Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Spring Indoors.

With the warmer temperatures, it's hard to believe that Spring isn't just around the corner. But it is still January, and there are many months of snow and cold ahead.

Here's a little indoor Spring for you.

I recently added this pot of Club Moss (is it chartreuse, Deborah?). I pick it up at least once or twice a day just to sniff it. Besides, now the horse won't go hungry.

Crocuses are my favorite spring bulb, especially the purple ones. They are so early, reliable, good for naturalizing and I find the grass like habit of their foliage very pleasing.

A few days ago.


Yellow daffodils are also a favorite, and could have been on my signature list. They are so bright & long lasting. Did you know that the triangular shape of their stalks is one of the strongest found in nature?

Primulas are another wonderful spring bloom. With any luck I'll be able to keep this one going long enough to plant outdoors.

I'll end with a mixed rose, not exactly a spring bloom, but given my new obsession with them I couldn't resist.


  1. Have you had club moss as an indoor plant before, Rebecca? I've never tried it--I see it in stores sometimes, and there are plenty of wild ones down in the woods, but I've wondered about having it in the house. Love the colour of that primula, too.

  2. Beautiful colors of spring: chartreuse, yellow and purple... isn't it amazing how they all come together.

  3. Rebecca, What a wonderful collection of flowers -- such a great way to get an early start on spring. -Jean

  4. Hi Jodi, this is my first club moss, I bought it a week or 2 ago. We'll see how it is after a few months.

    Hi Di, Thanks for your great post, they do come together well, which wasn't really planned. Of course, when everything outside is drab & grey, bright happy flowers & foliage look extra nice.

    Hi Jean, I agree about the early start, it really does help to lighten the mood. :)

  5. Hi Rebecca, I love the cheerful colours of spring bulbs. I can't resist the primulas when they show up in the stores. I usually pick up a few and tuck them in a basket.

    I have never made it through to planting one outside but I think they would look adorable in groups clustered around a back door. Let me know if you get yours planted.

    btw: that rose is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Ms S, they are irresistable. As much as I adore the garden centre, the little walk through floral after the produce section is very enjoyable as well, and who can resist a pot of spring for just a few dollars. I will let you know what happens with the primula. :)

  7. Hi,
    It’s so nice to see all these spring blooms when we have to wait so long to see them in the garden.
    I have some Crocuses (purple and white) planted somewhere is the garden; they do show up every spring.

  8. Hi Rebecca, all are so lovely and certainly a whiff of spring! Our grocers has those exact same plants, and we bought a few of them as well. The club moss has been a fine indoor in the winter, outdoor in shade in the summer plant. It does not like frost though it is claimed to be hardy in our zone. Worth the space it takes up in the greenhouse. Good drainage is essential. :-)

  9. Yay! So lovely! This series of photos are so enchanting Rebecca..I feel refreshed now! Wonderful post!Love the silver horse too..super cool!

  10. Yes it is chartreuse Rebecca, I think much prettier than the green. Do keep your primula alive till spring, it doesn't matter how ratty it looks, and it will do very well out of doors. When I first started at a flower shop, I used to take home masses of them and plant them in my garden, they so need a moist, shady spot though!

  11. Very cute! Not sure if the horse likes the moss though, judging from his expression... :)

  12. Keep those warm weather systems coming our way, Rebecca. It's been very mild here too and we've had little snow up to now. I may just see the ground early this year ! :D

    Thx for sharing this wonderful cheer of color ! So promising and uplifting !

  13. Oh Rebecca, what a reminder of a burst of spring color. The crocus and primula are gorgeous. Love the purples. Springtime on your windowsill at least makes a day brighter.

  14. I like chartreuse colors in the garden. Your crocus are lovely. Looking at your Primula reminds me of my spring trip to Ireland, where they were planted everywhere. So pretty.

  15. Hi vrtlarica, it really does help to have some fresh blooms around the house!

    Hi Frances, Thanks for the information about club moss, it's a nice addition and I may put it out in the shade for the summer.

    Hi Kiki, Thanks for your great comment, I like the horse too.

    Hi Deborah, I do like this brighter colour, although to be honest, it was the only moss available so it wasn't that I chose one over the other. I will do my best to keep the primula alive, I've got to time it right and try to get a flat of freebies before they get thrown out.

    Hi Sweetbay, Given his limited selection, he might make do ;).

    Hi miss m, I'll see what I can do. It really helps to see the ground, and at least have better driving conditions.

    Hi Lona, Thanks for your post. Let's hope it isn't too much longer before there is colour in the garden again. :)

  16. It's a great to bring touches of spring into the house :)

  17. What pretty indoor Spring colors! I need to find some Crocuses!

  18. Hi Anna, I agree 100%.

    Hi Catherine, Yes, do you! Do you have any outdoors? I usually grow purple & white, but I added a botanical mix this year as well.

  19. Rebecca,
    It looks like you have a wonderful jump-start on spring. A gardener after my own heart with your purple and yellow blooms - my favorite colors for spring.

  20. Thanks Liisa, I love purple & yellow for spring too, in fact I have purple crocuses & yellow daffs in the same bed, funny coincidence. :)