Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shades of Blue.

Kikivee's wonderful post "The Colour Essence of Blues" got me thinking of some of my favorite plants, so here they are. Many 'blue' flowers seem to be more purple, but have a similar effect in the garden, and give off a similar feeling. I find it to be the most difficult colour to photograph, the colours not staying quite true to life. I also enjoy blue tinged foliage, and try to add it when possible. Here is a tour in shades of blue.

Blue Elf Dwarf Delphinium, probably the truest blue I have, and I really enjoy the shape of the flowers.

Here are some little blue violas I planted this year, they produced a lot of seed, and will probably become a permanent addition on their own.

This is one of my favorite annuals, the Blue Star Petunia...

...which I always plant with blue & white lobelia.

These are the flowers of Jacob's Ladder, polemonium caeruleum.

This painted daisy is more purple than blue, but I think it's very pretty.

In the foreground is Campanula portenschlagiana 'get mee', it is a very pretty little bellflower.

My favorite, however, is the Fairy Thimble Bellflower (Campanula cochlearifolia), the shape of the little bells is just charming.

Here's another Campanula, 'Carpatica' (Carpathian Bellflower). I've had white ones for years, but added some blue ones early this season.

Here are a few pictures of my H.F. Young Clematis. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful large blue blooms.

This Dwarf Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra Blue') reminds me of the above clematis, and is planted near the base. I think I'll add more as a groundcover, to keep the clematis roots shaded.

On the right, is the foliage of a Blue Fox Willow.

And here is a Blue Arrow Juniper. There are 2 large Blue Spruce trees in our yard, and it's nice to have some coordiating foliage.

Lastly, some lavender fall asters. Unfortunately the early snow shortened the bloom time considerably.

Thank you Kiki, for the inspiration. :)


  1. Those blues are stunning!

    At the Devonian Gardens outside Edmonton they have a shaded blue garden that is breathtaking. It haunted me and finally I realized I had to try this myself. I just got it started at the end of the summer but am looking forward to revisitng it in the spring.

    Your post is very inspiring :)

  2. Clients at the flower shop are always asking for blue flower, but you are right, most are more purple than blue.
    Blue has to be one of my favourite colours to use in the garden.

  3. I'm sorry to say I don't know who Kikivee is and searching the post's title only brings me back to your post. I'd love to see it, will you include the link ?

    I agree, true blue is very hard to find. You have a lovely selection of blues. Except for delphs and J's ladder, I'd say we share many. Another blue favourite in my garden is false indigo.

  4. What a wonderful collection of blues in your garden Rebecca.We all look for those true blue blooming plants.

  5. Yay! I am happy you feel inspired! Your Blues are super gorgeous...what a stunning selection ..and what a gorgeous tribute to blue flowers..!I love so many of thme..the painted daisy are too sweet...and the delphimiums are charming!I definately have some new blues to add to my list thanks to you....thankyou so much for bringing more magic to blue!!I enjoyed this very much!

  6. Thanks everyone, for visiting and for your lovely comments.

    Hi MsS, the blue garden sounds beautiful. Best of luck recreating it. It's so exciting to see something beautiful and realize that you can have a similar area, even if on a smaller scale, in your own yard. I'm glad you were inspired by my post, it was so much fun to look back through pictures taken during the summer.

    Hello Deborah, It really is hard to find the true blues. I was reading about how they haven't yet been terribly successful in breeding blue daylilies, I think they would be stunning.

    miss M, here's the link ( I tried to hotlink it into the post, but couldn't figure out how. I'm not familiar with false indigo, but it looks lovely and is rated for my zone. I also have blue irises, vinca minor & blue flax, but planted all after bloom time last year, so I'm really looking forward to more blue blooms next year. I am also going to look at adding a wonderblue lilac, and some blue himalayan poppies. They are finicky, but oh so beautiful.

    Hi Lona (HHG), Thanks so much for stopping by. My blues are spread out around the garden, so I didn't realize that I do have quite a few until I put them together in the post. I may have to do a blue area, as MsS mentioned for more of an effect.

    Hi Kiki, thanks for your post! I'm glad you enjoyed my little 'knock off' of yours. Blue is such a special colour in the garden. I've been known to stop and pull over to have a closer look at blues growing in peoples front yards.

  7. I love your blues, Rebecca! I have to have blue in the garden, too! Your Blue Star Petunia is amazing--I've never had one of those. I tend to get petunias in the fuschia color or 'purple wave petunias'. The waves always grow so well for me but I guess I should branch out a bit and try other varieties. All of your plants add gorgeous color to the rest of your garden, I'm sure. Hope you don't get any more snow for a while!

  8. I love blue flowers in the garden. They add to a serene atmosphere. Your bellflower,clematis and lobelia photos have such clear blues. I've had my eye on the balloon flowers for a while, such a pretty colour, along with the whole popping petals effect. How long do your balloon flowers bloom for?

  9. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by! I really like these petunias, I waited too long a few years ago and couldn't find any, it was pretty upsetting lol. These grow incredibly well, and flower profusely even though I'm a little lax about deadheading. They don't get a lot of sun, just a bit in the morning, so they become a bit leggy which actually gives them more height and makes them more visible from afar.

    Hi Northern, Nice to see you. I know you have a gorgeous collection of blues (would make a great post ;) ). I only planted my balloon flowers this year, they were blooming by the end of June, and stopped around the first week or 2 of August. They had a lot of new buds, and would have bloomed longer but were planted close to those osteospermums I had at the base of the clematis, which kind of overgrew and shaded them too much. Next year I'll try all balloon flowers and see what happens. I'm sure they would have bloomed til the end of August (/beyond) if not for the shade. I've heard they are late to come up, we'll see next year. :)

  10. Oh, you have my favorite blue flower - Lobelia!

  11. Penelope Hobhouse, a well-known British gardener once wrote that a blue bed is so difficult because blue is such an elusive color in the garden. I think that just adds to the magic of blue in the garden.

  12. Hi Mary Delle, and welcome! I agree, it's elusiveness makes it all the more special. Thanks for your comment. :) Rebecca

  13. Rebecca, can you grow Ceanothus? Gorgeous blue flowering shrub that's scented. Another blue that's quite surreal is Eryngium planum "Sapphire Blue" - I was amazed at the blueness of mine! See it here:

  14. Hi Xan, Thanks for stopping by. Nice Sapphire Blue, very interesting flowers. Just looked up Ceanothus, and we can only grow the white snowbrush variety. Looks like a nice shrub, I'm very fond of white flowers too.

  15. I've never heard about dwarf delphinium. Love it!

  16. Lovely blue post. The elf dwarf delphinium are enchanting. I gotta get me some of those!

  17. Hi & Welcome T Opdycke, Thanks for visiting. I find them enchating too, they remind me of little blue witches hats.

  18. What beautiful blues you found in your garden! These posts are a lot of fun to read.

  19. These blue posts are indeed exciting. I had fun participating too. You have a lovely collection of blue flowers. I think blue flowers are very unique and special. I just found out one of my UFOs (Unidentified flowering object) is a blue fox willow, thanks to this post of yours. Cheers!

  20. Oh, I saw the wrong picture. What I meant was the Dwarf Balloon Flower. Thanks!

  21. Hi Catherine, So glad you like my blues, yours are lovely too. I'm really enjoying the blue tour, it's been so wonderful to see everyone's flowers.

    Autumn Belle, thanks for your visit. I'm glad I was able to help identify your UFO. I don't like it when I can't identify something, I prefer to know who all of my plants are. :)