Friday, May 13, 2011

Leafing Out

Spring has finally Sprung, and the yard is turning green.

First, as always is the Cotoneaster Hedge.

This young Crimson King Maple has had some difficulties, but has survived another winter.

The Swedish Aspen is filling out nicely.

And my favorite tulips are getting ready to bloom.

The Plum 'Prunus Multiplex' takes it's time to wake up, but is peppered with pink flower buds.

My Redtwig Dogwood is also back.

Speaking of dogwoods, here's a gratuitous dog pic. She is also enjoying the sunshine.

Despite the long cold winter, the little Azalea is looking better than usual for this time of year.

The lilacs are also doing well.

Blue Fox Willow might fill in this year, after my terribly 'pruning' job to try and get rid of black aphids in 2009

The old fashioned bleeding hearts are adding inches by the day.

Brunnera Jack Frost has survived his first winter in my garden.

Sedum Autumn Joy is a nice collection of rosettes, I wish it would stay at this stage for a longer period, I think it's adorable!

The Mockorange looks great, no winter dieback at all.

The daylilies are almost troplical in appearance (almost).

I found my cherished Blue Star Petunias, it seems as though the new Pinstripe (similar, but not as nice imho) is taking over it's bench space in many garden centres.

Surprise!!! My pitiful Meconopsis plants are back. We'll see if any of the prized blue flowers show up later in the summer.

In other good news, my Ice Follies Daffodils are showing all of their sides now, and are a lovely view when pulling up the driveway.

What's growing In Your Garden?



  1. We MAY be (or maybe not, when I see the date of your post) just a bit ahead of you. It's been an unusual spring, it seems to me. My lilac bush is in GREAT form today...the sedum & hosta already making an impressive show.

  2. Hi Rebecca. It looks like everyone is enjoying some warmer weather and spring, even the pup. LOL! That is a cute picture. You are going to have tulips in bloom soon and I imagine you are as thrilled as I was when everything started growing and greening up again. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yay Rebecca..i have Ice Follies too..and i adore them! your photos are awesome..and oh ym gosh..ha ha i LOVE your dog pic..i laughed my heart out..beautiful! Your garden looks great..such an exciting time...beautiful!

  4. You must be delighted to see the garden greening up again Rebecca . Hope that your spring is soft and gentle and that you can enjoy it at leisure.

  5. Hi Rebecca, Looking good! We are a little behind you here but I am pleased with what appears, so far, to be minimal damage.

    Love the Ice Follies! :)

  6. Hi Rebecca, Your garden is coming along nicely and has probably progressed even further now. Like me, I am sure you are a bit overwhelmed with all the work there is to do. I like your gratuities dog picture. It just says," Look how cute I am. How can you resist playing with me?" Have a great long weekend!!

  7. Rebecca girl I tried to answer your comment this afternoon but out net went down after i wrote a long comment (enough to make you go crazy as if I needed the nudge?) I am very curious as to what mail order company you used before ?
    Gardens Plus is from Ontario .. I haven't had their order come in yet but they have the same heuchera for $12.95 their page is
    I can say you would get BIG healthy plants as you have seen in my order from Canning also from Ontario $18.95 their page for heuchera
    I have Sweet Tea which is nice but Brass Lantern has a lot of punch ..Electra looks stunning, and Midas Touch is on my list for next year .. I have had Marmalade for years and it always looks great .. Pinot Gris is beautiful .. any of the "Limes" would have kick ..last year Peach Flambe had me totally .. but the thing is there are so many great ones out there, and more to come .. that research is the key and a good mail order company is worth the money if you get the big healthy plants you should be getting .. so far Canning is 10 out 0f 10 for me .. but keep watching to see what Gardens Plus is like .. if they are up to snuff the prices are a wee bit lower. All in all you are hooked with these plants and they are beautiful !!
    Joy : )