Monday, November 2, 2009

Mademoiselle Lemoine, Do you know what season it is?

My young treeform Mme Lemoine Lilac seems a little confused, the large green buds are very spring like, all of the other lilacs have hardened off. I hope she's alright for the winter. I'm looking forward to bright white flowers next spring.

A little splash of fall colour, along with plenty of berries. I don't rememeber having so much fruit before, but it may just be more visible with the early leaf drop this year.

The red branches of the Ivory Halo Dogwood are beautiful, this one receives very little sun but still develops good colour.

The little Rhododendron is having a nice fall.

And because it's that time of year, there's always room for a ghost.

I really like the clematis seedheads, so round & soft. The remind me of a little tumbleweed or fuzzy alien (depending on my mood).

Where do the Ladybugs go for the winter? Jacob's Ladder won't stay green forever.

The new Coralberry seems to have transplanted well, the berries look a little dried out, but maybe that's normal for them this time of year.


  1. Like your ghost.
    When I was up at Kilbourne Grove on the weekend, I found buds (showing colour) on my helleborus. What is up with these plants?

  2. Poor lilac is in for a surprise soon ! I love clematis seedheads too. I find myself stroking them alot. :)
    Can't wait to get my Symphoricarpus(es) next Spring, can't wait ! (Thx again).

  3. Wishing your white lilac the best. Let's hope it settles down and forgets all this blooming stuff for a few months :)

  4. Your dogwood is looking good. The red branches are great for fall and winter. I've been thinking about getting a dogwood for a while, but I haven't thought of the best place yet.

    With lots of berries around your garden, do you get many birds? The bluejays have been busy burying peanuts under the leaves in my backyard. They probably get annoyed when I rearrange the leaves.

  5. Deborah, I'm pretty sure the plants are confused, what with the early snow & all. Very odd, I don't think I've seen anything like it before.

    miss m, Glad you like the Symphoricarpos, I've planted it along the driveway, so I can see it coming & going. It's a very nice addition.

    Ms S, I really love white lilacs, I hope it's old enough to bloom next year.

    Northern, thanks, I like the dogwood too. We have some birds, but I wouldn't say we get tons. Lots of Robins in the summer, Magpies year round, and some little sparrows & chickadees once we put feeders out for the winter. Some jays & flickers and the occasional bird of prey. This past weekend I saw a mating pair of finches on the birch.

  6. I always wonder why some plants decide to ignore the seasons and do their own thing. I hope your lilac tree does well and decides to hold off on leafing out.

  7. Wonderful post! I too love that clematis puffy haired head..almost magical!I love your little ghostie! Its nice you got so many berries too..excellent! Great photos!

  8. Hi azplantlady, You're right, sometimes they just do their own thing, especially during their first year after planting. We'll see what happens.

    Kiki, Thanks so much for the nice compliment, I really appreciate it. :)