Friday, January 8, 2010

Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower

There is a BBC childrens program called 'In The Night Garden', it's a big favorite with little kids, and mine are no exception. In one episode, they travel by blimp (aka Pinky Ponk) to see a special flower, one that is remarkable lily like.

My Litte Ones think the flowers below are in fact the coveted Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower, and are so happy to have them in the kitchen and watch them open.

The story goes something like this:

'...that is the bud of the Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower,'

'and look, it's beginning to open.'

'Isn't that a pip?'


  1. It is, indeed, a pip! Jolly good, I say.
    What a great way to involve the Little Ones with the appreciation of flowers. And these little phrases are 'catchy' - the kind they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Nice post, Rebecca.

  2. Great post, Rebecca ! Yes, it must be quite thrilling for them to have their own Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower and watch it bloom. It's a great way to spark their interest, as Hank said. :)
    Georgeous ! Smells heavenly too, I'm sure.

  3. Rebecca, keep training them to love flowers. We need more customers at the shop, lol.

  4. I miss having little ones around~~Thanks for sharing the story and the photos~~gail

  5. Hi Hank, Thanks so much for your great comments! I appreciate your kind words.

    Hi miss m, it is fun to watch them, although they have tried to pry the buds open a few times lol. Unfortunately these blooms aren't fragrant, but they are lovely regardless.

    Hi Deborah, no problemo ;).

    Hi Gail, Welcome & thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like my post. Little Ones are delightful. :) Rebecca

  6. I dont think we'll get to see any of those programmes here, Rebecca but I can just imagine how fascinating an "Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower" must seem to little imaginations (well, to mine too, for that matter). Wonderful to get the little ones involved too, isn't it?

  7. Love this post Rebecca .. and what a gorgeous flower to make you all smile with !
    If I can get a small enough section of the original Md.LeM lilac when we dig it up I will try that method you suggested to keep it if I can ! .. I think you misunderstood my Korean fascination it isn't a lilac it is a Korean Maple tree Acer pseudosieboldianum
    (a substitute for a Japanese Maple tree because it is much more cold hardy)
    If you get a chance to look at this Canadian site and you may want one too because it sounds perfect instead of chancing a Japanese Maple .. and that corner I have is perfect for it .. the only problem is FINDING a supplier .. I am determined though !! haha

  8. Hi Sunita, Thanks for your lovely message, it is a lot of fun to garden with them, and to see things from their perspective.

    Hey Joy, Thanks for your message. I knew you were talking Korean Maples (I'm not as confused as I sound hehehe). It's a beautiful tree, it'll be stunning next to your deck and provide nice shade. I'll see what I can find out about it, trees struggle here sometimes since it can be bitterly cold (-35) without much snow cover for protection. As for a supplier, it looks like Reeves in Woodbridge, ON has them... Happy Shopping! :o)

  9. Beautiful Rebecca..and what a cute post..!! Gorgeous pictures..I can almost smell their beautiful scent! Lovely!

  10. Hi Kiki, Thanks for your great comments, appreciated as always! :)

  11. What a terrific story. I think it is wonderful the kids think they have a Olly Bolly Dob Dob flowers. ;-)
    Beautiful blooms on it too.

  12. How cute! We haven't seen that one around here yet, but it looks like just the type my littlest would love.

  13. Hi Lona, Thanks. It was so cute when they pointed out the similarity.

    Hi Catherine, It is a cute show, kind of aimed at baby/toddlers, but little preschoolers like it too. :)

  14. Rebecca,
    It is so wonderful to see kids get excited about plants and flowers. These memories will stay with them, and I am sure they will find much inspiration from you as they begin gardens of their own!! Your Olly Bolly Dob Dob flower is such a beautiful shade of pink. :)

  15. Hi Liisa, Thanks for visiting! They do take time to smell the flowers and explore every inch of the garden. Being quite low to the ground they have a different and refreshing perspective, and have made 'mazes' through the plants (pretty careful not to step on them) and between the mature shrubs and the fence.

    Now that the Oriental Lily has been 'renamed' it's a must add for 2010.