Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers & May Flowers?

April showers today (mixed with a bit of snow). I'm glad I have some more crocus pictures from yesterday to share with you, since they are absolutely not going to open today. This is the 2nd year of blooms for these bulbs, they must have had quite a few divisions since there are more blooms per cluster than last year.



& White...

Nothing like a trip to the garden centre on a dreary day. I had planned to hide out in the greenhouse for some warmth, but when I saw the outdoor perennial area was full of plants, I just couldn't resist. A purple drumstick primula, pink english daisy, oriental poppy 'Princess Victoria Louise' and Helleborus 'Christmas Rose' came home with me, as well as 2 Casablanca Lilly tubers and a red potted dahlia in a daisy/ladybug pot (for indoors). I'll hold off on planting until the weather smartens up.

Happy Gardening!


  1. HI Rebecca. Your crocus are so pretty. I love the yellow and the white ones. And some pretty new plants. Feels so good to be in the dirt again. LOL!

  2. So gorgeous Rebecca...beautiful..I am so excited for gardening..your flowers look goreous and fab!so pretty!!
    Happy Spring..
    can't wait for the summer garden to be in full bloom..maybe we can do another rendition of your Rainbow Garden post this year again!that was fun!
    Happy wkd and Happy May!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I love the soft yellow crocus. They are definitely something I have to add to my garden for their early arrival.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your first foray into the garden centre. Nothing like bringing home a few "treats". Have fun planting!

  4. What pretty crocuses! I love the english daisies, I'm having a hard time keeping my 4 year old from picking all the flowers on mine.