Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Mixed Post.

Are you like me? Can you not go shopping without browsing the garden section of a store? I was recently at a department store, looking for bedding and other items. I soon found myself in the garden section, which is quite bare given the time of year. I was chatting with a friend on the phone (I don't usually talk & shop since it is somewhat tacky, but anyhow...) and I had to end the call by saying 'I've got to let you go, I don't have a cart and I have to carry 2 Innuksuks and a house plant to the checkout'. Pause. Reply 'Ummmm, Rebecca, you do realize you're shopping for your garden in FEBRUARY?'. 'Yes, I know, you see since I can't buy plants for outside at least I can buy lawn ornaments'.

Aren't they nice? I've been on the lookout for them for 5 years, long before they were 'cool' to have (thank you 2010 Olympics), but couldn't find ones that were just right. I will leave the big one in the back, and probably move the small one to the front.

Then I visited my usual garden centre. Probably prompted by guilt form shopping at a box store. I came home with this Norfolk Pine:

I think spring may be on it's way. The sun felt warmer, and the angle has shifted such that some parts of the garden that have been in the dark all winter are finally seeing the light of day. Here is a little video clip from today with some sounds of spring.

And on a sad note, although I have made it a rule to never post pictures I haven't taken, I will make this one exception. You see, someone who I met online was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and has ceased treatment. I did not know she was an avid gardener until recently, lilacs are her favorite. I will be planting a Wonderblue lilac this summer, and will now dedicate it to her. Since it is far too early for blooms in my garden, here is a picture for you to see. I had saved it some time ago for my records, so I can't even give a proper photocredit.


  1. what a lovely thought of presenting these beautiful lilacs to the lady, i am sure she will recover soon.

    The spring is sure here in our city. New shoots are emerging and spring bloomers have buds. Happy blogging.

  2. It’s same with me and shopping! If there is garden section, I will first go there. Sometimes I forget why I originally came for... I don’t even need to buy anything for my garden, I just need to see is there something new or on sale...

    Too bad about your friend, lilacs are beautiful.

  3. Rebecca, I am so sorry about your friend. I do find memorial trees are very comforting in the garden, I have one for my mum, and one for my best friend.
    What department store did you find the Innuksuks in? They are very cool.

  4. I always look at the garden area when I'm out shopping, you just never know what you might find. I love the Innuksuks! I don't think I've seen them before.
    Sorry to hear about your friend, having such a pretty lilac growing in your garden will be a nice way to remind you of her.

  5. Muhammad, thank you for your message, you are lucky to have spring already.

    vrtlarica, Yes, I also forget what I originally went to buy. :)

    Deborah, I'm embarressed to admit, I bought them at Wal Mart (!). Under $60 for the pair, they also had a larger size.

    Hi Catherine, I'm glad you like them. Here is some info on them:

  6. Rebecca, I know exactly what you mean about finding yourself hovering in the gardening section, thinking about a cart. Hubby knows just where to find me if we separate at the “hardware” store. And you made good choices, the inukshuks are sweet – I love the finish on them. My Dad made little ones for the garden area he developed for the grandchildren, which he would turn into the North Pole for Christmas.

    I listened to your cheery little video and it definitely lifted my spirits. Sounds like spring to me! Best wishes for your friend – I’m sure she will love to see this lilac. It’s very thoughtful of you. Take care.

    Ms. S

  7. I like your new lawn ornaments. The first time I saw them we at the Olympics. I am sorry to hear about your friend, but what better way to remember her then to plant her favorite flower :^)

  8. I really dig your inukshuks, they're awesome !

    That's so very sad about your friend. The lilac is beautiful and will be a lovely reminder.

  9. MsS, Thanks for your message. I can also be found in the garden section if I get lost. Makes me easy to locate. How wonderful that your dad made Inukshuks (I never know which spelling to use!) for the grandchildren, they must be lovely. I'm glad you liked my little video and lilac.

    Noelle, They are quite likeable, and meet my criteria of adding more lawn ornamentation. Now I need a gargoyle and one of those 3 piece dragons (since I'm not going to attempt the hedge that you posted about).

    miss m, glad you like them!! Pretty cheap and easy to find at...........Wal Mart (believe it or not) ;).

