Monday, June 9, 2014

Blooming into June..

Here are a few from around my garden this week, Flaming Spring Green is a real beauty, and I'm so glad to see them coming back year after year.  I find the fancy tulips can be a bit tricky to establish.

My Snowdrop Anemones have no trouble naturalizing, in fact they might be taking over a bit.  They are so lovely that I don't mind, though the buried Hosta (Patriot) might feel otherwise.

I did not plan for this pairing to bloom at the same time, but they always do and make great companions.  Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart draped over Brunnera  Jack Frost.

The little Globeflowers are an incredible colour, and the spherical shape is fun. 

I am not sure if this is actually Colorado Blue Columbine, as the pot was not well labelled, but it is a beautiful accent to a flower bed.

I'll end with a tulip today as well. Here is Verichic, terrific colour and I like the lily shape of them.

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  1. Rebecca girl it is so nice to see fresh Spring blooms again like this .. and yes accidental pairings are some of the best aren't they? .. I haven't had luck with tulips, that red and white one of yours is spectacular !
    Joy : )