Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yes, it's a Poppy!

The verdict is in! My mystery plant is definitely a poppy, and a pretty one at that!

Unique Hydrangea is looking lovely..

I'm really happy with the Daylily 'Canadian Border Patrol', I was hoping the Tango Weigela would look good with the maroon throat, and by golly, it does!

Thunbergia vine is not growing as vigorously as last year, but is still very pleasant.

Blue Carpatica is finally blooming, I find they are slower to get going than the white.

And my latest Rudbeckia addition: Autumn Colours. I had no idea there were so many colour options!

We planted a single dwarf sunflower seed into a peat pot some time ago, and then planted it outside. It looks like it's getting ready to bloom. :)

Nearby, Daylily Bonanza is showing off.

I planted these 2 weigelas last year, they were big and vigourous and colourful. The first, Midnight Wine, was a dark purple ball, it suffered complete dieback last winter (despite mulching), it is regrowing, but the colour is more green than purple so far.

My Monet suffered similar problems, but has recovered a little better.

Once again I will plant a Purple Coneflower and *hope* that it returns this year, so far, I haven't had any luck with them coming back.

And here we have a Little Lamb Hydrangea waiting for planting....


  1. I don't seem to have any luck with coneflowers (echinaca) either.

    Your Daylilies rock!

  2. A very pretty poppy, indeed. I like daylily Bonanza a lot, too. -Jean

  3. Your new Rudbeckia is stunning! The garden is really starting to change into it's late summer look. Pretty soon I will start to crave some brilliant colour again. :)

  4. Great colour on the poppy! I love their little shape!

  5. Bonjour Rebecca. Lovely poppy !
    In France we call Thunbergia 'Suzanne aux yeux noirs', 'Black eyed Susan'. I don't know anything about this mysterious Suzanne...

  6. And what a lovely poppy it is!
    This year I'm growing sunflowers for the first time. It is great joy to see all changes they go through. And bumble bees love them!

    As for a comment on you previous post, I didn't know that there was coreopsis 'zagreb' until I saw a picture of it some months ago. I think that it was on your blog. Did you post on it before?

  7. Hi Rosey, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't grow the supposedly reliable echinacea!

    Hi Jean, thank for your message! I'm glad you can appreciate the LOUD Bonanaza :).

    Hi Ms S, Now that we're into August I'm getting worried about plants that haven't bloomed yet. I want to tell them 'hurry up or you'll run out of time! lol.

    Hi Laura, the poppy is sweet. The seeds were a gift from a blogger in San Francisco, I never have luck with seeds so I'm thrilled they grew & flowered.

    Bonjour Elisabeth! We also call it a 'Black Eyed Susan Vine', but quite a few plants are refered to as Black Eyed Susans, so I like touse Thunbergia for the vine. I also wonder who Susan is...

    Hi vrtlarica, I think I did mention it in a post on your blog, when I saw that you live in Zagreb. These are the first blooms of the year, so it's probably the first time in the blog. I wonder how it got the name, if it isn't common to your area? :)

  8. Last winter was extra harsh, but your shrubs seem to have got the worst of it with all of the dieback, but the new growth is a good sign, and you have lots of other blooms now.

    Those Campanula carpatica sure took a long sleep. Mine usually start at the end of June. My Little Lamb just started showing white today, as the first buds open.

  9. What a pretty little white hydrangea. New one to me. I love your Canadian Border lilies. They are so gorgeous and the two look wonderful together with your Tango Weigela.

  10. Hi Northern, I do hope my shrubs fare better this winter. Many were only planted last year though, the more established ones had a better time. My white Carpatica have been blooming for ages, but the blues are just starting, they are a few years younger, I don't know how much of a difference that makes.

    Hi Lona, Thanks for your message, I am very proud of the daylilies. I hope they flourish (ie expand!) over the next few summers.

  11. Coreopsis is very common here, but I have never heard of "Zagreb" variety. I have just googled it and it says that this specific variety was created in 60s in Zagreb, after that it got accepted in Europe and Americas. Very interesting stuff!

  12. That green Hydrangea is very unusual. I wonder how tall the dwarf sunflower is. We had a wiegela when we lived in Pennsylvania. The bloom was pink and the bush was about six feet tall. You have quite an array of flowers.
    Sorry you can't identify my little white moving things. I wondered if they could be spiders. It was strange the way each little thing waved that white puff above it.

  13. Hi vrtlarica, how interesting! Thanks for looking it up! :)

    Hi Deborah, Thanks! If only it were blue...(sigh).

    Hi Porch Days, The hydrangea will turn white soon, and then pink in the fall, the green is just the early stages. Wow, I've only seen little weigelas here, but they do have lovely trumpet flowers in various shades of pink, depending on variety. Hope you find out what the little puffs are, do you mind if I pass the pic around and ask?

  14. Oops Porch Days, the dwarf sunflower is suppose to be 30-36 inches, which seems about right. :)

  15. The mystery poppy is so pretty.

  16. Love the name 'Canadian Border Patrol' lol. Saw it in a garden catalogue once, thought it was pretty hilarious.

  17. And here I wanted to try a W. 'My Monet' at my place. If it's coming back slowly for you, I shudder to think how slow (backwards?) it would be for me.

    Christine in Alaska

  18. Hi meemsnyc, thanks!! There are now a few different shades of pink/red opening. Very pretty.

    Hi Kyna, dontcha love a bloom with an amusing name?

    Hi Christine, maybe you'll have better luck than me? I saw some pics from Alaska with beautiful Himalayan Blue Poppies, mine are a sad little clump of leaves...:(

  19. Rebecca, thanks for identifying the little creepy white things. Can't imagine how you knew what they are! I linked to you in my last post.

  20. Rebecca girl !
    I voted for a poppy too so I am happy : )
    Unique Hydrangea is beginning to fascinate me(even though I have quite a few .. I might be able to squeez another one in some where ? LOL)
    I have Midnight wine that looks great with Tiki Torch echinacea .. the colours bounce off each other ? ;-) .. my Little Lamb is not so little and I can't get out there to fix things .. talk about a whiner here ? LOL
    great post and I love having this sharing of plants thing ! : )

  21. My blue carpatica finished blooming long ago.Blue flowers are my favorite!Love your daylily, and always smile at its name.

  22. Hi Joy, nice to 'see' you again! Of course there's room for another hydrangea lol. Crazy how many plants we share, more proof that great minds think alike (certainly not that fools seldom differ!!).

    Hi Tatyana, blues are my favorite too! I'm flattered that you like my daylily so much. :)