Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowers & Rainbows

I didn't quite get organized enough to post on the 15th, so I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short :O). I also want to apologize for not keeping up with my regular visits to your blogs, things have been a little hectic lately, so I will try to catch up and then keep up. There is a fair bit of garden activity at the moment and I'm happy to share some pics with you.

The polemonium Stairway to Heaven really brightens up a shady bed. The foliage is lovely and the little blue blooms are a nice bonus.

The stars are back! I think my petunias are recovering from their rocky start, at least the star pattern has returned, I thought they might stay solid all summer. Now they just need some sun and 20-20-20 and should get back to normal.

This is a picture of my absolute favorite tree. I know it is a little 'Charlie Brown', but that's what I love about it. It didn't bloom for a few years and I thought it was a crazy volunteer something that would have to go. Then it produced clouds of white blooms and I relized it was a lilac lol! It may have been to short to get some sun over the fence until 3 years ago, it has bloomed ever since. It is tucked (squished!) between the houses, a fence and a gigantic spruce. I really can't imagine that it was planted here on purpose, it can't be viewed from the road or the house, and it's shape is twisted and slanted, trying to get away from the monster spruce just left of the photo. But here it is, and I'm very attached. I'm quite sure it is a Beauty of Moscow, the buds are pink and open to white with some faint pink hues.

And then there is the peony in the shade. I'm sure this one was planted on purpose, it is right between the lilac and spruce (lilac leaves at the bottom of pic), it gets NO direct sun whatsover, but produces about 5 or 6 large dark pink blooms every year. I finally put a ring on it this year so it wouldn't flop. Odd place for a peony, but kind of a nice suprise. It is too large and well established to move, so here it will stay. There is on in even deeper shade nearby which doesn't bloom at all, but surprisingly makes for a lovely foliage plant, who would have thought?

No open blooms yet, but I've pretty excited about my first Iris Germanica, this one is the almost black Superstition. Provided nothing catastrophic happens to it, I should have some blooms to share with you soon.
I finally got my Cosmos planted a few days ago, there are seedlings in the tulip bed as well, but I planted a dozen plants, just in case. Most of the tulips are gone, only a few remain. They look lovely together, it's too bad there isn't more of an overlap.

My planters of odds & ends are blooming quite well. I hadn't really noticed the little yellow centres of the blue lobelia, but it really stands out with thse snapdragons.

My potted strawberries seem happy enough, can you see the little blooms? It has been quite cool here so far, hopefully the dog days of summer will bring them along nicely.
I purchased a Pink Beauty Potentilla last fall, but it didn't survive the winter. Fortunately it was still under warranty so I brought it back for a replacement. Here it is, hopefully this one fares better. These blooms appear rather shy, but aren't they pretty?
The story of my Robin continues. He has mellowed considerably, I suspect the chicks may have hatched. Now when I'm out In The Garden he stays in the nest and doesn't move. It's better than getting dive bombed.
As a result, I was able to take a moment and get some pics of my little plants under the birch. This is the little Dianthus 'Firewitch'.
And my icelandic poppies. Of all the colours in the mix, this is probably the last I would have chosen, but now that it's here I rather like it.
The blue flax just started to bloom, as you can see, I like the background of the white birch behind the blooms.
The weather has been very predictable lately. An evening thunderstorm followed by a sun shower and rainbow. I took a few pictures the other day and they turned out quite well.
And I don't want to forget the dog's container, the petunias are blooming well even with only a little late evening sun.
I can hardly wait for the blues, white and yellows to return. The shastas, false sunflowers and various bellflowers are are growing well and should bloom quite soon. Stella d'oro is setting buds as are some of the other daylilies. I'm pleased that my H.F. Young Clematis made it through the winter, it is growing well and rapidly, but no signs of flowers yet. It feels like a slow start, but I'll take it!


  1. love your flowers!!!! i'll be chewing your ear off once we get time to look at doing the gardens at the new place this summer...

  2. Ok Anon, and I know who you are! lol ;)

  3. Rebecca, you have a lot of beautiful flowers! The lilac tree is very interesting. Does it get any sun there? Maybe that is why it didn’t flower before?

    I never manage to get a good rainbow picture. These two are amazing!

  4. Blog when you can, without apology. Every day is Bloom Day. The appointed date is just to remind us to show off our blossoms.

  5. Rebecca girl that was an amazing rainbow !
    I love the story of the lilac Charlie Brown tree .. I have an Austrian Pine trapped in a pot and he really is a Charlie Brown tree ! this tree should be 60 feet tall and it is almost a Bonsai ? LOL
    Love the star petunias they really perk up a planting for sure ! .. and that black iris .. I am so interested to see how it turns out .. I love dark dark colours for blooms , they are real eye candy ! I'll have to keep coming back and checking .. I know what you mean about being busy .. we are getting a company in to do that painting for us .. less stress ? LOL
    Joy : )

  6. Stunning rainbow Rebecca! I'm glad your Robin has relented. Our Flycatcher seems similarly glued to her nest lately, I keep hoping she'll move so I can see if anyone has hatched!

  7. Hi lots of action happening in your garden..not much in mine yet! YOur cosmos are sweet..they are one of my faves..i await mine to grow and bloom! everyting looks wonderful...sweet robin...but yes they can be quite protective of their space! Enjoy your magical space..always a treat to visit!

  8. Great rainbow shots! Mine almost never turn out! Your garden is looking great! I love the Jacob's ladder. I have a couple scattered through the garden. Great foliage!

