Sunday, April 18, 2010

After the snow.

The garden has recovered quickly, fortunately it didn't take temperatures long to climb to the mid teens so the vast majority of the snow is gone. The crocuses survived being buried, it was nice to see them again. The whites came on quickly after the snow.

The garden is waking up, albeit rather slowly. Many perennials are now producing many new shoots, but the trees and shrubs are still at the bud stage. I am a little worried about my 3 hydrangeas, they seem very brittle still and I wonder if they made it through the winter?


  1. Hi Rebecca. I am so glad that old white stuff did not stay around girl.I hope you are snow free from now on. It is time for other things outdoors.

  2. Oh phew ! Glad you're back on track again. :)
    I say, looking at your lovely crocuses, it's like it never happened ! I hope your hydrangeas are ok and get going soon.

  3. Rebecca, I do hope you really and truly are done with snow for this year! But one of the nice things about spring snow is how quickly it melts. The crocuses are beautiful. -Jean

  4. Nice to hear that the sun's shining and the blooms are smiling back :) Lovely blooms!

  5. I had missed your previous post with all of the snow. I hope that was the last of it for you!
    Don't give up on the Hydrangeas. They usually look pretty stickish here and then suddenly leaf buds appear.

  6. I hope you will have no more snow surprises. It is time to do some gardening! :)

  7. Yay...hooray..happy your Spring has returned!

  8. Hi Lona, I agree! Thanks for your message. :)

    Hi miss m, I'm glad too. It actually provided much needed moisture, although I would have prefered rain ;).

    Hi Jean, Probably not done yet, we always get a heavy snow in May and occasionally a light snow in June! But I am happy with my little white crocuses. :)

    Hi Deborah, Nice Chant!

    Hi Chandramouli, Thanks for you message, it does look like they are smiling. :O)

    Hi Catherine, Stickish is good way to describe them, I'll keep checking for small buds or at least some pliability.

    Hi vrtlarica, I would like to get busy in the garden, but it's still weeks before any planting can be done. Til then, I'll continue weeding (must remember to move the bird feeder so it sits over grass and not a new flower bed), and maybe expanding a bed to prepare for planting season.

    Hi Kiki, I'm happy too, and am back to doing a happy dance.

  9. I am so happy that you snow is gone. Your crocus are so sweet and cheery. Hopefully, your hydrangea are just a little slow in coming out - they are some of my favorite flowers :-)

  10. Most places here still have too much snow to think of blooms, but my south facing bed is clear from snow now...hurrah! Just crocuses and squill right now, but plenty of bulb foliage and buds on shrubs. It's raining for the first time this year right now and I couldn't be happier. Today was the first day I got to work in the garden (though I probably shouldn't have, it is still so wet).

    Christine in Alaska

  11. Hi Rebecca, I was poking around my garden this evening to see what has been growing while I was away for a few days and I was disappointed to see that my hydrangeas are completely brittle. It may be a little early for them yet though, so fingers crossed!

    Love your crocuses!

  12. Lovely Crocuses, I wish they flowered for longer as they really do brighten up any garden!

    I hope your Hydrangeas have survived, I am sure they will be fine!

  13. One of my toasted roses, Spiced Coffee, has put out a finger sized shoot from the roots. Don't give up on your hydrangeas yet.

  14. Rebecca girl just like Diane said do NOT give up on your hydrangea yet .. what kind are they ?
    I love the white white crocuses .. white is such a spectacular "glow" in the garden : ) maybe not so soon after all of that snow .. but later on in the season it is beautiful !
    You are just a little behind me and soon you will be speeding along with the weather we have been having .. another full on work day for me and I am so sore from yesterday .. but rain is supposed to come this week so I have to work hard and fast to get things done .. soon you will be buzzing around yourself girl !!

  15. Hi Noelle, thanks for your message, I hope they are just a little slow too!

    Hi Christine, Great that you're getting rain, it does such a good job of clearing the snow. :)

    Hi Ms S, Thanks for your message, I'm relieved to know that yours are still brittle too. Perhaps they just need more time...

    Hi Liz, I wish they flowered longer too, mine are wrapping up and there is nothing to take their place yet.

    Hi Diana, I'm glad your Spiced Coffee is growing for you, I won't give up on them, but will feel better when they show some sign of life.

    Hi Joy, I have 1 Kyushu and 2 Unique I planted them all last season so I don't know how they wake up/grow in a normal growing season. It may take them a few years to settle, so I'll just try to be patient. I'm glad that you are busy in the garden, but don't overdo it too much! ;)

  16. Rebecca, it's a good thing the crocus don't mind a little snow, and it's always uplifting to see the bulbs after a late spring storm. Your white ones look pretty.
    My Hydrangea seem to break bud a little after some of the other shrubs, too. Right now, the lilac, mockorange and willow are showing some green buds, but all of the Hydrangea shrubs are just twigs. I think they just have a more cautious approach.

  17. Hi Norhtern, Sorry I missed this post! Thanks for the information re your hydrangea, perhaps they are just being cautious. :)