Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hydrangeas in White

I really have an obsession with white hydrangeas, if I lived in a zone where blue hydrangeas grew freely, they would hold the #1 spot, but I am happy with these cool beauties. I think of them as 'late summer lilacs'. Below are my three.

Here is the delicate beauty Kyushu.

The heavily blooming Little Lamb.

Last but not least, the reliable Unique, which turns pink quickly after a few cool nights.

And a gratuitous lily pic for good measure!


  1. Rebecca, those white hydrangeas are just so perfect. I love Little Lamb! What a lovely name.

    What a nice mental image 'late blooming lilacs' is.

  2. Rebecca I got booted out when I tried to leave a comment .. here I go again ? haha
    I also love my Little Lamb .. I had such heavy full blooms they were straining the branches badly .. I meant to cut and dry the flowers properly but that got waylaid .. I also love the description of late blooming lilacs !

  3. Hi Rebecca, Hydrangeas are my favourite shrub this time of year. They really are the stars of August. What a lovely selection you have! :)

  4. Rebecca, I love hydrangeas -- especially the blue lace-cap varieties and the white hydrangea paniculata varieties. I've pretty much resigned myself to do without them in my garden, though. Between my well-drained-with-a-vengeance sandy soil and the fact that hydrangea is a favorite deer food, I don't think they'd do well here. (So thanks for sharing yours; I have to get my hydrangea fix vicariously.) -Jean