  9. Rebecca, This is gardening season - is it not?? Enjoy being in your gardens! (That's what I've been doing.) I love it when you post, though (and when you visit!). :-)

  10. Hello Rebecca,

    Life can get a little crazy, can't it? I enjoyed the visit to your garden. I can't wait to see the flowers of your iris and I absolutely love the blue flax.

  11. Rebecca, I just love your little lilac tree. It is soooo charming. :-)

    BTW, just got back a few hrs ago from my Lethbridge trip and walked in the rain there last evening along Henderson Lake (Japanese garden was closed) and along Parkside (?) Drive to look at the front gardens. I had my umbrella but still got a good soaking. However, it was wonderful!! And - there was a giant rainbow around 9 p.m. as I headed back to my hotel. The same one as your pics maybe?? It was beautiful! Next time I hope my visit is not so scheduled and will do a little more poking about. Lovely city! :-)

  12. Hi vrtlarica, I'm glad you like my rainbow pictures, I was very suprised at how they turned out with my little camera. The lilac gets very little sun, which I'm sure contribues to the limited blooms, but it makes it even more special.

    NellJean, Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your very kind message. :)

    Hey Joy, Glad you liked my rainbows! Your pine sounds adorable, gotta love the trees with challenges lol I hope the painting company is a stress relief for you. I'll keep you posted about the iris.

    Hi Curbstone, Thanks so much for your message. Amazing how tenacious the birds can be. I figure the garden is more theirs than mine, since I have other options for housing lol.

    Hi Kiki, Thanks for stopping by!! I think I remember your cosmos pics from last year, it may be what prompted me to try them for the first time? They are a wonderful, happy flower. I hope they reseed for me!

    Hey Laura, My rainbows never turn out either, I was surprised that all 8 or so pics were good quality. I can definitely see having the little polemoniums scattered here and there, such a nice & cooperative addition.

    Hi Shady, thanks for your message, I have been spending a lot of time in the garden, and with end of school things for the little ones. I always love your posts, and visiting your garden too! I will try to keep some Barabara S seeds for you :D.

    Hi Noelle, thanks for your visit, I know things are very hectic for you at the moment. I can hardly wait for the superstition blooms, I check them daily!

    Hi MsS, thanks for your message! I'm glad you appreciate my little Charlie Brown lilac! So sorry you had such a rainy time here, I hope the weather improves for your next visit. Feel free to let me know if you'd like a tour of the city (garden style), I'd be more than happy to meet up with you if your time permits. :)

  13. Enjoyed your pictures today - there are some lovely compositions, especially the Dianthus!

  14. Beautiful rainbow shot Deb! I love the mellow robin too. Lovely blooms and I would not be afraid to move that peony. You can dig and divide it in the fall when dormant. ;>)

  15. Hi Rebecca. Everyone slows down on the blogging toward summer. It is a busy time. Your flowers are looking wonderful. Love the Jacobs Ladder.
    What a beautiful rainbow. I have yet to catch a good one.

  16. Rebecca, What beautiful rainbows you get. I almost never see rainbows at my house because I'm surrounded by tall trees. I have a robin sitting on a nest, too, and it means that I can't really get in to look at or work on the flower bed next to the shrub with the nest. I'm glad that your star petunias have regained their stars. And, if my wild strawberries are any indication, it won't take any time at all for yours to go from flowers to ripe berries. -Jean

  17. Hi Diana, thanks so much for your post. It's much easier to have compositions with more & more growth, early on things are rather sparse.

    Hi Carol, thanks for the message and advice. I'll consider it if I can find a spot to move it too. I've been here for 7 years and am kind of use to having it there though ;).

    Hi Lona, I appreciate the blogging insight, I started last fall so I don't really know what summers are like around these parts ;). The raonbow was captured successfully, now I just need the pot of gold...

    Hi Jean, Thanks for your message, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a robin problem. I'm so glad my stars are back too! I'm looking forward to a few berries, I use to plant them in the ground and they would be eaten by critters before we could get to them.

  18. Rebecca, I am crazy busy too, and feeling horrible that I am so far behind in reading peoples blogs.
    Great shot of the rainbow, I never get to see them anymore living in Toronto, all I see are very tall buildings!

  19. When rain comes, the plants are saying "thank you very much..", the birds will splash about. In return the rain writes "you are most welcome" in the form of a beautiful rainbow....


  20. great shot of the rainbow. And I love that shade of Iclandinc poppies. They are pretty and delicate!

  21. The lilac makes me smile, to grow and bloom in a secret corner that only you can see. Sometimes procrastinating at removing plants really pays off. Your peony is doing well, too, to flower in that deep of shade.

    It's a good thing you've reached a tentative truce with the robin, and can garden without a hard hat. Soon you'll see the young ones bopping around the garden, and that's such fun. I always find it the funniest when the babies have got as big as the parent, but still sit on the ground as the parent tries to reach up and stuff more in their open mouth.

  22. Hi Deborah, Glad you like my rainbow picture, maybe KG will have better viewing?

    Hi Bangchik, what beautiful words. So elegant and true. :)

    Hi Rosey, thanks for your message, I'm glad you like my poppies, since I have been unsure of them.

    Hi Northern, The tree will be henceforth known as 'my secret lilac', very charming. Sad news about the robin, we had torrential rains for about 36 hours, and he has vanished. I haven't been able to look in the nest. Poor robin family. :(

  23. I forgot to mention how I liked your rainbow photos. After all, you garden in the colours of the rainbow. :)

  24. Hi Northern, thanks so much for coming back to add your sweet message, very thoughtful of you! :)