Saturday, August 13, 2011

New additions, aka The list is getting shorter.

I have been wanting to add a water feature for quite a long time, I finally found not 1, but 2 that fit with my scheme. One for the sunroom...

and one for the garden.

This free astilbe is growing beautifully in the shade. It was an unlabelled garden centre reject whose next stop was likely the dumpster.

Have a look at these...last years cosmos have reseeded, but the babies are teeny tiny. About 4-6" tall and the blooms no more than 1"across. I wonder if they will reseed again?

Another off the want list - a gazing ball. I feel like there should be a fortune told anytime now.

This is the Casablanca Lily tuber I planed in the spring, such a gorgeous bloom.

And here is a problematic area, the left boards are actually a gate, so it limits what can be planted to fill the space. Here are some houseplants added today.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! :)


  1. Ooh, what pretty water features!!

  2. Hi Rebecca, everything looks just fantastic. Love those water features. I could almost see the water spilling over, when I looked at the photos.

    What a great find that almost-doomed astible was. It looks fantastic.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hi Rebecca. What pretty fountains. I love the sound of water. It just is so peaceful sounding.I love the pineapple fountain. The new astilbe is pretty. Love the white ones. Free is always good. LOL!

  4. Hi Rebecca. Oh my, I forgot you had a sunroom - how wonderful! I simply love both water features. :) :)

    Your astilbe could be a 'bridal veil', looks a lot like the ones I have.

    I also really like that lily. Really, I think the stunners are the ones like this with gorgeous form.

    Enjoy the new additions! :)

  5. Hi meemsnyc, Thanks! I can't stop looking at them lol.

    Hi Diane, I really enjoy a good plant save, especially when it turns out so well.

    Hi Lona, I think Pineapple is such a great shape for the garden, might be a theme developping...

    Hi MsS, Thanks for the ID, you're right, it does look like bridal veil, which is great since I've always wanted one! The pineapple is lots of fun, and quite sturdy, have a look on the Home Hardware site if you're interested. :)

  6. O-la-la, Rebecca! So many new things! I love the first water feature a lot! Actually I love all your new buys. Astilbe in masses will be beautiful. I bought one in Costco, and now, I have a lot of babies that I put all over the garden.

  7. Rebecca girl those water features are perfect !
    I want them too ! .. I think I read some where that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality .. I love it no matter what it means .. and my cats would love having the water to play with indoors instead of the bathroom taps ? LOL
    My gazing ball is STILL in the living room .. I can't seem to feel safe with it outdoors yet after 5 years ?? haha .. I have Casa Blanca too and it is a beauty : )

  8. Hi Rebecca, Like the two new water features and the gazing ball! The water feature in the sunroom will certainly add some nice atmospheric sounds to your time spent relaxing there. When it comes to cosmos, I usually cheat and buy seedlings. I find our season is otherwise too short for them to really get established. I don't think size matters though, when it comes to re-seeding. Once the flowers are done, they will produce seeds. Your white lily and astilbe are lovely. I have a more than a few clearance plants that I have rescued myself. It is amazing what a little TLC can do.

  9. Hi Tatyana, Babies? That's great! I hope mine are that fertile lol.

    Hey Joy, yes, the animals are most impressed with the new additions.

    Hi Jennifer, I usually do a combo of seeds & plants for cosmos, but was too late this year. I hope the little ones set seed for me. I really like the TLC plants, and I think it's a great low risk way to try a plant you're unsure of. :)