  10. Hubby knows exactly what's up when I just happen to want to shop at the grocery store with the garden center attached. Incidentally that is the store that had NO pumpkin of any kind. But I did get my cactus mix.

    I'm so sorry for your friend. The lilac you're planting is a nice tribute.

  11. Tell me about it. My husband speeds up the car if he chances to spot a shop that has anything to do with gardening. He doesn't think highly of my promises to stick to browsing and no buy :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  12. Rebecca girl I also have been looking for the perfect Inukshuk .. yours is what I want as well : )
    I am so sorry to read about your friend .. it is so sad .. but .. to have something to focus on the beauty and scent of such as this pretty lilac .. a touch of nature to comfort her .. I am glad of that .. a beautiful part of nature to focus on.

  13. Rebecca, First of all, those little sculptures are wonderful! Secondly, I'm sorry to read about your friend's health. However, YOU are in her life and are planning such a thoughtful tribute. Blessings!

  14. That Father and Son artpieces are quite unique and lovely. If only i have a big loan i will be making my own like that as there are many scraps like those in our area.

    Your inserting the lilac is nice for your friend, but maybe a special longer post for her is better and be more special. And while you are still in your hibernation mode because it is not yet spring, i am inviting you to browse at my site where i have perennial special blooms for my blogger friends in temperate climes. I am from the tropics, so i'm not bragging of perennial blooms, i am honest about that. LOL.

  15. Very nice post! The innuksuks are charming! I made a turtle in my garden. A flat round stone, a stone for his head another for his tail and 4 little legs popping out. Gloria

  16. bloominrs, seems to be almost an epidemic! Crazy gardeners wandering the bare aisles, even in the middle of winter.

    Urban Green, mine is the same. When I say 'I'll just go in for a minute and have a look', it actually means, 'I'll be at least an hour and I'll buy a cart load of stuff!'

    Joy dear, head straight to WalMart, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Quilters, thanks so much for visiting! I'm glad you like the sculptures.

    Andrea, Welcome to by blog. I hadn't thought of them as father and son, but I like the analogy. I'm sure your homemade ones will be beautiful.

    Gloria, Thanks for your comment. What a great idea! I really enjoy frogs and turtles in the garden as well.

  17. Hello Rebecca, cannot quite put my finger on why we are lured, compelled to the garden sections. ;) Perhaps it gives us hope of what is to come. Have a great weekend, one filled with sunshine and lots of green emerging.

  18. Di, I'm so glad you posted! I was looking for your blog the other day, but since Blotanical has run into some problems I couldn't find it. Compelled is a good way to describe it! :)

  19. Hi Rebecca, I just saw your question on my blog: it is a Taxus baccata ‘Fastigiata’ (syn. T. baccata ‘Stricta'), slightly variegated at its edge and I simply love it in the garden! Hope your friend is able to locate it.

  20. Thanks so much for the information, it's beautiful!

  21. Rebecca,
    The lilac is going to be beautiful, and what a wonderful way to honor your friend. During the winter months, I find myself driving to the greenhouse or nursery fairly often. I don't always buy something, but just enjoy being surrounded by the greenery, flowers, and the smells.

  22. When I enter a store it is usually the first place I head. Sometimes when shopping with the daughter she will humor me even if gardening is not her thing LOL! I am not safe when visiting and should just stay away but there just may be this poor bargain plant calling my name. ;-)
    Oh, girl I cannot wait until the lilacs bloom.

  23. Liisa, I'm the same way in the winter months, I like to feel the humid warm air, and smell the earthy scent of the greenhouse. Much needed during the coldest, snowiest parts of winter.

    Lona, I agree about it not being safe. And the bargain plants are irresistable, sometimes my garden centre will put a $0.00 on them just as they are on their way out, how could you not take them home?

  24. Beautifu post! I love looking at garden stuff too..especially on roads trips..quick..stop there ! It's fun! Lovely video. Sorry to hear about your wishes and healing! Take care

  25. Hi Kiki, Thanks so much for your great message, your visits are always appreciated. :)

  26. Hey Rebecca, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I wish you both peace in a difficult time.

    I heard from miss m that you like Inukshuks - during the Olympics I took a photo of the thousands of them on what will soon be named Inukshuk Beach. Just thought i'd send the link over:

    Cheers, Stevie

  27. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll visit your blog right away. :)