Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Gobsmacked!! Thank you all so much!

I am truly astonished at all of the wonderful comments and posts generated by my 'Rainbow Invitation', Thank You all so much, your kind words and the effort you put into your beautiful, colourful posts means so very much to me. It was truly a pleasure to read each and every one of them. The beautiful arrays of shades brought much needed warmth and interest during this long winter.

These lovely tulips show a good part of the rainbow all on their own, I can hardly wait for spring!

There were many references to Kermit the Frog's beautiful song, so I'm posting it for you to enjoy:

There were also references made to childrens drawings and books, a family favorite here is 'The Napping House' by Don & Audrey Wood. I love the rainbow, house & garden, and thought you would enjoy it too. Please let me know if I am in terrible violation of copyright law, and I will remove it.

Here is the list of participants once again, please do visit them if you can, they are all unique and wonderful.

A Rainbow of Colour in the Desert Garden by Noelle @ Ramblings from a Desert Garden...
A Rainbow Invitation by miss m @ The Informal Gardener, Rainbow Magic by Kiki @ Awake with Charm and Spirit A Colour Journal in Rainbow Shades by Liisa @ Green Mountain Gardener
Beautiful, like a Rainbow by Catherine @ A Gardener in Progress
Colours of the Rainbow by Ben @ Garden in Georgia
In Search of Sunshine or Rainbows by Lona @ Hocking Hill's Garden
Garden Rainbows by Cherry Lane @ Approaching the Crest Rainbow Colours and a Garden Palette by Carol @ Flower Hill Farm
A Rainbow Invitation by Linda @ Crafy Gardener
Rainbows, Pots of Gold and Moonbeams by Jodi @ Bloomingwriter
A Garden Rainbow by Jean @ Jean's Garden
A Portion of the Rainbow I Have Clutched by Kylee @ Our Little Acre
Rainbow in the Garden by Beth @ Beyond the Garden Gate
A Rainbow in the Garden by Nancy @ Soliloquy
Rainbows by Sweetbay
I Can Sing a Rainbow by Anna @ Greentapestry
Colour of Winter, Promise of Spring by Nell Jean @ Secrets of a Seed Scatterer
A Tribute to Roy G Biv by Amy @ Go Away, I'm Gardening
A Rainbow in February for Muse Day by Jan @ Thanks for Today
A Rainbow Initation by Tammy @ Simple Pleasures
Colours of the Rainbow by Bloomin Rs
A Spring Rainbow by Shady Gardener @ Does Everything Grow Better In My Neighbour's Yard?
Floods and Rainbows by Diana @ Elephant's Eye
Garden Rainbow by Liz @ Las Frutas de Paraiso
Paging Dr. Biv, Dr. Roy G. Biv by Kyna @ Crystal Coast Gardener
Valentine Red by Nicole @ A Carribean Garden

I've made a badge for you, feel free to copy and use it in your sidebar if you so desire, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I love Don & Audrey books as do my kids. Especially their illustrations. I had fun participating in this as well....you do not have it listed, but here it is if you would like to read it...http://www.azplantlady.com/2010/01/rainbow-of-color-in-my-desert-garden.html

  2. So sorry I missed it Noelle, I was afraid that would happen. I'll add it to my new list, thanks for letting me know. :)

  3. Hi Rebecca!Wonderful rainbow creation..and yes it generated alot of beautiful posts from all over..fantastic! Congrats! yay! I love those tulips ..gorgeous! That is a lovely badge you created! Fantastic job!
    Again..wonderful rainbow idea..!

  4. Hi Rebecca, it was a fun project;-) I need to get around and look at the others that I still haven't gotten to...they would be eye candy for me right now with all this snow! Your badge is pretty.

  5. Rebecca, Thank you for your creative idea on rainbow colors in the garden. I enjoyed looking through and pulling photos from warmer days! Thanks for the badge - good job! I'll "wear" it with pride on my sidebar.


  6. Thanks for the badge. I went back and added it to my post.

  7. I'm so glad that you've had a great response to this project, dear Rebecca, and hope it made you feel even more a part of this great big world of garden bloggers. Your project certainly brightened up the day for a lot of us.

  8. I love how so many bloggers accepted the invitation and shared their garden rainbow. There's several I missed and will have to go see. I'll be adding the badge too, thanks!

  9. Well, I'm not surprised such a brilliant concept would generate so much interest. ;)
    Thank YOU, Rebecca, for coming up with the idea !

  10. Rebecca your idea was a great one and brought so much vibrant color into our winter days! Inspirational! I linked to you in my last Bee post ... my one year blog birthday... not sure you saw it. I love the badge! ;>)

  11. I'm happy to display my badge! :D Thank you!!

  12. Hi Rebecca, I know you'll think I'm "sappy," but Kermit's song always brings a lump to my throat. :-) This was a fun idea and we really needed it this Winter. Thank you for the badge. I'll be using it!

