Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Blooms of 2011

My little 'Crocuses in the lawn' are the first to emerge. I'm so happy to have a touch of colour around. :)


  1. So, so beautiful! Spring has sprung for you.

  2. Crocuses are always such a cheery sign of spring. Pretty!

  3. Hi Rebecca! How pretty. It always feels so good to see those first blooms in Spring. We gardeners get so starved during for our flowers over the winter.

  4. Hi Rebecca, yay, it's official! Glad winter has finally departed your area.

    Enjoy the awakening of your garden. :)

  5. While I don't have any spring blooms, I am desperately waiting to get my fingers in the mud!!

  6. Hi Bernie, thanks for stopping by!!

    Hi Catherine, it's been an awfully long winter, hope to have more material soon...

    Hi Cherry Lane, I love crocuses, early and beautiful, both so important after winter. :)

    Hi Chandramouli, I'm glad you like them!!

    Hi Lona, You're absolutely right, starved is a good way to describe it. Frozen too ;).

    Hi Ms S, it had departed, and then came back. But it will go again...

    Hi Doris, thanks for your message, I am also anxious to get back at it. :)

  7. Hi Rebecca, I'm a little late getting here, but I love your crocus blooms. I don't have any crocuses planted in my Maine garden, but I plan to remedy that this year, because nothing cheers me up at the end of a long winter than the sight of those flowers. -Jean

  8. Rebecca girl I think we share the same type of crocus ! They are so sweet and we need to see Spring flowers after such a long drab winter .. a breath of life they are !!
    Joy : )