'Little Boy Blue', and Pocahantas appears to be putting on a good show.

    Happy lilac season.

  4. Hey Joy, thanks for your message, glad you have a Mme Lemoine that you can spy on (bwahaha).

    Hi Mrs S, Happy Spring to you too! The scent is terrific, and interesting how they vary somewhat.

    Hi Northern, thanks for dropping by. Little Boy Blue is great, and it's compact size and shape makes it ideal for a smaller space. :)