  13. Rebecca, thanks for pulling all the links together here. I've really enjoyed looking at these posts - great idea! (If I had all those colours in my garden at this point I would certainly have joined in)
    The story book looks very good; we will have to check it out. I am always thrilled to see new childrens' books recommended

    Oh, and beautiful tulips.:)

  14. Rebecca,

    Obviously your post resonated with a lot of other bloggers. It's an especially wonderful meme for this time of year!

  15. Wow, great messages everyone! What an amazing group of people. :)

    Kiki, Your comments are always so positive and energetic, very much appreciated!

    Jan, do have a look around when you have a few extra moments, it's wonderful to see so much colour and lush growth.

    Beth, I'm so glad you enjoyed workiing on it, I had a lot of fun too.

    Nell Jean, thanks! I'm glad you like it enough for display.

    jodi, Thank you for your kind message. It's really an amazing group of people, when I first started blogging (~6? months ago), I wondered if anyone other than me would look at my blog. Blotanical has been a great way of getting to know others. :)

    Catherine, I love it too, and am really amazed by the response. It's been great!

    miss m, Thanks for the thanks lol.

    Carol, I think I missed your link, I'll go and have a look at it, thanks for thinking of me.

    Kyna, you're most welcome, I'm glad you like it! :)

    Shady, I'm sappy too! Many of Kermits songs leave me with a lump. They are so sweet and touching.

    MsS, I'm glad you enjoyed the list! The book is soothing, and great for naptime.

    sweet bay, I know I enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers, I hadn't thought of it as a meme, but I guess it qualifies. :)

  16. Hi Rebecca - have just discovered your blog via Blotanical - I'm a bit late but thought your idea on Rainbows a lovely one especially for this time of year! Look forward to following your blog over the coming months - Miranda

  17. Hi, Rebecca ~ That was a great idea for a post and your tulips are a very pretty color. We are still having rainy weather and it is chilly for Austin. I am ready for warm weather, too!

  18. HI Rebecca!

    Thanks for commenting on my daughter's post, she really enjoyed reading the comments and feedback.
    I love that term, Gobsmacked. :)


  19. Rebecca, this was so much fun looking through old photos for the different colors. I think it would be fun if you repeated it a couple or few times a year (no pressure of course). Hopefully I can get a pic of real rainbow this year.

    I seemed to have missed one of your comments on my blog, found this morning, so this link is just for you- busy bee scenes.

    Love your tulips and thanks for the badge. I'll wear it proudly.

  20. Hi Miranda, Welcome, thanks for stopping by to say hi! I'm glad you like the post/s. I really hope to have some new material soon...

    Hi Amy, Hope the weather improves for you in the near future.

    Hi Rosey, You're most welcome, your daughters are delighful!

    Hi Bloominrs, Thanks so much for checking out my blog today and leaving such great comments, I'm very flattered. When I started, I didn't think anyone would read it except me! I'll respond to them here, so I don't miss any.

    Thanks for the link, love that scene. When I was making the rainbow badge I was thinking of 'W.I.N.C', and thought that we could be 'Gardeners In Natures Colours' lololol (now that would be a great name for a blog!).

    Good for you for gardening in the heat, I don't tolerate it well, so get up early or garden by flashlight after it cools off. Thanks for the Monet reference, I'm flattered. I also went before becoming an avid gardener, I'm sure it would have a totally different appeal to me now.

    Let me know how your kids like the recipe. I've been making them in the mini muffin pans, and they take 12-15 mins to bake.

    Even though deer are considered 'common' I still get very excited when I see any wildlife. I'm glad you liked the pictures. :) Rebecca

  21. Rebecca girl ! I'm so happy this posting was such a hit for you, congratulations !
    It was perfect timing and content for the deadly winter days .. I wish I had been able to post with it too .. being sick like this puts a crimp in my participation .. but I was able to read a few of the blogs that joined in : )
    Thanks for such a great idea and having so many join in was wonderful !

  22. Wow never seen such pretty tulip. I like miranda late to join your rainbow invitation. But it was terrific.

  23. Hey Joy, I misplaced your post for a few days, I'm glad I found you again!! Don't worry at all about not participating, I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy some of the wonderful posts, it's an amazing array! Hope you're feeling better. :)

    Hi Muhammad, Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the meme. I haven't seen that colour of tulip before either, but found them at the grocery store and couldn't resist.

  24. It was a great idea, Rebecca! I might do such post one day too!

  25. This is a really cool project. I want to get around to all the participants and see. What a very nice idea. You are spreading so much beauty.